Birchbox / Skinny Dip – November 2015

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I have always been aware of beauty subscription boxes but I’ve never had one until now. I decided to just go for it and subscribe to one so I chose Birchbox UK.

In the Birchbox you will receive 5 luxe products ranging between makeup, skincare, fragrance or haircare samples. Sometimes they even send you full sized. With Birchbox you will also earn credits to spend in the Birchbox shop by reviewing your products each month with their loyalty programme. (Information taken from

As I had never had a beauty subscription box before I decided to alternate between different boxes until I decided on my favourite one and Birchbox happened to be the first box I ordered.

The Birchbox retails at £10 plus £2.50 postage. It’s also a brilliant gift as you can either buy a one month rolling subscription, a three month, six month or yearly subscription.

Onto the box itself!
When it arrived it shocked me how small the box actually is. I understand that the box contains samples of products but they have always looked so much bigger on photo’s. In comparison to the Glossybox, the Birchbox looks slightly smaller. You can see for yourself by searching for Glossybox VS Birchbox UK.

Inside the box I received:
1. Living proof – Restore Instant Repair Cream | £25 (haircare)
2. Cowshed – Cow Pat Hand Cream | £8 (skincare)
3. Lord & Berry – Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner | £9 (makeup)
4. REN – Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial | £32 (skincare)
5. Trilogy – Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm | £19 (makeup/skincare)
6. English Laundry – Notting Hill Femme Eau De Parfum | £60 (fragrance)

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(I re-took these photos and totally forgot to add the Lord & Berry lip liner as it’s already in my makeup collection!)

I’ve only tried one product properly so far, the Trilogy cleansing balm and I absolutely loved it. I’m excited to try everything else! I’m looking forward to carrying on with my quest to find the best beauty box out of them all.

I’d love to hear about your favourite subscription box in the comments.

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