Red Cherry Eyelashes

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A year ago I had my make-up done by a fabulous MUA who used Red Cherry lashes on me. I usually struggle to find false eyelashes that really do suite me due to my small eyes; meaning that most pairs I buy I have to trim! A few months ago I decided to order some for my weekend out in Newcastle.

I ordered the #43’s from eBay which I believe are one of the most popular styles in these lashes. I loved them the minute I put them on. I barely had to trim them and they lasted all day (from around 8:00 am until gone midnight) from the two hour drive to Newcastle, spending all day exploring and then going out for a meal and round the bars.

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(Beginning of the day)

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(Approx 20:30 before going out for a meal. On for at least 11 hours)

The #43’s gave me just what I wanted for my make-up look that day. They were comfortable, lightweight and extremely long lasting which is just what every girl needs whilst wearing falsies!

This week I decided to buy some more lashes however this time I ordered the #217’s. These lashes are perfect for everyday use and also for a more glamorous night out look. They get slightly longer towards the outer edge and the band is extremely thin making them look even more natural once on!

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I purchased 6 pairs of #217’s on eBay for £8.99 which I found was one of the best deals I’ve come across. Most eBay sellers have them advertised at prices between £2.99-£3.50 and on they are £3.49 so I knew I had to grab them up!

The first day I wore them I had two people ask me what lashes I were wearing in the space of an hour! They felt and ooked great on me and I personally felt that I had finally found the style that I’d be coming back to every time! I have since worn the same lashes 3 times up to today and they are still going strong. I simply apply one coat of mascara on my own lashes, wait until dry and then apply my false lashes. I then gently squeeze the lashes to blend them into my own and I’m good to go! For a night out I’d probably add more mascara or even stack them but for an every day look this works perfectly for me.

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These lashes are definitely going to last me a while considering I don’t wear make-up every single day. I’ve been searching for a long time to find lashes that I really love and recommend and these are the ones.

They are 100% human hair and are fully reusable when you take gentle care of them. Let me know if you have tried Red Cherry lashes and what your favourite style are.

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  • Oh these lashes look lovely on you! I have bought a few pairs of Red Cherry lashes in the past but never been happy with the style of them.
    I will 100% be ordering some of these for my night out next weekend!
    Fab post lovely 🙂 xx
    Rachel |