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    Nivea Men’s Post Aftershave Balm

    So you’re definitely thinking, why on earth would a female beauty and lifestyle blogger want to talk about MEN’S post aftershave balm? Well that’s a very good question. Because it’s become my HOLY GRAIL, my all time favourite, biggest raved about and life saver product.

    Why may you ask?
    Nivea men’s post aftershave balm is “da bomb diggity” (basically an AMAZING) alternative to a face primer.

    How would I even know this?
    After watching one of Chloe Morton’s YouTube tutorials and wondering why the fudge she was applying this men’s product before her makeup I then commented on the video asking why. Numerous people then flooded my comment back with replies asking, “HAVE YOU NOT SEEN NIKKIETUTORIALS ON YOUTUBE?!?!? SHE RAVES ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!” well to my embarrassment I had never heard of NikkieTutorials so right away I searched her and watched back on quite a few videos (I ended up subscribing because she is sooooo talented and fun to watch). After listening to Nikkie rave about how brilliant this was as a face primer I then took myself right to Tesco and got myself a bottle of it.


    (Photo Credit: Google Images / Nivea)

    How does this even work as a primer?
    Well… It contains glycerin which is found in other makeup primers I believe however only a small percentage, whereas the aftershave balm contains a large percentage of it. I don’t know too much about glycerin however what I do know is that foundation sticks to it extremely well.

    It glides onto your skin incredibly well, it’s lightweight, colourless, cooling and also keeps my face spot free as the ingredients keep my face well hydrated.

    How I use it:
    I apply it before my makeup and rub it in on all areas of my face until it dries to a tacky like texture. I then apply my foundation and finish my makeup as normal.

    The most important thing I have to say is “THANK THE LORD FOR NIKKIETUTORIALS!” if Nikkie hadn’t discovered this product my makeup collection wouldn’t be complete.

    Once applying my makeup it lasts all day right through to night. The first day I wore this I applied it at 5:30am before travelling four hours down south to see a friend and then drove home later on that day and got back home at 7:30. My makeup for 14 hours stayed put perfectly. My foundation didn’t slide around my face and I still had just as much coverage as when I left my house that morning. I didn’t take my makeup off until gone 10pm that day and it looked like I had just applied a full face of makeup when I went to remove it. Baring in mind I had spent a lot of time out in the wind and rain during the day! I’m usually quite oily and the balm seemed to control it as well which is another amazing thing to add to the list as the reasons why I love it so much and to add to that a few days ago I spent the day in London for Winter Wonderland, leaving the house at 6am and not returning until 11pm. The day I spent in London it rained ( A LOT), was extremely windy and fairly cold. However my Nivea Post Shave Balm did not let me down!

    I’ve been using this as a primer now for around three months and I’m so happy to have discovered it!

    Photo 07-10-2014, 02 31 23

    (4:30 pm after spending a very rainy morning running in between shops dodging the wet! Makeup still well intact.)

    Because the balm dries in a tacky like layer it also prevents makeup and other gunk getting into your pores. Kind of making its own protective layer if you’d like to say. Oh look that’s another one to the list!

    The balm has quite a masculine scent to it, when you first open the bottle and pour some onto the back of your hand you can smell it but I’ve noticed that once its on your face the scent has completely disappeared (I do quite like the scent though)… The only negative thing I have for this is the packaging, although its nice and simple it’s quite heavy especially when travelling.

    At £5 in most supermarkets and drug stores it’s the best and one of the cheapest primers out there. Even if you don’t like it you won’t have broke the bank at a fiver.

    I won’t be on the look out for a new primer any time soon that’s for sure!

    So there you have it, you’ve got to try this out! Let me know if you’ve tried this too.
    Did you like it? Did it work for you? I’d love to know.

    Lots of love

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