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    Winter Wonderland 2015

    Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park is somewhere I’ve seen a lot of friend’s visit on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but it’s never been a place I’ve actually thought of visiting until this year when a friend asked me to go with her. Straight away I thought, YES LETS DO IT! So I whacked out my iPad and booked us some tickets.



    We live around 2 hours and 40 minutes away from London central in the car and a lot less on the train but we decided to go to Winter Wonderland on Christmas Eve and didn’t want to risk any delays or cancellations on the way home. That way we could also leave whenever we wanted to.

    Going by a friends advice we drove to High Barnet tube station and parked at the car park located there which only cost £5.30 for the whole day! We then hopped on the tube into the centre by using a day ticket for zones 1 – 5 costing us £12. We then spent the morning running from shop to shop dodging the extremely heavy rain (typical England) until the it eventually stopped.

    The attractions that we had booked weren’t until 17:00 and 18:30 meaning we had quite a lot of time to pass before we could do the things we booked although by the time we had finished shopping eating and taking plenty of photos and selfies the time came around fairly quick.

    I originally decided to book our attractions late afternoon/early evening as I thought the experience would be much nicer once it had turned dark in which case it was.

    Ice Skating was fully booked so we couldn’t get in slightly earlier so we just stuck to our booking at 17:00. We queued around fifteen minutes before and had our tickets checked and were asked to go through inside where we could hand in our shoes for the hire ice skates (included in the price of £14.50 each), hand in any bags/luggage at £1 per item (none refundable) and prepare to go on the ice. It was quite busy on the ice with a lot of people falling over and skating around really slow which is quite understandable but as an experienced skater you end up rushing to help people a lot. It didn’t ruin the fun that my friend and I had though. We left the ice rink earlier than our session was due to expire but it was definitely worth the visit. Whilst on the ice there was also a lovely lady singing live in the band stand making the atmosphere really lovely along with the fairy lights everywhere.


    After ice skating we found our way over to the ‘Bar Ice’ which was a short walk away from the ice rink which was not a problem as there is plenty to see and do whilst walking around. We managed to visit the Ice bar around 40 minutes earlier than our time slot. This is something you MUST do! I really enjoyed the experience of the Ice Bar from putting on the cape to walking through the doors and instantly feeling the cold. Make sure you take plenty of photographs if you visit it! A complimentary drink is included in your ticket price which wasn’t the most exciting drink though it was nice to get one. We went for the none alcoholic frozen daiquiri – all the cocktails can be none alcoholic/alcoholic depending on your own personal preferences.


    These are the only two attractions we decided to do this time but next year I’d love to visit a lot more attractions including the Giant wheel, Christmas Circus and the Cirque Berserk all ranging between £8 and £12.

    There’s plenty of fair ground rides you can go on at Winter Wonderland by purchasing tokens from the small huts located around the park. We didn’t go on any but they all looked so fun! There’s also plenty of places to eat and drink including a carousel bar which literally spins around as your on it.


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    The churros are a must too (dipped in melted chocolate… yummmmm!)


    Hopefully the information I shared from my first visit to winter wonderland gives you an idea on your future visits! I definitely want to adopt the tradition of visiting yearly.

    Winter Wonderland is open until the 3rd of January 2016 so there is still time to visit until next year!

    Lots of Love
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