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    Full Review – Soap and Glory – 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash

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    As promised I’m typing up a full review on my Face Soap and Clarity (Soap and Glory) 3-in-1 daily detox vitamin C facial wash. Wow. Breathe, what a mouth full!

    At the end of January I picked this up from Boots as I know Soap and Glory have such a good reputation so I just went for it. Beforehand I hadn’t heard anything about this wash at all and I still haven’t really read into other bloggers reviews… What I do know is that I love this stuff!

    The facial wash is a 3 in 1 daily face wash that contains “ultra-soft scrub beads, plus vitamins, amino acids and Soap and Glory’s exclusive suprfruit yuzu complex.” It also states that it cleans and purifies skin, removes makeup and gently exfoliates.
    The Superfruit Yuzu is a “skin energising, toning and brightening antioxidant complex pressed from natural Chinese citrus fruits.” and also contains vitamin and amino acids which help refresh and improve radiance and appearance of blemishes.

    Every morning and evening I wet my face with warm water and then go straight in with the facial wash. I squeeze a nice amount onto the tips of my fingers and then start massaging it into my face. I like to start on my nose first, bringing it down to my cheeks and then taking the remaining amount to the rest of my face. Once I’ve massaged the product into my face I’ve found that getting a bit more water onto my face helps it foam up a little more.

    The facial wash is like a thick gloupy gel which is quite hard to describe but once its on your face it feels like its making a difference right away.

    The difference when I wash this off is insane, it makes my face feel less shiny/oily, VERY clean, smoother and brighter. Since using this every day, the dark scars on my face have dramatically lightened up (almost gone in fact) and I just feel much cleaner.

    There’s only so much you can say about a face wash but this one is definitely by far one of the most excellent ones I’ve ever used. There is one big downside to this though… It contains micro beads, which if you are unfamiliar of are tiny little man made plastic beads and when they go down your sink they cannot filter through the sewage systems/filters meaning our sea has millions of these tiny micro beads swirling around which are also killing sea life.

    After reading a little more into this face wash whilst writing this blog post I found this statement on the product from a team member at Soap and Glory:
    “We DO NOT USE PLASTIC BEADS in FACE, SOAP & CLARITY™ face wash. Nope.
    Those exfoliating beads are naturally-derived, high purity, non-irritating, practically odourless, easily emulsified, biodegradable, long-chain, unbranched hydrocarbon cosmetic waxes derived (by chemistry geniuses, obviously) from coal.”

    This statement has really made my day, as this is definitely going to be a repurchase product but if its dangerous to the environment I wouldn’t want to. I’m not entirely sure what the statement means, but if they claim to NOT USE plastic micro beads then that is brilliant news!

    Products Mentioned:
    Soap & Glory – Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash £8.00
    Have you tried this? What do you think to it?

    Lots of Love,

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