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    H&M Beauty – Makeup Remover

    Could these products become my new go-to makeup remover ?

    Photo 09-04-2016, 17 42 25

    I recently picked up some H&M makeup remover products in the London store on my last trip. I purchased the H&M Eye Makeup Remover (liquid), Eye Makeup Remover Pads & the Micellar Water. I didn’t really think much of it at the time except it would be interesting to review on my blog… Little did I realise how much I could actually love this after ONE USE.

    Before getting in bed to write this blog post (unexpectedly) I decided that tonight would be the night that I’d put these to the test.

    First of all, the two liquid products are both in clear bottles with a screw lid. Once you remove the lid the dispenser is a smaller opening which is so much better than some micellar products I’ve had in the past. I can’t be the only one that’s used products in those bottles where half of it spills out everywhere because you’ve accidentally tipped it too fast. With these bottles you don’t get that though, it also helps over using the product.

    The Eye Makeup Remover Pads are in a little pot which is simple but good enough to keep them fresh. Under the screw lid of the pot theres another lid which you can pop in and out but also doubles up to keep the pads wet in the pot fully preventing them from drying out.

    I actually love the packaging of these makeup removers, they are simple, clean, bright & quite pretty to just have on the side as they’ll fit in with anything!

    Eye Makeup Remover Pads
    I decided to go for the Eye Makeup Remover Pads first and do just the one eye so I could test both of the eye makeup remover products out at the same time. I placed the pad on top of my eye after removing my false lashes for a few seconds and then put more pressure on whilst wiping my eye. Within about 10 seconds of doing this I checked how much product was left on my eye and EVERYTHING had been removed. Considering I had false eyelashes on prior to this which the glue always seems to linger around on my eyelashes for a while, WATERPROOF eyeliner & mascara whilst wearing eyeshadow it removed it so quickly and easily.

    My initial first impressions were, “why is this pad so dry?!” I honestly didn’t think that it would remove my makeup as it didn’t feel as wet as it may have needed to be but I was so wrong. As soon as I started using it I was shocked at how well my eye makeup removed.

    You get 60 pads in a pot for a grand total of £3.99! SO AFFORDABLE!!

    Photo 09-04-2016, 17 43 16

    Eye Makeup Remover (liquid)
    The Eye Makeup Remover in the liquid version is similar to the popular Nivea eye makeup remover where you shake the bottle to mix the liquid & oil (or whatever it is) to then remove your makeup.

    The liquid is half clear & half pinkish which is again, quite pretty to have laying around as it fits in with a lot of things! The only instructions on the bottle is so shake well before use. I did just that and then poured a little bit onto a round cotton pad.

    I placed the cotton pad over my other eye to soak up and dampen my eye makeup before giving it a wipe. I had to give it a bit more of a wipe than the first one but it did get almost everything off. I noticed a few little bits of mascara left on my lashes however it still worked REALLY well.

    The Eye Makeup Remover costs exactly the same as the pads at only £3.99. For affordable makeup removers its definitely up there with some of the best I’ve tried.

    Out of the two eye makeup removers I’d suggest the Eye Makeup Remover pads! You can’t go wrong at £3.99 even if you don’t like them in the end.

    Photo 09-04-2016, 17 42 47

    Micellar Water
    One of my very first blog posts was on the Garnier Micellar Water and how much I loved using it to remove my makeup, however – this could almost knock it off the top of my list as the best “drug store” makeup removers.

    The Micellar Water is packaged in a clear bottle just like the others. There’s no other way to explain the packaging as thats exactly what it is.

    I squeezed some out onto a new clean cotton pad where I then just wiped it across my face to take off my remaining makeup & eyebrows! As I’d had my makeup on since 8:30am (its now past midnight, but I’d removed my makeup at around 11:30pm) I didn’t have too much product left on my face but when I pulled the cotton pad away from my face I was again surprised at how well the micellar water had cleared my face and my eyebrows which are pretty bullet proof in terms of staying power.

    The only thing I find quite odd is that the Micellar Water has a slight “surgical” scent to it, a bit like anti-bacterial hand foam that you see in hospitals dotted around. It didn’t bother me though as I do weirdly like the scent as it does make my skin feel much cleaner.

    After I removed my makeup my face started to feel a little tingly but the sensation cleared off after a couple of minutes.

    The Micellar Water comes in at £3.99 as well.

    Photo 09-04-2016, 17 42 59

    It’s definitely worth picking these makeup remover products up and trying them for yourself as they could really save a lot of money if you like them as much as your high end products.

    I’ve only seen these in the store I visited in London, but if you’ve seen them selling the skincare stuff amongst the makeup in any H&M stores nationwide then please share where you’ve seen them in the comments. Has anybody else tried out the H&M beauty/skincare range? If so, do you like it? Don’t forget to share all of your opinions!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow x

    If you’d like to purchase any of the items mentioned above you can click the following links here:
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