A Midweek Getaway – Glamping


If you didn’t already know… J came home from a six month deployment recently and since he’s had some post-deployment leave his lovely parents booked us to go away for four nights to Acorn Glade not too far from us, an hours drive, located in Melbourne which is a short drive away from the lovely city York.

At first, we were a bit worried to go glamping as together we much prefer fancy hotels and going to nice restaurants but this stay was in a Yurt named Poppy. The site itself is set out on three acres of land, is an adults-only site and has a communal kitchen for guests to cook their own meals. You can read more about the land itself HERE.


I’ll just talk through our stay and share lots of photos with you all.

We arrived on Monday afternoon (check in is at 4pm), we drove into the car park and straight away we said to each other that we knew we would enjoy this stay. Everything looked so much better in person and our negative thoughts (limited cooking facilities, awful toilets maybe?!) were washed away. The carpark is located next to a large shed which has the communal kitchen. It was well kitted out, with electricity facilities, a kettle, two x two gas hobs, a microwave and all the utensils you could need. It was also spotless! Behind the kitchen were three doors, one single toilet, one single shower and a combined one. All were extremely clean and throughout the stay I felt clean! When I’ve camped in the past and used the limited shower facilities on certain campsites I’ve never felt clean enough!


At the other side was a workshop and then two hanging hammocks which J and I absolutely loved. We sat on them for hours, J staring into space whilst I enjoyed my book.

When you arrive there’s a button to alert the owners but I gather from the CCTV cameras they must have noticed us as one of the lovely owners came to see to us. They were friendly from the moment we said hello and we couldn’t have asked for friendlier hosts.

We were shown to our Poppy Yurt, it was a beautiful warm sunny day and the yurt was so warm when we first entered it, but when we did; We couldn’t believe how lovely it was! It’s literally a hotel room in the middle of a field. You wouldn’t think you were glamping if you woke up with no knowledge that you was.

I knew that from Monday, the day we arrived that we would have a very laid-back relaxed stay. It’s just what we needed after all, buying a house has been stressful!


Our first nights stay in the Yurt was fine, we both slept well and we woke up to the sound of birds and other wildlife which was probably one of the sweetest things about the whole stay.

We decided to make good use of the day and go to the local market in Pocklington (which is on a Tuesday weekly) and then headed off to Scarborough for a walk around and some food. After our day out at the seaside we came back and relaxed on the hammocks and ate some food cooked in the communal kitchen.


Our second day was a trip into York where we spent most of our day walking in and out of little shops, down cobble roads, and eating at byron burger (if you read my London Part 2 blog post you’ll know how happy I was to stumble across byron burger in York!) and then we drove back and cooked in the kitchen. We also took a little trip out onto the lake in the little boat that is left there. (I obviously left the rowing to J!)



On our third day at Acron Glade we decided to have a lay in and spend the day lazying around. We went out on the rowing boat again and I even had a go and found that I was pretty good at it (if i do say so myself, lets not ask J, he might not agree!) and packed away our stuff as we decided to leave a night earlier to get things done at home before the weekend (my birthday weekend, woo!) – we did go out for lunch though at one of the local pubs (the closest one wasn’t open for lunch) so we headed to The Plough Inn (Allerthorpe) for a light lunch which was delightful. I highly recommend heading out there if you’re in the area and want to eat.

I would say that you visit this lovely retreat with every intention to drive to places (unless you stopped there the whole time) as everything is quite far away (e.g. Pocklington & York) and wouldn’t recommend walking around some of those roads later in the day.


The whole area of where we stayed was lovely. The houses are beautiful, the locals are friendly and everything about our stay was lovely. We really enjoyed glamping and were sure we will do the same or a similar thing again, very soon! There was just one downside to the stay, due to a family of geese there was literally geese poo, EVERYWHERE!

If you would like to read any more information on the Glamping site we visited you can visit their site HERE.

Thank you to J’s parents for our lovely stay once again and thank you to Acorn Glade for being such lovely, friendly hosts.

Have any of you been glamping, if so, where did you go and how was your experience? We want to find more places to go to!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx