Friction Free Shaving – The SUBSCRIPTION box YOU need! (DISCOUNT CODE)

I was recently sent a razor from the latest craze in subscription boxes. The brand ‘Friction Free Shaving‘ is a delivery service offering two different types of razors (and shaving cream) sent right to your front door from only £5.00! WHAT A BARGAIN! You can read more about the brand HERE. Stick with me for a 30% OFF DISCOUNT CODE below. Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.31.54Before I get onto the review and my honest thought’s on the Samantha razor I’ll share with you a little bit more about what you can get with this subscription service.
I’m sure that most of you are aware that, subscription boxes are usually monthly which FFS is but you can also choose ‘bi-monthly‘ where you will only receive it once every two months. Like I mentioned above theres two different razors you can choose from which are:

Frankie – three blade head | £5.00

Samantha – five blade head | £7.00

All of the handles to the razor (which are free – you’re only paying for the blades!) are METAL. Not the rubbish, cheap, plastic disposables you’re re-purchasing from the supermarket every other week (whilst spending a fortune doing so) and you get four fresh blades to use over the month, or two months if that’s the option you choose. After your first subscription has arrived your second will just be the replacement blades and you can cancel or pause your service at any time. 
You probably didn’t know but its actually really bad to not change your razor regularly as there is a DISGUSTING build up of bacteria in the blades which causes irritation and rashes (plus its not good for your skin – think of your legs in a LBD on a night out!) so FFS (Friction Free Shaving) encourage you to get used to the luxury of changing your blades weekly at a much cheaper price.

I KNOW that some girls will relate that they’ve turned to mens razors instead of women’s as they are so much better. Well this is pretty much that – in prettier packaging and it even performs BETTER. I had just about got comfortable buying mens razors for my own use and then I luckily found this new razor.

I went for the Samantha razor, and when it arrived I was that excited that I dropped all plans to have a pamper night and in the process of it all, shave! I’m not going to lie, its not usually the most exciting job to do when it comes to self care and maintaining our bodies but there was definitely an exception with the excitement this time. THE RESULT?
My skin has never felt so soft, well it might have been this soft way before becoming an adult… but the result of using this razor couldn’t be any more positive. It’s quickly become a holy grail product and I already know that I won’t be going back to using any old razor again from the supermarkets.

The five blades on the Samantha razor seriously makes a HUGE difference compared to the usual razors on the high street and to add to that – the head slightly rotates so whilst your shaving your legs and underarm it moves around to the shape of your body to ensure you get every hair!
I love the design of this razor, the performance and especially the PRICE. It’s the best razor I’ve ever used.

As this was kindly one off gifted to me for review purposes by FFShaving I’ve now signed up to the subscription service and i’ll be looking forward to receiving my Samantha razor monthly.
If you’re interested in this subscription service you can sign up and use the code CJ7UED or click HERE.

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

EDIT: I’ve since updated this blog post to keep up with the changes within FFS as a brand and their information. I’ve also updated the images but everything is still exactly true and the same x

*This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.