I’m sure you all know by now that Kylie Jenner has her own cosmetic company taking the beauty industry by storm. Her lip kits sell out within minutes, along side of that she now has lipgloss, metallic’s, an eyeshadow palette, gel eyeliners and more. Kudos to her as it’s definitely popular all round and going well for her!

I was lucky enough to receive a lip kit in the shade Dolce K and a metallic’s in Reign as a gift (ordered directly from Kylie Cosmetics) but after that I went on a little hunt to get more. I actually turned to eBay which I’m sure 80% of the Kylie Lip Kits listed on there are fakes however the seller I purchased from looked very reliable (if only I knew!) – So ahead I went, and started placing bids on the Kourt K Lip Kit listed by this particular seller (who’s now been removed from eBay).


left: fake kourt k / right: real dolce k

 When I received my KOURT K lip kit from the eBay seller I compared it to my DOLCE K. From the outer packaging, to the tubes, to the product itself I noted down all the odd little things and did a little bit of research myself.

After I had collected enough information and done a little bit of investigating I came to the realisation that the KOURT K lip kit I had been sent was FAKE.

This blog post is mainly for those searching the way I did for information on how to prove if your lip kit is fake. See below comparison photos:

(brightness of the photos edited make the shade of these lip kits differ a little.)


You need to take note of every little detail on the boxes, the FAKE (KOURT K) has a big difference to the packaging once you look closely.

KYLIE’S TIPS (REAL): For the best result, fill in your lips with the lip liner then top with one coat of Matte Liquid Lipstick.

KYLIE’S TIPS (FAKE): Line lips with lipliner and fill lips in with liquid lip colour.


left: real dolce k / right: fake kourt k

if you then go to the next part of information on the back of the Kylie Lip Kit boxes there will be:



LIP LINER: (ingredients)

& a disclaimer including the company name, address and website.

As you can see in the comparison photos, the font and information is different and not as clear as the real packaging and the information word for word is completely different.



left: real dolce k / real: fake kourt k


IF you have a real lip kit you will be able to compare your real lipliner to the fake lipliner by simply pushing them against a flat surface. The fake lipliner is much longer than the real lipliner. Another way to determine this is if the outer boxing of the lip kits don’t completely shut down (because of the lip liner being far longer than the actual box). This is because the boxes are the exact same size as the real lip kits however the extra long lipliner doesn’t fit in the box, therefore it won’t close. I also noticed whilst photographing both lip kits that the fake one had a very light stamp on it (pictured below).


left: real dolce k / fake: kourt k



 left: fake court k / right: real dolce k (as you can see a big difference in size)


Again, its really easy to spot whether your liquid lipstick is FAKE. Pictured below, the DOLCE K (real) applicator is much more of a “pale white/clear” colour and the KOURT K (fake) is pure white. The actual applicator is also longer and more pointed than the real one (again, pictured).

Hopefully from the information I’ve included and the photo evidence those that have been sadly fooled into receiving a fake Kylie Lip Kit from a private seller or a eBay seller will be able to determine the difference.


left: fake kourt k / right: real dolce k

photo-30-09-2016-17-36-00 photo-30-09-2016-17-35-40


Kylie Cosmetics DO NOT supply ANYONE or ANY COMPANY wholesale. (this means if someone has told you they’ve bought a stock lot from Kylie Cosmetics, its a lie!) You can also find this information on the official site.

ASK FOR PROOF OF PURCHASE if it is a resale! Look for the obvious signs, if the seller is selling multiple lip kits they could be selling fakes. However if its an individual re-selling they will only have one, or maybe two. Ask for proof of purchase, for example: an email confirmation with their email on that contains the products they are selling.


When you order to the United Kingdom from Kylie Cosmetics you will more than likely get hit with a customs charge (unfortunately we did) but some do pass through without getting checked (lucky!!). If you are that desperate for a lip kit, make sure you are aware of the potential extra charges you will be hit with after its reached the UK.

If you can’t justify the shipping or are worried about the custom charge try making a larger order by asking a few friends and all contribute and split the shipping and custom charge. It will work out slightly cheaper.

There is also companies such as GoSend where you can order multiple things from American websites and they will package it all up and send it in one box to you combing the custom charges.

Hope this all helps!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.
  • I’ve not really looked into buying any Kylie cosmetics but those differences between the real and the fake ones are very subtle! X

    • Debra Bow

      Your right! They are pretty subtle. Especially to people that aren’t quite familiar or aware 🙂 ❤️ Debra-Bow x

  • Great post, I wouldn’t trust Ebay at all, but its too clever how they do it! Also so annoying!! xox

  • I’m so glad you did this post cause there are so many girls so desperate for the Kylie products that are turning to EBay, and they need to know about the fakes out there! Also your photography is on point girl! My friend and I teamed up, like you suggested, and ordered a couple things and then split the delivery so it wasn’t too bad 🙂 lovely post, can’t wait to read more during Blogtober!


    Izzy |

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you so much! Really glad to hear that you appreciate this post.
      I agree, it’s not just the case of being desperate for one – it’s the money they cost. Some people see cheaper alternatives on eBay and think they are selling genuine when they aren’t. So hopefully it helps people out.
      Eeeek! Thank you, I’ve redound my love for my camera this last week so really pleased you like the photos! Make sure you come back for daily posts this month❤️ DEB x

  • Debra Bow

    Thank you so much lovely! Really boosted my confidence with comments on my photography!
    Lots of love, Debra x

  • Ashleigh Tulloch

    This was really interesting to read! You can really see the difference in the real vs fake! Well done bow you’ve done the beauty community a favour by exposing the fakes and perhaps saving some poor makeup junkies like ourselves a pretty penny and a bruised lip!

    xoxo Ashleigh

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you babe! I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and I’m so glad the response is so good on it! Deb xxxx