It’s that time of year again, Halloween is right around the corner! Who else is excited?

I sure am… In the next few weeks I’ll be doing makeup for a few friends and family and of course on myself. So when Kryolan contacted me asking if I’d like to review one of their products I jumped at the chance.

Kryolan is a professional makeup brand supplying makeup to the film, theatre and television industry for over 70 years. You can read much more about them over on their website by clicking HERE. They also refuse to test on animals and not a single one of their products over the years have been tested on animals, which obviously makes me love this brand even more.


As Halloween grows more and more every year so does the demand for special FX makeup, so Kryolan decided to bring out some kits for Halloween 2016 containing JUST WHAT YOU NEED.

“It’s the one time in the year people can go all-out with their make-up, and while grizzly, gruesome and downright terrifying is still high on the agenda, many people want to look sassy. Whatever they’re into, rocking something different & memorable is a top priority for our customers – which is why we’ve carefully crafted our wide range of unique kits.” – Kryolan

I was challenged to create the POP ART GAL look using the POP ART GAL KIT. It’s such a great idea because the kit contains all of the products you need to create the finished look, with step by step instructions too (including images! this is what I found the most helpful whilst using the kit.)


the POP ART GAL KIT retails for £49.95 and includes:

Ultra Foundation (special filling in TNN container 1W)

Aqua colour 079 (red)

Aqua colour 071 (black)

Aqua colour 070 (white)

Aqua colour TK2 (light blue/green)

Aqua colour BL3 (darker blue)

Colour Spray D34 (yellow hair spray)

Translucent Powder TL1

Lip brush, Latex wedge sponge, Torey round brush 3, Training brush 2

photo-15-10-2016-15-06-26 photo-14-10-2016-15-03-13 photo-14-10-2016-15-00-51 photo-14-10-2016-15-01-29 photo-14-10-2016-14-59-51-1


I found the application process really easy, the instructions included in the kit is REALLY easy too follow since there is a small description along with a photo. The products all worked really well and I was pretty surprised that I managed to create the whole look with only the three brushes without reaching for any of my own products whatsoever.

Of course I’m ALWAYS honest when writing product reviews so will let you know that I decided not to use the Ultra Foundation, as I didn’t feel like the product consistency worked well with my skin. I decided to use my own foundation and this is absolutely fine and worked out really well.

When I received the kit and saw the yellow hairspray (colour spray d34) I thought, ‘I won’t be trying that!’ but in a mad decision gave it a go. It was veryyyyyy messy, let me tell you that. I would suggest using this hair spray outside where it won’t land on anything else and also to not touch your hair afterwards as I  got a lot of colour on my fingers. As you guys know, my hair is very long and thick so I decided against doing my whole hair and only covered the top (as seen in photos).

I was really impressed with the quality and performance of all the other products though and would definitely recommend this to friends and family including all of you who may not be confident in makeup, the step by step process and having the exact products you need without having to go to three or four different shops to get everything makes it really easy.


I know if you’re on a budget this halloween it may not be the kit for you because of the £49.95 price tag, however after I used the kit to create the pop art gal look, I had so much product left over. In fact I barely used any product. You could easily venture out and create other looks with the aqua colours. With just the black and white you could achieve a skull/skeleton look and loads more. I’ll let your own imagination run free with that one.

photo-15-10-2016-15-06-43 photo-15-10-2016-15-06-40

I’m yet to find out how many uses I can get out of the products but I know it’s going to be quite a few, so for me it definitely makes it worth the money. I’m sure I’ll get some more Halloween posts up using these products, I’m challenging myself to see what else I can create with just these colours.



(sorry for the iPhone picture, i found it really hard to take a good selfie of this makeup!)

A big thank you to Kryolan for gifting me the set and challenging me to create this look. It’s something I never would have created otherwise.

Have you used any Kryolan products before? If so, please let me know which ones and what looks you’ve created!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

 *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.