Trying Asian Beauty Products! SHILLS PURIFYING PEEL-OFF MASK


You might know by now that I enjoy my face mask… Especially my peel off ones!

There’s a lot of opinions round peel off face masks and how its not good for your skin etc. However, it works for me and I’m ok with that. I take care of my skin and I know when I need to switch up or not use a particular product.

The product is a “deep cleansing peel off mask which removes dulling surface cells and impurities while vitamins and plant extract soften the skin to restore a youthful glow.” (basically it removes blackheads!)


Like most people, my bad pores/blackheads are on my nose so understandably thats where I applied the mask. I didn’t want to apply this to the whole of my face because these sort of masks will peel off every little thing including your very fine baby hairs! (OUCH.. don’t apply it all over like you usually would with a face mask)

If you haven’t already read my review “Trying Asian Beauty Products! My scheming mask” then please do! This product is really similar to that except slightly cheaper.

Anyway, the shills mask mirrors the my scheming mask. They smell the same, perform the same, and practically bring off the same results.

The first time I tried out the shills mask I wasn’t overly impressed, however after using it a few more times I realised it just needed more time sat on my skin. In fact, this could just be about better than the my scheming mask itself.



Clean your face before using this product and ensure the area is completely dry

Apply the mask to the desired area (not in sensitive areas such as directly under your eyes!) recommended, nose, chin and forehead

Wait for approx 20-30 minutes for the product to dry completely matte and then peel it off from the bottom UPWARDS.

Optional, however I like to wash my face with cold water to try and close my pores up after – packaging recommends applying toner to “tighten and cleans the pores thoroughly.”



I’m not going to put pictures of the absolutely gross results this time round, if your that bothered you can see it in the my scheming mask post… HERE.

Once I peel the mask off from my nose (ensuring I did it upwards) and looked at the results I was actually shocked HOW MUCH GUNK CAME OUT. I know some people do these masks and think, oh my god so much came out – and it turns out its just little baby hairs, well thats definitely not the case in this instance. I can definitely tell the difference between the hair and the gunk that comes out. My nose already looks completely clean! I’m so impressed with this product.

Did I forget to mention? It cost… £2.85 – UPDATE: The eBay seller I used no longer sells this mask so if you just search eBay it will bring up the product.

I love trying out new face masks and having pamper nights so if you have any other recommendations of anything similar please let me know!

Until next time, Debra-Bow xxx

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