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    On the 22nd of November 2015 I clicked publish on my very first blog post. It was only a silly ‘Hello’ blog post but its the post that kicked off my blog. Shortly followed by a Red Cherry eyelash review, I had no idea at the time that blogging could take me to the places I’m at now.

    Some think that blogging is a strange thing, why would you pointlessly write online for no reason whatsoever? Similar to YouTube really. I discovered this online world in 2009 where I was still in school and struggling to socialise. I found comfort online, watching videos and reading blog posts. I never told anybody because it was never normal, but in 7 years the blogging and youtube community has grown immensely. But still, theres questions. “Why?” I find so much comfort in writing about things I love, and not only do I get to write about makeup, skincare, and life… I’ve met hundreds of amazing people, not in real life, but online who have shared my posts, interacted in conversation, complimented me and my writing and more. It’s an amazing community and I am SO PROUD to be a part of it in a role that is more than just a viewer or reader.

    A year of blogging.

    Almost one hundred blog posts, hundreds of comments, tens of thousands of views and visitors and thousands of instagram & twitter followers later I’m right here typing on my MacBook, sharing my thoughts once again to all of you in a different way.

    Blogging has grown me, it’s shaped who I am and what I do in many ways. It’s changed my everyday outlook on life, and on things. I look at things in shops and wonder if I could blog about it. I meet people and tell them about what I do. It’s become a big topic when I chat with friends and family. Most importantly it’s given me confidence I never knew I had.

    I know its not as big as sharing a video online, doing my makeup, because I’m just here writing. Not sharing anything more than words with you, yes you. Reading this right now. How has it given me confidence and helped me grow as a person in the real world though? I have no idea, it makes me smile so much when I think about this massive world on the internet that has helped me find out who I really am in the outside world.


    Although theres been a lot of downsides in this last year theres also been upsides, blogging has always been a way to escape anything bothering me. I get lost in writing a blog post for however long it takes me to write, and since most of the time I’m writing about something I like, such as makeup or another type of product – when I’m done writing I’m in this happy little bubble that makes me realise whatever I was worried or upset about before isn’t as bad as it seems.

    I want to share some life events that have happened over this last 12 months, not for attention, but to share that no matter what I write on a blog post; life is still happening. There are still good and bad things happening in life but at the end of the day everybody has something they turn to when it comes to hobbies and being cheered up. In my case, thats blogging, and I enjoy it whether I’m upset or whether I’m the happiest person alive.


    I had just shared my first blog post and everything was going really well. Then pretty much straight away my boyfriend was deployed. It was one of the most guttering things since Christmas was so close, but theres work to be done. We had previously done a seven month stretch apart so we knew we would be fine over the next six months and that blogging would be a great distraction, which it definitely was.


    But then, the worst month came. Anybody else would brand December as one of the most amazing, magical months, and although it usually is for me too this particular month wasn’t.

    On the 20th of December my Grandad lost a long, painful and very emotional battle to cancer. It came at a massive shock, as although we knew he was unwell he had started to pick up. Since most of my family live in Thailand, including my Grandad it was really hard to cope with especially since I felt alone. Nobody else around me was grieving for my Grandad the way I was, they were all in another country grieving together. My Mum flew out to be with my family for the funeral but I had to stay at home for a number of reasons.

    Losing my Grandad still affects me daily. I see him in my dreams, I wake up thinking of him and every single time I pick up the phone to speak to my Grandma I wait to hear his voice. Anybody else who has lost a close loved one will understand my constant pain.



    Although I wasn’t given the right time to grieve for my Grandad I had to pick myself up and try and get myself together. I won’t use the words ‘move on‘ as everybody knows you can’t do that as easy as it’s wrote out when you’re going through a difficult situation. My blog started to pick up, and I was starting to build up my following and content. It was a very exciting time that really gave me a purpose and something to look forward to.


    Within six months I started receiving more and more emails from brands wanting to work with me and send me products. It boosted my confidence in everything, my writing, my blog appearance and of course my whole blog status. Brand’s don’t want to work with you if what you produce is pants!

    I’ve worked with some amazing brands such as Liz Earle, DR.PAWPAW, Kryolan, KISS nails & lashes, Nouveau Lashes,  Friction Free Shaving, Look Good Feel Better and so much more.

    Most excitingly, I got to work on an ADVERT with Maybelline. When I opened up an email from a representative asking if I would like to work with them on a video for a new product release I of course SCREAMED, and cried. I have never ever been so proud of myself. All my life I’ve wanted other people to be proud of me, but I’ve never thought about myself. What happened to impressing yourself and being happy FOR YOU? This was a turning point for me. I will never be afraid to admit how bloody proud I was, and still am. I was told the video may or may not be used in the compilation of other videos (some had won a competition to be featured) but the fact I had been approached and asked was major to me. Luckily enough I was in fact featured in the AD which was shared on social media (FB, Insta & YouTube) and I believe on a few occasional TV adverts.


    I’ve created this amazing bond with multiple brands that I’ve loved working with and theres no better feeling.

    They also say that right now, consumers trust bloggers opinions more than adverts and celebrities so theres no better time to be doing what I am and the best bit is I get to try, test and share all of the things I truly love with my readers.


    My boyfriend finally came home to the amazing news of this advert and hearing him tell me how proud he was of me and how much I had achieved in his six months working away was so amazing. It made me burst with pride. I almost wanted to brag about it, and why not? If you are doing well at something you bloody share the shit out of that girl.


    Another happy life event was moving into our first home. My boyfriend and I found our dream house and are lucky enough to now live in it. It’s quite funny how this time last year I was sat at home in my bedroom typing out a blog post and right now I’m sat on the sofa in my own living room. It’s a beautiful moment.

    Moving out has given me a lot more independence. I have to do so much more for myself and juggling blogging as well, it’s taught me a lot of life lessons including time management!


    And fast forward a few more months to right now, the 22nd of November. The year anniversary of my first blog post.



    Who knows where the future will take me, us; with blogging. I of course want it to go a lot further than where we are now, and if you’ve got the motivation and the goals then there should be no reason why you can’t get there.

    A reminder to myself that I can do anything. Nobody else’s opinion should matter. What matters is what I want, and how it will make my life better for the future.



    Everything that has happened this last year, good & bad (mentioned in this blog post or not) has made me who I am and will carry on shaping who I grow to be in the future. Without people visiting my blog and encouraging me to carry on with more motivation than ever I wouldn’t be where I am with the opportunities I’ve managed to land myself in. THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting me every single day. Friends & Family from my personal life, all my friends I’ve met through blogging, the readers that have stuck by me, and of course to the brands that I’ve worked with.

    It’s been a long post, so if you made it to the end, WELL DONE.


    That’s it for now…

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx