Kiss False Eyelashes*

If I had to chose one product to use for the rest of my life when it comes to makeup, I would 100% choose false eyelashes.

Why? Because, my eyelashes are absolutely rubbish. They are short and straight so you can barely tell I have any lashes when I wear mascara. That’s why I rely on false eyelashes so much. So when I was asked if I would like to review some KISS products I jumped at the opportunity.


As you all know, I only review products that I think I would like, and further on from that – I will only post positive reviews on products that I’ve been sent onto my blog. If I find a product I haven’t got on with that I’ve purchased with my own money then I may very well tell you I didn’t like it, but when brands share products with me I won’t share any negative reviews if I unfortunately didn’t like it on that particular occasion

Now I’ve got to the point, I’m basically saying I LIKE THESE LASHES. In fact, I could pretty much say I LOVE THEM & I’ve only worn them a few times.

I was kindly sent a few nail products and one set of lashes that contained two pairs and a lash applicator. A nail review will follow as I wanted to let each product have their own post.



These lashes are amazing. They give me the most beautiful, natural finish with my lashes – one that I crave so much when it comes to false eyelashes.

To be 100% honest with the review I decided to use the lash glue which I don’t usually do when it comes to other lash brands as I have most definitely found my favourite lash adhesive already.


On Saturday morning (1st application) the lashes were applied from approx 12 – midday and I removed my makeup at 10pm (I noted times so I knew how long I had them on for!). These lashes did not want to come off, let me tell you that.

When I first applied them I wasn’t too blown away with the glue as I had a bit of a lash failure morning but managed to bite back and sort myself out. They then sat so comfortably and naturally on my lash line and I got away with having them look like my own lashes all day.


When it came to removing them, like I said above, they didn’t want to come off. They were well and truly stuck on comfortably. I probably could of left them on over night and worn them like that the next day but I like to be completely fresh before going to sleep.

I eventually got them off after letting a cotton pad soaked in micellar water eased up the adhesive. The lashes weren’t ruined after one use and I knew they were safe to use again.

So the very next day thats what I did. Come Sunday, I spent the day with my boyfriend out and about – so I wore the lashes again so I didn’t have to put on another brand new pair. They went on a  lot better on the second day and wore just as well.

I took my makeup off a lot sooner than the day before but these lashes were just as amazing as when I had previously worn them.

They also included a “Easy-Angle Applicator” which I really struggled to use, I think if you were a lash newbie and already didn’t know the technique of applying lashes this little tool could help – but since I’ve been applying lashes for years I’m very much used to my finger and tweezer technique.

They are definitely a budget-friendly brand and the lashes are just as amazing as any high end brand you could buy.

I can’t wait to carry on wearing these lashes and see how many uses I can get out of them.

If you’ve tried out these lashes I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

 *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.
  • Kiss products are amazing! I loveeee their lashes! They always look so natural yet so glam! You look absolutely stunning in this pic! ya lil beauty! Fab post as always!
    Love ya!

    • Debra Bow

      Aw thank you so much!! I agree 100% that these lashes are amazing. Love you too! x

  • This has made me so excited to receive my KISS products now! They look absolutely gorgeous on you x

  • Oh they look amazing, I’m such a eyelash beginning so the applicator would be ideal for me!!! Great post lovely!!! xox

  • Lovely lashes and Beautiful blog!! <3

  • Nice autumnal makeup look Debra! I’ve only started wearing falsies, and boy-oh-boy do they transform any makeup look. I’ve worn my MAC eyelashes to death, but these look so natural on you and they’re so affordable.

  • I wear false lashes every day and feel naked without them. I wear the eyelure 101 ones as I like them thick and quite dramatic looking. These ones look great for a slightly more natural look though. Great post as always chick xxx

    • Debra Bow

      I agree, I wear them pretty much every time I do my makeup and feel bare when I don’t have them on. Thank You! x

  • I love these lashes! I’m so jealous that everyone can wear them (I always seem to have a bad reaction to the glue!) and these look gorgeous. Another top review and fab pictures again!

    Sian x

    • Debra Bow

      Oh no! Maybe its worth trying a few out on the back of your hand or in delicate skin areas first to find the glue that works the best with you. Thank You Sian! xxx

  • I’ve always wanted to try lashes but i’m terrified of the glue! And I’d panic if I got to 10pm like you and they didn’t come off easy!
    Also your eye make up is gorgeous!

    • Debra Bow

      Thank You Kerry! You always leave such kind comments, lashes aren’t that scary, honestly! Once you get used to wearing them you won’t be able to see your makeup the same without them lol x

  • You look stunning! These lashes are so elegant! They look really natural too which is such an important factor for me when choosing falsies – I don’t want to look like I have fluff stuck to my eyelids! Thank you for sharing this review, I have tried KISS nails before but I def need to check out their lashes!

    Abbey 💜