Nouveau #LashGang Event

#LashGang turned ONE!

I was extremely lucky to be invited to Nouveau Lashes #LashGangBday this weekend, something I’ve been a part of for a whole year! Lash Gang is a community made up of bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers & more sharing posts with the brand Nouveau Lashes so obviously when I received my invite I jumped with joy!

I’ve recently hit my one year blogging birthday too so to finally go to an event full of bloggers was a verrrrrry exciting opportunity.

The day started off by driving to Birmingham to pick up Gweni & Amina, who I met for the first time and were very lovely! It definitely helped with the nerves of going to my first event (which were pretty much non-existent by the time we arrived in London anyway, ha!).


When we arrived at the Nouveau Lashes Academy in London we were greeted by a few bloggers who had arrived before us and a great big Photo Booth! Beth, Em & Scott definitely made all the right choices with this one. Bloggers & Photo Booths? Brilliant combo!



After a bunch of photo’s in the booth we were lead downstairs to see the food spread, totally instagramable (why isn’t this a real word?), we were all in our element.

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Next onto the party games! After all, it is a birthday party right?


We played pass the parcel which is something I haven’t done since I was about 7, winner! The prizes were Nouveau products and vouchers from sister companies!


The next party game was Piñata! Again, something I haven’t done for years!


We spent the next few hours in this amazing room which was filled with hundreds of balloons… Naturally, thousands go balloon photos were taken!


I finally met Beth IRL after becoming virtual friends through #LashGang & FaceBook!! 


Live demos of treatments were also happening! Two of the top Nouveau lash technicians carried out the treatments.


To finish off the lovely day a little award ceremony for a few different categories.


Gweni won Wannabe Bestie & Amina won MUA all day.

And just like that, the event came to an end. We were all lucky enough to receive a goodie bag which contained some more lashes, some #LashGang badges and a canvas bag (totally going to rock this any time I need to take my camera and MacBook out), also a makeup bag by EmJ and lots more.

We grabbed another chance to take some more selfies and grab some more cake before it was all taken away and headed off back towards the North for the long journey home.


The event was absolutely incredible, I met so many new people and hopefully made some new blogger friends! A huge thank you to team Nouveau for planning everything and putting on such a good event for us all.

Heres to the next year of #LashGang.

Now the countdown to my next blogger event next weekend!

Lots of love, Debra-Bow xxx

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