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When the team at Choc Affair contacted me and asked me if I’d like to try out some of their chocolate for upcoming blog posts, I of course screamed hellllllll yeah.

Choc Affair was created by a mother with two daughters that both had milk intolerances when they were young. Traditional hot chocolates were sadly out of the question, so her culinary innovation was needed.


“A few bars of dark chocolate, some spoonfuls of unrefined sugar and lots of soya milk later; the idea of a delicious, natural hot chocolate drink was born. In a moment of madness, I realised that there could be a business here and an idea began to form. Family and friends were drafted in to talk taste, and names, and the concept of Choc affair became a reality.” 
The story behind this beautiful family business is simply inspiring. I 100% recommend that you head over to their site and see their about page after you finish reading this post!


Choc Affair kindly sent me out the Library Collection gift set which is made up of a selection of their four most popular flavour infused bars which include:


 Salted Caramel

The milk chocolate salted caramel bar is a must have in any chocoholics treat cupboard. It’s made up with smooth, comforting caramel combined with tingling saltiness.

This one was one of my favourite bars out of the set. It has the perfect balance of both the salt and the caramel and is literally the best treat to have after a long day at work.

photo-02-11-2016-16-42-57 photo-02-11-2016-16-42-37

Orange & Geranium

The orange and geranium is a creamy milk chocolate bar infused with natural flavours made up of sweet, sun drenched oranges and jolly notes of summer geraniums. It’s even available in hot chocolate form! (can this get any more perfect?) 

It’s apparently one of the Choc Affair team favourites! It’s something I would never pick up in a shop but after tasting it from this gift set I can confirm it taste just as good as it sounds.

photo-02-11-2016-16-43-16 photo-02-11-2016-16-42-25

Lime & Seasalt

The dark chocolate lime and seasalt bar is fresh and zingy. It has a strong vibrancy of lime enhanced with a touch of sea salt all encased in a delicious dark chocolate.

 “Not for the faint hearted, it is a love it or hate it one! Go on, explore your adventurous side…”

I agree with the love it or hate it term as I loved this chocolate but Jonny didn’t. This bar is absolutely delicious, I can’t quite fully describe the taste of this bar, definitely one to try before you judge it!

photo-02-11-2016-16-44-09 photo-02-11-2016-16-42-12

Peach & Raspberry

Finally, the chocolate peach and raspberry bar! It’s a combination of peach and raspberry which is surprisingly really easy to eat. (describe as almost yoghurt or ice cream like!)

I’ll admit, I’m a huge fan of white chocolate, so the idea of my favourite type of chocolate then infused with anything thats not chocolate doesn’t excite me or really interest me. I was absolutely delighted to realise how pleasant this chocolate is. Such a beautiful, light chocolate. One I really enjoyed.

“Summer nights and candy floss, this fusion of light flavours brings out the sweetness in you.”

photo-02-11-2016-16-43-55 photo-02-11-2016-16-42-19


The gift set is placed in a hand crafted claret box sleeve, made by their local box man John. Do you think thats what everyone refers him as? “Have you seen local box man John recently?” ha!


Finished off by tying a ribbon and a gift tag round it, done by one of the delightful packing ladies at Choc Affair.

photo-02-11-2016-16-40-22 photo-02-11-2016-16-37-45


I’m always completely honest on all my blog posts about products I’m sent. In fact I don’t like to even share negativity on my blog so reading this post means they’ve hit the nail on the head, right?

What I’m trying to say is, I think this gift set is fabulous.

It’s the classiest chocolate gift set I’ve ever come across for one. I won’t name other brands, but some other chocolate ‘gift sets’ are never nice looking. It’s one of those gifts that you’d just fling to the side on Christmas morning and go back to it later on in the day… But this gift set, is classy and definitely turns heads when the recipient opens it!


I enjoyed each and every chocolate bar with the help of Jonny, my boyfriend. He’s not usually a big sweet or chocolate fan, but the moment I opened up this package and he saw the weird and wonderful flavours he actually asked me if he could try some! I could of 100% finished all of this by myself though. Don’t tell anyone I said that.

If you’d like to purchase any of the chocolate bars above or discover any of their other gift sets please visit this wonderful little family business. They truly are an amazing brand and such a pleasure to work with.








Soooooo many links! Forgive me.


If you do anything from reading this blog post, its going over to Choc Affairs site and reading their story, their passion and everything they do. They keep everything local by supporting other family businesses and support some amazing causes.

Which chocolate are you going to try first?

That’s it for now, catch ya’ soon.

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx


*This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.
  • Oh my god this is the cutest chocolate set ever! I’m craving some chocolate now haha! Fab post & photos as always. Rachel xxxx

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you lovely!!!!

  • These sound amazing and come so beautifully packaged. Really loved this post babe! 💜💫✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you xx

  • Never heard of this brand before, but I do love flavoured chocolate!


    • Debra Bow

      I never heard if it before they got in touch either! I’m not usually a top fan of flavoured chocolate but loved these ones x

  • Lauren

    Oh I’ve never heard of this brand before but these all sound amazing! I especially want to try the Orange and Geranium bar, sounds so different

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    • Debra Bow

      They definitely are all amazing! You should treat yourself to the orange and geranium bar!!!

  • These bars sound very flavoursome to say the least. They would make a great gift, especially as they are so cutely wrapped x

    • Debra Bow

      Definitely! I totally agree xx

  • Chocolate is always the best present! I would feel bad eating these though as they look so nice lol xxxx

    • Debra Bow

      Haha I felt bad! I genuinely slid the bar out so I didn’t have to rip the paper around the foil bar lol! Xxxx

  • Reviewing chocolate is my DREAM post haha! Lucky you, Bow! Lime and Sea Salt dark chocolate sounds absolutely amazing, that’s not a combination that I’ve tried before! These would make amazing stocking fillers, I’d be delighted to unwrap one on Christmas morning! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I’ve enjoyed reading as always!

    Abbey 😇

    • Debra Bow

      I know right?! That’s why I just had to accept when they came to me!
      I think that you would absolutely love the sea salt dark chocolate bar! Thank you Abbey! You’re always so lovely xxxxx

  • Oh free chocolate, sounds fab!!! I see there not wheat free though, but they sound yummy!! Xoz

    • Debra Bow

      I know right!!!! Oh no really?! I didn’t realise. They were definitely yummy! Xxx

  • sianreed93

    I absolutely love the presentation of these chocolate bars. I think it’s so important for small companies to package their products well and create a quality product.

    Sian x

    • Debra Bow

      I agree!! They are beautiful. You are so right with small brands packaging well! xxx

  • Oh my goooodness this was the yummiest post ever! Very jealous you got to review chocolate, all time blogging high right there! 👌🏼

    I think I have my eye on the dark choc lime and sea salt, sounds weird but delicious! Beaut photos as always and great post! Lots of love

    Izzy |

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you so much!!!! You definitely need to try them! xxx

  • These look and sound so nice, the packaging is so cute too!

    • Debra Bow

      Thank you x

  • The salted caramel one sounds like a dream! I absolutely love that flavour, I need to get my hands on this! x

    • Debra Bow

      You definitely do! xox

  • I love family-owned businesses, always up for supporting them – these chocolates sound lovely, and the flavour choices quite diverse 🙂

    • Debra Bow

      Me too! So glad you agree x

  • Sadly I’m such a fussy eater that I don’t like flavoured chocolate, but the packaging for this is amaaaaazing – I love it. It looks so classy, I’d definitely buy them as a gift. 😍
    Ashton xx