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    Wine Tasting at Veeno Leicester

    A blog post all about alcohol when you don’t even drink alcohol, right? I know what you’re thinking. I’m thinking the same.

    My lovely friend Izzy was invited to a wine tasting experience at the brand new Veeno wine bar & cafe in Leicester and needed a plus one so I jumped in and went along with her.


    We weren’t expecting food so we decided to head straight over to a little restaurant and grabbed some food beforehand to line our stomach since we would later on be tasting wine, durrr. Wine tasting experience and all.

    Once we lined our stomachs we headed over to Veeno in St.Martins which opened at the end of November.


    Veeno is an Italian wine bar chain which has now opened its ninth branch in Leicester City Centre. They are already located in Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds x2, Harrogate, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham & York.

    They offer the traditional Italian culture including nibbling and drinking in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere.

    The wines available in each and every Veeno Cafe comes from the company’s Caruso and Minini family vineyard in Sicily where four generations have produced wine.



    What we’re here for right?

    Their wine tasting experiences are laid back but still very informal. We got to taste wine as a table of eight with platters of food between two. A lot of the food on the platter was meat which I don’t eat so I can’t give my thoughts on that side of things, but having the wine with the bread and/or cheese changed the taste so much!

    photo-30-11-2016-21-25-19 photo-30-11-2016-21-25-40

    We were told all about the business, how it began and the background, the winery, the wines we were going to try and an explanation of which spuntini from the sharing platter best complements the wine we were tasting.


    image from Veeno – Twitter

    “We offer authentic Italian “spuntini” (appetisers). We source all our spuntini (cold meat cuts, breads and cheeses) from the best quality producers in Italy. Choose one or two, or build your own platter with 3 or more spuntini!”

    The wine was brought over to us one by one. Every time a new glass was brought over, an explanation followed of the taste, how its made, what food its best paired with and more. They then left us to it to enjoy conversation and eat & drink with the others taking part in the experience.



    Even though I’m not a huge alcohol drinker, and even when I do drink alcohol not much of a wine drinker I really enjoyed this experience. I learnt so much more about wine and the different types. It’s definitely a turning point from the cheap £5 wine from supermarkets.

    photo-30-11-2016-21-36-23 photo-30-11-2016-21-48-37

    The experience on a whole was brilliant, so informative with such a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. It’s something I’d definitely bring a friend or family member back to do. My mum for sure would LOVE this.

    Have you ever been to Veeno? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx


    This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.