It’s been a few weeks since I attended the LUSH Meadowhall Easter event, and a while since the Easter products came out. So before Easter passes by I thought I would share my experience and some photos from it.

When we first arrived we were greeted by the LUSH team, who then gave us name tags (because at these type of events you don’t tend to know everybody there! Which is also a good idea because sometimes you recognise other bloggers from their social media but can’t but the name to the face… I’m so guilty for this!) and then we all got together and listened to a few words. They all introduced themselves, told us the aim for this event and what it would be and then we were all left to roam freely and enjoy ourselves for the evening.

The whole evening was very casual and laid back, the atmosphere felt relaxing and comfortable. It was SO LOVELY, to finally walk into a LUSH store without having to squeeze through a crowd of young teenagers sniffing all the bath bombs. Again, I’m probably guilty for doing this when I was about 13 too. HA. I kept turning around and just saying how nice it was to just walk around and take every single product in and just take our time exploring the things LUSH have to offer.

The whole LUSH store is just incredible, being able to appreciate it almost empty made me realise how much I loved that place and all the people that work there. I left the evening feeling so pleasantly positive and motivated, it really inspired me to get myself back together and work on my YouTube channel and blog once again after my mini-break.

Anyway, going off track… Back to the event. I had a lovely hand/arm massage by Matt who explained each and every product in depth which was really interesting as I had never used any of the massage balms by LUSH. It’s really interesting to hear some of the stories behind the products and ingredients. We definitely discovered some cool facts about certain bath bombs but off the top of my head I would hate to share false information so I’ll refresh my memory and get back to you in another blog post perhaps!

At the end of the event we were given goodie bags *THE EXCITEMENT* which were full of amazing products from the 2017 Easter range, which you’ll have to head over to my Youtube video to find out what I got.

Overall the whole event was just lovely and I REALLY enjoyed myself. It’s great to finally meet and mix with other bloggers that are in more of a local area to me.

Have you or will you be purchasing anything from the LUSH Easter range? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx