For the last few hours I’ve been laid on the sofa feeling full and uncomfortable, trying to figure out what post I should write for today’s blogging everyday in May. I knew I couldn’t let today’s post slip away and let myself down after managing 23 days so far daily blogging, so instead of posting a review like I had planned to do I’m just going to talk and see where we go.

I tend to bulk take product photos (usually before testing them out) so I get a nice clean picture, rather than showing a messed up, half used bottle of face wash (no harm in that but personal preference!). Since my last bulk photo session I’ve accumulated quite a few product photos of makeup, skincare and a few tools I’ve been testing out; I’m ready to write about two more after getting a strong impression and feeling confident that I’m ready to share what I think to them online but after the recent events in Manchester I honestly felt like sharing a post about a makeup palette or about some brushes just wasn’t right. It didn’t sit with me, and I know it hasn’t with others too and thats okay. To those that have also carried on publishing normal posts, thats okay too! I always put my best into posts so to write about a product I enjoyed but wasn’t happy posting seems like a waste of effort, and forced work is never good work IMO.

Although I published a “normal” post yesterday it had already been written and in the middle of being extremely busy the last few days it was the easiest solution at the time. Right now I’m no longer ahead with my blog posts and I’m planning on a huge writing session tonight once I get this post up. If I don’t fall asleep that is…

Since the sad news hit the media and spread across the country and the rest of the world, I have seen nothing but kindness thrown around. The way the community has come together to support those in need after Monday’s attack has been absolutely breath taking. It’s emotional, really sad and so heartbreaking; but seeing people doing what they can to help people in the Manchester and surrounding areas has warmed the world. They do say that love outweighs hate and the actions of everybody following the shock event has really proved that love does still exist, strangers or not. I know that only a small handful of you will read this since my blog is mainly beauty based but my deepest thoughts and sympathy go out to each and every person involved, whether that be the ones that lost their life too soon, the survivors, or the families of those people.

Since Monday, I have done my utmost best to remind my family how much I love them, squeezed them a little bit harder and took that extra few minutes to appreciate them out of my day. Most of us will know what its like to lose somebody, whether it be death, a friendship or relationship coming to an end or in another way; but events like this tend to remind us all just how important it is to smile at one another, love a bit harder and be more thankful for what we have in life.

I honestly don’t feel like there is much more I can talk about tonight because like a lot of other people, I feel speechless and really unmotivated to write about something that isn’t as important as what else is going on in the world.

Remember to remind your friends and family how much you love them, send that extra text or give them a call before you go to sleep or when you wake up. Be strong, and remember, you can do anything but not everything. Rise by lifting others and spread your love as thick as you would peanut butter.

Goodnight for now, and we will try and get back on track tomorrow.

Debra-Bow xxx