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    For the last few months I’ve been juggling the idea round my head to start introducing a little bit of homeware into my blog. Since we moved out last year and started from scratch its been the perfect opportunity to explore new interior styles and become house-scent obsessed. No lie, I have a WHOLE cupboard dedicated to candles and wax melts. It’s my pride and joy.

    Anyway, since Winter has been and gone and I’m no longer in a routine of coming home from work, having a hot bath and sitting down on the sofa with a lit candle to fill the room with an amazing scent it was about time I put it right. Thats why, when I was asked if I would like to try out some products from Scentsy, I just couldn’t turn it down.


    “Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance, offering stylish, innovative and customizable products designed to Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. Scentsy products are sold by a network of Scentsy Consultants in 11 countries. The Scentsy Diffuser instantly fills the air with world-class fragrant all-natural and essential Scentsy Oils, while Scentsy’s flagship product line of scented, wax Scentsy Bars heated in handcrafted warmers provides a safe, personal alternative to traditional candles.”

    To find out more about the brand and how they work please click HERE.


    Like mentioned above, I was very kindly sent some products from a Scentsy consultant: Hayley Bouhmid Since she knows the brand slightly more than I do, she picked out some pieces and sent them over to me. Up until now I had always used traditional candles and wax burners so to be able to try a completely new product was super exciting for me (getting a homeware obsession does things to you!).

    ETCHED CORE SCENTSY WARMER | £36.00 (shop here)

    The first thing I pulled out of my package was the ETCHED CORE SCENTSY WARMERa lovely silhouette patterned warmer. The etches in the porcelain allow the light to shine through when its turned on. Kid you not, this product creates a whole new cosy atmosphere in my living room on an evening. It’s going to be PERFECT for when those winter nights come around again, which knowing England, will probably be next week.

    Since I had left all my trust into Hayley to pick out some things for me I had to keep my fingers crossed that the warmer itself was going to be perfect. She definitely got it right and I’m so thankful! Anything but white would have stuck out like a sore thumb in my living room since its such a bright neutral room. I didn’t want to have to hide it away in my bedroom or another room in the house so with the warmer fitting into my living room interior so well it sits comfortably on my shelves for everybody to see. I’ve been coming home from work in the evening and turning the switch on and leaving it to do its thing for the rest of the night without worrying at all about any flames since its an electric warmer and not a burner. The warmers sold by Scentsy house a low-watt light bulb or a heating element that slowly melts the Scentsy bar wax.

    BUTTERFLY WARMER WRAP | £14.50 (shop here)

    The second product I pulled out was the butterfly warmer wrapit’s designed for my warmer, mentioned above to sit within and give it a little bit more style. It’s been delicately made and the butterfly pattern is so beautiful. I do plan on working the warmer around my house to keep every room smelling nice and my idea is to use this warmer wrap to switch up the style whilst moving it around.

    SCENTSY WAX BARS | £6.00 (shop here)

    The last few things I pulled out were the scentsy wax barsAgain, Hayley picked out every single scent that was gifted to me and she did really well. I received the Black Raspberry Vanilla, Bright & Cheery and lastly the Clothesline scent. I don’t know how Hayley got it so right with the scents, but she did. I’m really happy with them and couldn’t have picked better myself.

    The black raspberry vanilla bar is the one I chose to burn first. I popped two cubes into my warmer and left it to do it’s job. I’ll admit, I forgot TWICE to turn this off before I went to bed and when I came downstairs in the morning the warmer was still completely safe. Although I recommend you don’t do that, I won’t be again! This scent just smells absolutely devine, I can’t even explain it but I think the name says enough. The black raspberry vanilla scents together as one fit beautifully.

    The following two scents I haven’t used in the warmer yet as I’m still enjoying the first two cubes from the black raspberry vanilla bar (which is lasting so well).

    The Bright & Cheery wax bar is such a lovely, fresh scent. One that I’m planning on warming in our bedroom as its so clean and refreshing. I personally don’t think that any of these scents could be too overpowering, they give off the perfect amount of scent without it being “too much”.

    To finish off my little haul the last scent Clothesline is the one giving me so much excitement. This is truly where smellivision should exist. I think that this one is my favourite out of the three, I’m going to have to cherish this one! It literally smells like a fresh load of washing has come out of the dryer. It’s a good job my boyfriend and family appreciate home scents as much as I do else I’d have nowhere for all of this excitement to disperse! HA!

    If you would like to shop any of the products you can shop them HERE through Hayley’s online store or alternatively find the direct link to each product above.


    1. Using one cube at a time equals to a stronger scent so I recommend that you only use one.

    2. You can switch the waxes over as much as you like. To do this you should turn off the warmer, let the wax re-harden and scoop around the edge of the dish with the corner of one of the bar packaging which should make the wax pop out easier.

    3. Store in a ziplock bag and save for later!


    Scentsy has definitely changed how I’ll be using wax scents in the future. I’m totally converted. Thank you so much to Hayley for approaching me in working with her on this post. Like I always say to you, I never post negative reviews so you wouldn’t be reading this post if I didn’t like something I had been asked to try. Sometimes it gives me the opportunity to try things out that I never thought I would purchase, and now you hopefully can too with my experience!

    The warmer I was gifted will definitely be taking pride on my shelves for the foreseeable future (until I treat myself to another and change it up perhaps?!). I’m really happy with how lovely my house smells at the minute and how much safer these warmers are than my usual wax burner I had been using all winter (which FYI is going in the bin now that I’ve got this new warmer!).

    Have you ever tried an electric warmer before? How did you find it compared to a wax burner? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.