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    Whilst on my search for the perfect bright palette I came across BH Cosmetics on BeautyBay. It’s a brand I’ve always been aware of, and have only bought from once when I purchased the Carli Bybel Palette. Since it’s such an affordable brand I thought that I wouldn’t have much to lose if I didn’t like the product so went ahead and purchased it.


    “A comprehensive collection of matte hues ranging from bright blue to soft neutrals.

    Designed to be your go-to collection of matte shadows, the Modern Matte 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is a must-have for any beauty-lover. Harbouring twenty eight finely milled hues, the essential kit offers options for creating and finishing a number of looks for any occasion.”

    Like I’ve mentioned I picked up this palette as I’ve been on the search for a bright coloured palette now for quite some time. I originally wanted the MORPHE one, butttt it’s ALWAYS sold out. So at £13.00 I knew that if I didn’t like it or the quality wasn’t as good as I had hoped it wouldn’t be a huge loss.

    Firstly, this palette is a lovely size, it contains 28 matte shades which is exactly what I was looking for, a full palette of mattes! It has a huge mixture of shades from reds to pinks to blues! The only thing it really lacks is a good yellow to experiment with.

    Everything seems good so far!

    Then it came to using it.

    I found that the colour picked up on a brush is not as vibrant as it looks in the palette and takes A LOT of build up just to get remotely half of the shade you see.

    I then decided to take photos of the palette and swatch each and every shade (which I normally do in a blog post like this anyway) and I was really disappointed how chalky a lot of the shadows were and how some of them were not really the true colour I thought they were from sitting in the palette. A number of shades were extremely pigmented and impressive and then a lot of them were quite sheer and not so nice at all.

    Most of the reviews on this have been pretty positive and I just didn’t have that experience which is so unfortunate! I think for certain looks the eyeshadow palette may work but for extra bright eye looks it won’t be one I reach for unfortuantely.


    I initially had quite high hopes for this palette since I already own the Carli Bybel palette and really love that. Perhaps its just the matte shades that BH Cosmetics don’t do well.

    I don’t usually post negative reviews on products like this as I tend to see it as a waste of time for me writing it out and taking photographs of the products but since my expectations had been crushed I thought that sharing my experience with it may help somebody else!

    Let me know if you’ve tried this palette before in the comments below.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xx