The Body Shop is a brand my family and I have been using for so many years, so to have been given the chance to try out their almond milk and honey collection was such an exciting time for me!

The collection of almond milk and honey is for those with sensitive skin as it aims to soothe signs of irritation, redness, dehydration and dryness. As somebody that suffers from bad skin during stressful periods of my life, products like these are usually a god send for me. I struggle to stick to products such as hand creams and moisturisers as I’m never sure if they are the true culprit to bringing on my eczema or whether I’ve been too busy to realise how bloody stressed I am. The worst thing is, I only get it on my hands too so its visible for everybody I’m around.

As some of you know the last few months have been extremely stressful and emotional for me, so that being – I’ve had pretty bad skin in terms of my hands, body and legs. As mentioned above I usually only suffer from eczema on my hands however this time I’ve had spouts of it all over my body. It comes and goes when I definitely don’t want it the most. I’ve been lucky that its cleared up for particular things such as holidays and special occasions but most of the time I’m either preparing for it to come on or I’m battling with getting rid of it.

So when my skin became a little bit irritated I thought that it would be the best time to try out some of the things I was sent by The Body Shop. I was either going to hate myself, or love myself after this.


This heavenly, rich body butter has been specially formulated to calm, care and protect dry, sensitive skin. With 48 hours of intense moisture, help calm tight, itchy dry skin.

I prefer to use this body butter on tougher areas such my elbows, knees and areas that are suffering a lot worse than other parts. Straight away my skin feels softer to the touch. It doesn’t feel irritated or uncomfortable and this body butter has honestly become a part of my daily routine. I LOVE IT.


An essential for sensitive skin on the go, protect and soothe dry hands with this calming and caring new hand cream.

I carry this hand cream in my bag and try and moisturise a few times a day (when I remember, I’m the worst for it!). Since using this in my everyday routine I’ve found that my skin doesn’t feel as irritated and sensitive as usual and I’m not always battling with the thought that my eczema is about to pop up on my skin any minute!!! Even my mum commented how lovely my hands were looking, coming from the woman I look up to the most when it comes to skin care as she looks amazing!


Soothe uncomfortable tight, itchy dry skin with silky smooth, lightweight moisture that lasts for 48 hours. This skin-loving body lotion comforts, protects and restores dry skin.

After showering I apply this body lotion to the whole of my body and let it sink in. Likewise to the body butter it leaves my skin feeling absolutely incredible, so soft and my skin even glows now!!! The body lotion, along side the rest of the products haven’t felt uncomfortable and haven’t irritated my skin. For once in my life I’m moisturising my body every single day! Such a fist for me.


Soothe as you cleanse with this gentle, soap-free shower gel – specially formulated to respect your skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH. This gentle formula won’t strip your skin of moisture. 

As anyone would use shower cream, I use this in the shower every day and straight away the scent fills my bathroom. On days where I’ve been in a rush to moisturise straight after showering I’ve still been able to smell the lingering scent from my shower cream on my skin which is absolutely amazing! On days where I stick to my whole skincare routine and use every product I smell like a walking bodyshop advert!

I’m so happy to be able to say how much I love these products. I’ve been using them for a few months now and they really have been working so well for me. On days where I’m feeling a little bit lazy I’m still usually motivated to apply the moisturiser and body butter and thats a big thing for me! I usually tell myself I’ll skip it today and just use it again tomorrow and then tomorrow never comes. Don’t tell my mum.

If you’re thinking about purchasing this range then be prepared for your skincare to change! You’ll want every single product in the range and as I’m writing this, I’m getting ready to head off into town where I’m 100% going to be picking up a full size of the shower cream and a few top ups of my other favourite products!

If you would like to purchase any products mentioned in todays blog post you can by clicking HERE or visiting any of The Body Shop stores across the UK. Find out where your nearest store is HERE.

Do let me know what your favourite collection from the body shop is, I’d love to know!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

*This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.