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If you watched my first YouTube video with Izzy you’ll know that we both tried out a crazy face mask each. The one that Izzy tried was the Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask and I tried out the Hell Pore Mask. Since I hadn’t given the bubble mask a go in the video I figured that I would just do an individual review on my own thoughts in a separate blog post.

The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is packed with charcoal powder and claims to cleans, exfoliate and unclog your pores as it bubbles off dead skin cells and lifts pore clogging dirt. It also states that as its a clay mud and charcoal powder formulated product it can remove makeup and dirt as well as tighten your pores at the same time which is a HUGE statement to make. This product really is claiming to do EVERYTHING. So of course, I put it to the test.

The product comes in a cardboard box with a tub of product inside. There’s not a lot of English written on it but on mine there was a sticker on the side with English directions. Bare in mind it’s a Korean product so unless you understand the language the little sticker was VERY helpful.

Inside the lid is a spatula with another lid that reveals the product. First impressions is that its a VERY thick product and it smells very fresh and clean.


I highly recommend you put your hair back, in a tight bun, completely out of your face. This gets messy.

To apply this mask I removed my makeup with wipes, this way I could give the mask a chance at the “makeup removal” without applying it straight to a full face of makeup (that would feel pretty weird!)

Simply apply the product (a generous amount) with the spatula provided to your face (avoiding your eyes and close to your nose – so I’d recommend that you don’t apply it to your upper lip to prevent inhaling it in!).

When you first apply it feels quite cold on your face, but you’ve got to work quick because it gets to work straight away. Within seconds part of my face was starting to bubble up already so I rushed to get the rest of my face covered.

Once I had a full face of the mask applied to my face it started to feel a little tingly – not in a way that it was uncomfortable pain wise, just the way it sat there felt strange, I could definitely feel the bubbles expanding too which was like a tickling sensation. (VERY WEIRD!)

Once my full face was all bubbled up I pressed the product back into my skin by gently tapping and rubbing which makes it work a little harder.

The whole concept of this product is strangely satisfying, writing this blog post has made me want to put it on my face and tap it again. The feeling, the sound, the results. Just so strange… and satisfying.

After it was pressed back into my skin I left it for a further five minutes to bubble back up, then tapped it into my skin again before washing it off.

To remove this mask it was definitely a CHALLENGE. In the video Izzy and I filmed it took her a while to remove but I didn’t think much about it. When it came to trying this product out myself and trying to get it off I remembered how long it took Izzy and understood exactly why.

It doesn’t come off with just a quick splash of water and a rub like any old mask usually does, it really clings to your skin. I wet my face and decided to use a flannel to assist me in taking the mask off as it really didn’t want to come off.

After a few minutes I eventually got it off (it was a lot harder than expected, so if you’re thinking of trying this mask out be aware, don’t do it when you’re in a rush!).RESULTS
The mask left my skin feeling A M A Z I NG. Were you expecting that?

I really love the results of this mask. My face instantly felt extremely clean and cleansed and also quite tight (theres the claim of tightening your pores they made earlier on in the post). It also made my face appear brighter and much more healthy!! I give this mask a huge 10/10, I really wasn’t expecting the results it gave me but I’m so happy I gave it a chance.

I’m not sure how this product will work on other skin types as I have oily skin so if you are unsure please do a patch test before using this on your whole face. The clay ingredients are really good for controlling oily prone skin so if you do have the same type of skin as I do then I think you will love the results of this product too.

It probably won’t become a part of my weekly pamper routine but definitely one of the masks I do on an occasional basis – maybe one with the girls as its such a fun mask to do (you can see how much fun we had in the video we filmed using it). I literally ran downstairs to show Jonny and he was so fascinated, so doing it with some friends is definitely a good shout.

I’m so happy with this mask, I’m really pleasantly surprised by the results and its 100% staying in my pamper products draw!SHOP

I picked this up in TKMaxx for £9.99 however you can purchase it on Amazon and eBay (links are always changing so just pop the item name in the search bar)

Have you tried this mask yet? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

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