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    Whilst in Portugal Izzy & I had the pleasure of spending the day with the team at Algar Experience based in Albufeira. We were invited down to spend the day with them on the Tuesday and take part in the Caves & Coastline experience and also the Dolphin & Caves experience.

    When we first arrived we were greeted by Hernani, who had kindly planned the day for us, he told us all about the trip we had ahead of us and then we both headed towards the marina to board our first boat.


    The Caves & Coastline experience was the first part of our trip. This cruise lasts approximately three hours and sails westward close to the coast between Albufeira and Alfanzina. It is described as one intended for those who appreciate and admire the landscape of the southern coast of Portugal as you explore the beautiful caves and rock formations of this region. We may have appreciated it even more if we both had more background interest in landscaping however it didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful locations kindly identified by the crew on board who taught us all about the history of these places!

    The first half of the journey the crew talk about each beach, cave and rock formation as we pass it; slowing down for some of them to get a closer look. Then on the way back to the marina the crew leave you to enjoy the ride back and turn up the music.

    I’ll admit it before Izzy does but I may have nodded off during the journey back. The sun shining on the boat along with the sound of the sea and music in the background proved to be too relaxing for me. Muahhaaaaaa.

    We both really enjoyed the trip, but be prepared for the crews *sense of humour* that may have made my eyes roll once or twice and the possibility of being sea sick! Unfortunately a few other guests on the trip became slightly unwell on the way back to the marina as the sea was quite rough. I’d 100% love to do this trip again during the Portuguese summer when the sea is a lot more tame.


    The Dolphin & Caves trip was supposed to be the finale of the day for us, the big one we had been looking forward to. After our morning trip we stopped off for a quick lunch and ice cream (where Izzy may or may not have tripped over…) and then got ready to board our second trip of the day.

    During the cruise there’s the “possibility” of seeing dolphins, unfortunately they don’t guarantee it as they don’t always come up to say hello. This was the case for us as we sailed for over two hours looking for these beautiful animals with no sign at all. The rest of the itinerary includes a quick tour across the caves and coastlines again but this time not as much information was given about the caves (to our advantage as we had already heard all about them however to those who hadn’t seen it maybe not as great for them!).

    I’m always honest on my blog and as always if theres a part of something I didn’t enjoy or didn’t like I’ll always tell you. So onto the not so fun part!

    We unfortunately didn’t see any dolphins on our trip which was somewhat expected as explained at the beginning of the experience, the dolphins tend to swim off to warmer locations and with Portugal not being at its hottest time of year it meant exactly this.

    Alongside this, we travelled for approximately two hours with no contact from crew. There were 3 crew members on board of this trip, one of which was the captain and two of which were our entertainers. Even though almost the whole time there were a member of crew out there with us looking out to sea we still had no information from them such as, “were having no luck today”. We found ourselves feeling a little bit bored and impatient due to the fact they hadn’t taken a minute to try and explain to us what was happening rather than letting the trip go on that long that we started to feel like we wanted the trip to just end now. Of course we were lucky enough to have been gifted the whole experience however if we had paid the full amount each to not see any dolphins and not be satisfied with the crews input on the trip then I would not be happy!

    If you’re going to do these trips I would highly recommend that you only do one each day and that the dolphin experience is done mid-summer so that you have more of a chance of spotting them. It’s a very tiring experience especially if you’re not used to being out at sea.

    If you would like to see more of the experience including footage of the caves and coastline you can view my vlog on it here:

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    p.s I’m sorry tonight’s blog post is so late, life has been non stop! love ya x

    This blog post contains an experience gifted for review purposes. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.