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    Hey everybody!

    If you’ve already seen my blog post about losing both grandparents I would suggest you head over there and catch up before reading the rest of this! It explains the recent break from my blog and will also help you understand a little bit more about today’s blog post. In that post I opened up to you all about the loss of two grandparents and also shared the sad news of my Uncle passing away.

    My family sadly lost Austin, Uncle to me; but a brother, cousin, husband and father to others. My lovely Uncle went through many years suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. It was a sad thing to witness and thats why I want to contribute to Parkinson’s U.K; a charity dedicated to supporting those suffering from Parkinson’s and also to finding a cure one day.

    Every hour, someone in the UK is told they have Parkinson’s. Because Parkinson’s UK is here, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone.They offer friendship, support, expert information and advice. They also fund ground breaking research into Parkinson’s and they’re leading the way to finding a cure.

     Parkinson’s Disease is a part of thousands of people’s lives in the UK and knowing that one day Parkinson’s U.K charity could potentially find a cure for it means the world to me. It means that hopefully one day others won’t have to suffer the way my uncle did and thousands of people still do every day. That’s why I’m participating in jump June.


    This year Parkinson’s U.K are aiming to get as many people skydiving for their charity in the month of JUNE at over 20 locations based in around the UK. It’s not only an unforgettable experience its a chance to raise money for a charity that do amazing things. Raising the minimum amount for Parkinson’s UK could help raise vital funds for services such as their helpline and local advisers. Knowing that my small contribution to the charity could help another family suffering with Parkinson’s means the absolute world to me.


    I’ve wanted to do a sky dive for charity for quite a few years now, I originally had my heart set on another charity which is also close to my heart and one I will continue to raise money for in the future however after sadly losing my dear Uncle Austin it only felt right that I followed in his adventurous footsteps and did a sky dive in memory for him.

    It came to me a week after losing my Uncle and saying goodbye to him at his funeral. I came home and naturally was feeling extremely low and just sad. Grieving is a funny thing as it is and I seemed to go through it all. I was crying one minute, and next just ‘ok’. Then I got motivated, I wanted to do things, make him proud, do something AMAZING.

    I logged onto my laptop and emailed Parkinson’s U.K and pitched my idea to them, I just had to do something special for my uncle. Days passed and I had pushed the sky dive to the back of my mind whilst waiting for a reply, I had other things to worry about as I was still in the raw grieving process when my phone pinged and I finally got an email back, almost a week after enquiring.

    There are a couple of options on how you could skydive to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK. At the moment we are running a promotion called Jump June. You can visit our web page www.parkinsons.org.uk/jumpjune for the full information.

    Without any more thought, I clicked on the link and got myself booked on. Set up my just giving page and here I am. A few weeks later sharing the news with you all!

    It took around a week for my date to come through but I’m going to be jumping on the 3rd of June, *YAY* also… HOW CLOSE IS THAT? I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit terrified… But I’m also SO EXCITED. It’s definitely going to be an experience that I’ll never forget.SPONSORSHIP
    Of course, you don’t haveeeee to sponsor me but if you did I would absolutely love that and forever be grateful. I have a just giving page where you can donate any amount you wish (please don’t think you have to give much, £1 gets me closer to my target so every little bit counts!) and also leave a message.
    The donations go straight to Parkinson’s U.K which also gives you all piece of mind, and they can start putting good use to each donation made.

    So there we go, its all out in the open and I’m ready to start counting down to the big day. I’ll probably keep you updated with how I’m feeling a week beforehand and also a big one afterwards sharing lots of photos and my whole experience (Should I do a video on my YT all about it as well?).

    Thank you to EVERYBODY that’s already supported me and a big thanks in advance to those that will too!

    Can’t wait for you to follow me on this amazing adventure.

    Catch ya’ later.

    Debra-Bow xxx