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    Yaaaay, I’m back again with another cheesecake recipe! I’ve had so much amazing feedback from my two previous posts so I’m happy to be getting back into another!

    For the first time since Christmas we were hosting a family Sunday Dinner after spending every weekend at my boyfriend’s parents for the last few months. It was about time we turned the tables and cooked for them, I say we; I mean ME. Jonny’s idea of helping is watching TV, supervising the cooking with a timer…

    Either way, I knew that it was a great opportunity to make another no bake cheesecake since everybody asks me when I’m next making one. If you would like to head over to my other posts because a ROLO cheesecake isn’t for you I have two no bake recipes in the form of a nutella cheesecake & a chocolate orange cheesecake from Tanya Burr’s baking book.

    Anyway, we all know why you’re really here so lets get into the recipe!


    PREP TIME20 Minutes

    REFRIGERATE TIME | Minimum of 4 hours



    UNSALTED MELTED BUTTER | 150g tablespoons 

    CREAM CHEESE | 600g

    VANILLA EXTRACT | 2 tablespoons

    ICING SUGAR | 150g

    DOUBLE CREAM | 300ml

    CARNATIONS CARAMEL | 150g (save the rest of the tin to decorate)

    ROLO’S | I used a share bag

    SQUIRTY CREAM | for decoration: optional


    STEP 1 | Blitz the biscuits in a food processor until completely crumbed.

    STEP 2 | Melt the butter (I did mine in the microwave) and add it to the crumbed biscuits. Mix until the consistency is like a damp-sandy mixture and press into your cheesecake tin using your hands or the back of a spoon. (I personally like to place some clingfilm across the bottom to make it easier to move around afterwards) Place it into the fridge to chill until later.

    STEP 3 | Whisk the cream cheese, vanilla extract, caramel and icing sugar until its completely mixed together. I always use my Morphy Richard’s standing mixer to do this.

    STEP 4 | Whilst whisking add in the double cream and leave it to mix until the mixture has turned into a much thicker consistency, you should use a higher setting for this. Once you are happy with the thick like consistency you can leave it at that OR, I decided to add in some chopped up truffles that I had left over in my cupboard that weren’t going down very quickly!

    STEP 5 | Pour the cheesecake filling over your biscuit base and spread it over until you’re happy. Pop it in the fridge to set for around four hours; I personally like to leave it over night before decorating though.

    STEP 6 | Time to decorate! This is totally your choice HOW you do it, however I decided to drizzle the caramel using a zip lock bag corner as I didn’t have a piping bag handy and then popped some squirty cream on (bad idea as it melted once I put it back in the fridge so only had to add more when it came to serving!). I then added the rolo’s and wallllah! Time to test!


    I personally reaaaaally enjoyed the rolo and caramel combination. After receiving some inspiration from a family friend that had mentioned she loved my cheesecake posts and that doing a rolo and caramel one would be great, I took on the advice and attempted to piece together this creation! So thank you, you know who you are!

    I’m not going to lie, we were all pretty full after our huge sunday dinner as it was, but nobody was going to pass on my cheesecake! I should have cut the portions a weeeeee bit smaller as I had definitely mapped them out way too big, making it super hard to struggle. I really enjoyed the thick cheesecake and biscuit base rather than a really thin base and a slither of cheesecake like most shop bought are. That’s why I ensured that I used the quantity of what the packaging of the ingredients came in, so one, I had no wastage like previous cheesecakes and two, so it would be a really big bulk one! I was really happy with how it turned out, after struggling with the caramel a little bit and not being able to vision the whole thing coming to life, I think I managed to save it. I couldn’t disappoint anyone at dinner with no cheesecake after all.

    I would love to know if you make this cheesecake or intend to in the comments below, its a perfect dinner party treat!

    Until tomorrow,

    Debra-Bow xxx


    This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.