“Removes makeup with just water!”

Can you believe that a little pink cloth (that only cost £1.50) could actually remove a FULL face of makeup? YES, it actually does. I’m not kidding, I’m surprised too.

I picked up the Makeup Remover Cloth whilst browsing my Doncaster Primak beauty section after picking up a bunch of other new products, FYI Primark is seriously SLAYING the beauty world right now. Highlight kits, eyeshadow palettes, glitter palettes, false nails galore and eyelashes for days! I’m seriously rooting for them and how successful and popular they’ve been recently.

I was so surprised to see that Primark had recreated the “The Original Makeup Eraser” cloth which retails at a hefty £15.75. It’s a makeup concept I’ve always been interested to try out but something I’ve never felt comfortable spending on for a small piece of fabric that may not work. That’s why when I got my hands on Primark’s own version of it for less than two quid, I had to tell you what I thought of it. Obviously for £1.50 if it didn’t work I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing out this post right now but then it literally took me by a massive surprise…

It simply states on the packaging to “wet” the cloth, so I rinsed it under some warm water and without removing anything off my face beforehand I took it straight to my face. Literally all I did was swipe it all over my face and I couldn’t believe my eyes the difference. It had removed every speck of makeup from my face, two foundations mixed together, cream contour and highlight, powder, brow pomade AND MASCARA. Before I tried it out I had mixed thoughts that the cloth wouldn’t be able to budge my mascara but it literally did and I can’t BELIEVE IT.

After speaking to a few friends who do own the original makeup eraser it sounds like they work exactly the same, I’m not 100% how but I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the fibres in the cloth. £1.50 or £15.75 for the SAME product, I know which one I’m taking…

I swiped my face across a clean white towel straight after using the makeup eraser which is always a massive risk but nothing came off. I think I said in a previous skin care post but wow, the skincare gods are definitely on my side at the minute. I’ve tested around 5 makeup remover/cleansers in the last 2 months or so and I’ve been so happy with all of them. How on earth am I going to keep up a reputable skincare routine now?

If you’re in your local Primark and see this little gem, I would highly suggest you pick it up and give it a try for yourself. Why stop at one? Get two, maybe three. They’re bloody brilliant. One for the lazy days!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

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