Whilst in the middle of trying to keep the house tidy, do the mountain of laundry that has accumulated since Jonny came home for the weekend from working away and juggling two birthdays, an engagement meal and a house party to attend; I remembered I needed to quickly write a blog post up. AHHH, I need more hours in the day.

I had to search for a little bit of inspiration since I didn’t have a lot of time to write a full in depth blog post product review; I came across the Cosmopolitan Can You Handle This Beauty Edition of Would You Rather? and thought that it would be the perfect post to do with you guys today since it’s quite a fun one! I really didn’t want to spend any amount of time writing a blog post on a product I’ve been testing out as it would have been rushed or felt like it was only half hearted. So! I hope you enjoy this and if you’d like to do the same I would love you to let me know in the comments so I can take a look at your answers!

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Wear foundation five shades too dark OR five shades too light?

Definitely five shades too light, you can fix that with bronzer and contour but if you’re five shades too dark you’ll have to cover your whole body to blend together haha!

Have one eyebrow for a week OR have to apply your lipstick outside of your lips, clown-style for three weeks?

Probably one eyebrow, I don’t think it would be as noticeable as the lipstick choice, but if Miranda can rock it surely I could too?

Eat the contents of a strangers used bioré strip OR exfoliate with someones pedicure foot shavings?

Eeeeek, both of these options are DISGUSTING. I literally can’t answer this, thinking about both make me feel sick.

Have a monobrow OR a moustache?

I really don’t know, it depends how long I would have to deal with either one for!

Have permanent garlic breathe OR everyone around you has garlic breathe?

I would be the one with the permanent garlic breathe because I already LIVE FOR GARLIC!

Wear one hair colour for your whole life OR wear one lip colour for your whole life?

Wear one hair colour, boring I know but I’ll always have dark brown/black hair! Changing your lip colour is much more fun anyway. Nude today? Green tomorrow… HA!

Have a FREE shopping spree in Boots OR have a free shopping spree in MAC?

BOOTS! Definitely Boots, I don’t ever go into MAC anymore anyway, theres so much more out there now in other stores especially since brands are extending what they have available and upping their quality.

Never wash your hair again OR never use deodorant again?

Probably deodorant, because I think you can compensate deodorant for other products such as baby powder and whatnot… I have to wash my hair to feel human!

Have an OTT orange spray tan for one day OR wear OTT bronzer on just one cheek for a week?

Probably a spray tan, my motto for doing embarrassing things or doing something out of your comfort zone in front of people is “you’ll probably never see them again anyway, just do it!” … I might be remembered as the walking tangerine but never mind, I could always cheat and stick at home!

Have hair that stinks of fish OR have skin that feels like sandpaper?

Both of these are disgusting things again, I’ve no idea what I would pick… I would hate to know people are stood in front of me wondering what the hell that smell is but imagine shaking somebody’s hand that is important and them feeling sandpaper-like skin?!

Have permanent eye bogeys OR have food permanently in your teeth?

I guess I could hide food in my teeth a little bit more than visible eye bogeys so probably the teeth!

Get a REALLY bad haircut OR a REALLY bad hair colour?

Hair colour! I would literally be devastated if anybody ever mucked up my hair cut!

Wear vomit scented perfume OR wear a lovely perfume that attracts pigeons?

Eurgh, why is this so hard? I would ideally like a lovely perfume but being attracted by pigeons 24/7? Not sure I could deal with that…

Use lipsticks as concealer OR use concealer as lipstick?

Probably lipstick as concealer as you can use reds, orange/peach and greens for colour correcting concealing!

eeeek, that was fun wasn’t it? There’s some really hard questions but hopefully you’ll have a giggle at some of the strange questions and answers and do the same back!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx