Whilst discovering new bloggers I came across I’m Just A Girl who had recently done a Reverse Bucket List blog post.

The idea of a post like this is to share and celebrate all of the exciting things that you’ve already achieved in life. I really like the idea of this as we’ve all done different things in our short lives so far, when you think of it we’ve got so much to go. Instead of focusing on the future right now, let’s think about the life experiences you’ve already been lucky enough to see and do.

Here’s just a snippet into some of the things I’ve been lucky enough to experience in my 20, almost 21 years. Let me know if you share the same reverse or future bucket list.


I have to put this as my first thing on my bucket list. I’ve been travelling to Thailand every year since I was around three months old. At first we would travel multiple times a year for multiple months and be back and fourth within two countries which was amazing for me growing up as I got to experience two cultures, two families and two languages… Which brings me onto the next one!


Although I may have cheated a little bit on this one, I can speak another language. I didn’t learn it like you do with French, or Spanish in school. I was brought up speaking Thai, and English as a child. Obviously meaning I am fluent in two languages. I often get asked, “how did you learn to speak Thai?!” and I literally have no other answer other than, I learnt to speak Thai the way me and you learnt to speak English growing up. I know no different!


Ten years ago my family and I took a trip to Malaysia, a place we often escaped to during our few months out in Thailand. My Dad, being the keen traveller that he is, always wanted to get up and go somewhere else. Malaysia being one of them. After serving in the RAF and spending a hefty three years deployed in Malaysia its always a place he feels connected to. This particular year, I remember it so well. We visited the airfield where he was based and also visited this snake temple. Small snakes just roamed free in trees and branches scattered all over the temple (obviously safe measure steps have been taken on behalf of the temple). I was absolute frightened and my Mum was brave enough to hold a few whilst we posed for the camera, but its an experience I’ll never forget.


I watched YouTube and read blogs for years before I created my own, almost seven in fact. It was something I always dwelled on and I’m soooooo happy I finally did. Maybe not quite a bucket list choice but one thats worthy of my reverse bucket list.


I was always keen to get on the road really quickly after turning 17 since I had such a big background in the motorsport world and already knowing how to drive… That’s why I pre-booked my theory test for the day I turned 17 and passed and then shortly followed my driving test. Having your license is one of the biggest tickets to independence and freedom you could ever have.


Although I’ve been on holiday with my family, and my boyfriend more times than I could possibly count, I had never been on one with a friend! Recently Izzy and I went to Portugal which was amazing and it was my first proper holiday with a friend which was super fun! If you would like to catch up with everything we got up to you can head to my YouTube here.


After I had been blogging for only six months I was approached (ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!) – scouted, whatever you like to say, by somebody on behalf of Maybelline to feature in an advert which would be on TV, sponsored ads such as YouTube, FB & Instagram for their V Countour Stick duo… Of course I accepted and although I’m only in it for a few seconds its still one of my most exciting accomplishments of my blogging “career” so far.


Well, I say, A… I’ve had a few! But its always something to remember especially in a reverse bucket list.


Together, my boyfriend and I moved out of our parents and its by far one of the best things thats ever happened!


Sounds cliché but I really do think that sharing all of these life experiences, whether its now or then with somebody you truly love is one of the most precious things that could ever happen. Jonathan is my boyfriend but also my best friend and a large part of where my happiness comes from so my reverse bucket list wouldn’t be complete without him being there!

Obviously I’ve only shared a few and not everything thats happened else I would be here FOOOOOOREVER, but hopefully I can do a part two very soon!

Just a quick note, something thats always been on my actual bucket list. I’m doing a sky dive to raise money for Parkinson’s UK in just over two weeks time. You can read all about it here.

Hope you enjoyed this post, something a little bit different!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.
  • Chloe

    Ah this is so awesome! Thanks so much for mentioning me lovely, you’ve done so much in your life! It’s such an awesome way to celebrate all your achievements:) xx

  • I had absolutely no idea about your motorracing background!! Do you have a post on it? If so, please link me up as I’d love to hear more about it! Massive congrats on achieving so much, I love posts like these where people celebrate their achievements! The Maybelline ad is definitely something to be proud of! I would love to visit Thailand one day, it must be awesome to have been brought up bilingual too!

    Abbey 😘

  • This is the perfect blog to read when you first stumble across your blog! You are so adventurous, I wish I had the nerve to do the motor-racing or the sky-dive you are doing! I’d love to know what tattoo’s you’ve got because I always love crushing on peoples tattoos!


  • Confetti & Cashmere

    This is such an amazing idea and Thailand sounds perfect! I sometimes struggle with positivity and forget that I have done so many good things and I should think about or list them so I have something to read back on. Thank you for sharing this! xx

  • Sounds like you’ve had some amazing experiences in your life! I would love to go to Thailand, it looks like such an amazing place. And I always wanted to get a tattoo but I can never decide exactly what I want ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • these are great! I might have to do one of these blog posts myself. Well done on being on the Maybelline campaign that’s a great achievement! xx


  • Stacey

    This is such a nice idea for a post. You’ve had so many fantastic experiences already and you’re still really young. Hope you get to do many more in the future.

  • Aqy✨

    I love reading these reverse bucket list posts. It’s amazing to look back on what you have accomplished so far! Well done on all that you have achieved! xo

  • Rianne Mitchell

    Very nice Debra, you’re lucky to have achieved such nice things with fond memories! Keep going and looking to the future x