Whilst I was recently catching up with an old friend over dinner and some light shopping I came across the Simple brand section in SuperDrug. Although Simple is a well-known skincare brand throughout many homes in the UK, it’s not a brand I often reach for.

I had a good look at what they had to offer and came across two products that I knew I’d like to try out, one being the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing oil, designed to dissolve makeup with no greasy residue. The idea of using an actual oil that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy had me straight away.

When it comes to removing my makeup, I do like to get serious. I’m one of those girls that simply can’t stand hearing that somebody often leaves their makeup on overnight because they “couldn’t be bothered” or were “too tired“. I’ll never be too tired or too lazy to remove my makeup, be good to your skin and everything right?!

I usually like to use a cleansing balm, or a wipe and then further cleanse to remove makeup with a wash, depending how I feel or how much makeup I’ve worn this particular day. So to put it to the test I thought, what better than to try out the cleansing oil for the first time after wearing a full heavy face of makeup.

I removed my eyelashes like normal and then went in with an eye-makeup remover by simple too, which will be up on the blog very soon; and then went in with the cleansing oil. I followed the recommended instructions on the back of the bottle which state, for best results to: 1, apply 2-3 drops to dry hands. 2, massage gently over your face and 3, to rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Before I opened the lid up to the bottle I was a little bit worried that the packaging would have been poorly made and that I wouldn’t be getting 2-3 drops out as suggested by the instructions, but instead a hand full in one go. Much to my surprise, the bottle had been designed to let out a drop at a time, unless squeezed a little harder. Making the whole process much easier. I know in the past I’ve gone to use products and poured way too much product out into my hand which has put me off instantly but this definitely doesn’t.

I then did step 2 and gently massaged the product all over my face, making sure I targeted my neck as well. I rinsed it off with nothing but warm water and did the white towel test…

If you’re a girl and don’t know what the white towel test is, then have you even checked before that you’ve completely removed your makeup? Because so much can be sitting on your skin still which isn’t visible to the eye, so I find its always important to do that extra test and cleanse.

I patted my face down with a white towel and again, much to my surprise, nothing came off. Nothing. Usually at this point on a normal day-to-day makeup removing routine I’ll find that I’ve not done enough to completely remove the makeup and that I need to go back in with either some more product or face wash but absolutely nothing came off.

I did decide to finish by using my Micellar Cleansing Gel wash as I always do after removing makeup and followed with my skincare routine as usual before bed, it gives me that extra bit of confidence that my face is clean even after checking on a towel.


I’m 100% going to be using this as a part of my skincare routine from now on. I really didn’t think that this product was going to work but it did the job it said it would so well. As somebody with naturally oily skin this didn’t make my skin feel even more oily or greasy. It didn’t irritate my skin whatsoever and if anything it left my skin feeling and looking healthier than it usually does.

Since this brand as a whole focuses on creating products for those with sensitive skin its not a product that is likely to interrupt your face. It also contains pure grape seed oil and vitamins A & E which leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Also suitable to be used every single day. Since I don’t wear makeup daily I won’t be using it every day to remove my makeup, but on the days I do, I will be.

For only £6.99 too its so affordable for such a brilliant product to be using to remove your makeup daily. As I mentioned earlier I had purchased it in SuperDrug, where they had a deal on at the time to buy one get one free, so its always worth looking out for what offers are on.

If you’d like to buy the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil you can do so buy clicking HERE.

Whats your favourite product to remove your makeup right now? I’d love to know!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

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