Whilst digging through all the makeup and skin care products in TKMaxx I came across this blackhead remover mask.

The CRÉME shop is a brand I’ve never heard of until finding the strawberry nose 3-step blackhead remover in store. I’m the type of person that loves this sort of mask, especially when its Korean influenced! The product is actually made in Korea, however started off in a humble office tucked away in Downtown, Los Angeles, California.

If you’ve read any of my previous trying Asian beauty products” posts, then you’ll already know I’m a big fan of blackhead masks! Whether they actually work or not, I still like to give them a go. Since my last few mask reviews I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews on these masks stating they don’t actually remove your blackheads, but remove skin, hair (which is expected!) and all of the natural oils needed in your face. OBVIOUSLY, if you’re aware of all this stuff you’d only apply it to areas needed (such as nose, chin and forehead) like I do… Those that apply it as a whole face mask are doing it completely WRONG! 

I find that doing a “blackhead” mask specifically for my nose every 2-3 months really helps the appearance of my skin. It removes a build up of oil, dirt, bacteria and dead skin (all of this which creates the illusion of a black spot, hence the name blackhead).

Anyway, were not here for me to give you a science lesson behind blackheads (I’m in no fit state to give it anyway!)… Lets get onto the product.

The strawberry nose 3-step blackhead remover comes with 3 sets all of which consist of three different masks; hence the name, 3 step blackhead remover.


After cleansing, place pore-prepping strip directly on nose for 15-20 minutes. Remove the strip and discard. Follow immediately with strip no2.

The first step is as easy as placing the strip onto your nose which is similar to a wet-wipe consistency. This step claims to prepare the skin before applying the main nose strip which will remove the blackheads.


Place pore-extracting strip directly on nose for 10-15 minutes. Remove strip and discard. Follow immediately with strip no3.

As soon as I removed the first strip, I applied the second one onto my nose. It’s as simple as pressing it directly onto your skin. The strip is a complete different consistency to the first one, it feels a lot more tougher and over time will dry even harder but sit tight and keep yourself busy until its ready to be removed.


Place pore-minimising strip directly on nose and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Remove strip and discard.

After removing the second nose strip and oohing and arring at all the gunk that has been pulled out of your nose, apply the third one which is designed to close up your pores after the whole treatment.


The last few masks I’ve used have been liquid peel off masks so I was definitely intrigued and excited to use one of the nose strips which isn’t as messy and much easier to use. The whole step-by-step process was super easy and the directions are clear on the packaging (something thats unusual on Korean beauty products!) as its usually in another language. The packaging does include what I presume is Korean as well as English writing, suiting both needs.

The packaging itself is really cute, totally instagram-able if thats what you’re all about. Once you remove the masks from the box itself, each 3-step set is connected to each other meaning theres no confusion over which one you go for next. You simply tear off each mask and use as advised. I think this is a great way to package this product as it makes the whole “pamper night” much more simplistic and less confusing. Nobody wants to stress out about how to use a product when you’re supposed to be getting all zen, am I right?

Once again, the sets themselves have all of the instructions printed on them meaning if you threw away the box you’ll still be good to go in terms of knowing what to do.

I immediately saw results from using this mask. First of all, plenty of dirt and gunk was removed from the step 2 mask and after finishing up with step 3 my nose was left feeling super smooth. In fact I don’t think its ever felt like that. The appearance looked better and all in all I loved the results of using this. Everything about this product is fun and easy and I’m already looking forward to trying it again in a few weeks-months time! Fingers crossed I can pick another one up in TKMaxx (which lets be real, will probably be unlikely as it was by itself and when do you ever go back to that shop and find what you left last time?!)… Perhaps I’ll order online if I can’t find another product to replace it.

Let me know what your favourite pamper product is!

Chat to ya’ soon, Debra-Bow xxx

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  • this packaging looks so cute! I’ve never tried blackhead masks myself but with all the hype I feel like I should!

    G x

  • ADoseOfChatter

    I looove me some Asian skincare products, the packaging is always sooo cute! Beaut pictures, although I really wanted to see how well they pulled out the gunk! Haha

    Love Izzy |

  • Sian…

    I love how easily identifiable that Korean beauty products are; the packaging is super cute and quirky! I’ve always struggled with blackheads but I get them pretty infrequently. I love how self-explanatory this is too! Sometimes I buy beauty products but I have no idea how to use or apply them!

    Sian x

  • Amy Eade

    I’d definitely be interested in these – I have a liquid blackhead mask but like you say that’s so messy – it does work but the black mess puts me off using it haha! These sound much easier and if they work just as well that’s great!
    Amy xx

  • Alisha Valerie.

    These look super cute but I couldn’t find if they were cruelty free sadly, fingers crossed they are. Great post. 🌸💗✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

  • I’ve heard lots of good stuff about Korean beauty products but I’m yet to try anything out! These look fab though, the packaging is just adorable! It’s great to hear that they worked so well at clearing your pores, I’m going to have a rummage in my local TKMAXX! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Abbey 💗

  • Lucy

    This looks so interesting with the 3 steps!!! xxxxxx

  • Holly

    Does it hurt to use? I like nose strips, but I find none of them have enough ‘grip’ if that makes sense! Great post debra!

    Holly x

  • I picked these up from TK MAXX too! They’ve had some really good stuff in ATM! Loving all the Korean skincare they have! I agree that it removes a lot of dirt and also leaves your nose feeling suuuuper smooth! I also picked up a pig nose mask in there which is similar to this with 3 steps! Works wonders! Fab post lovely xxxx
    Rachel |

  • Stacey

    These sounds great. Blackheads are a complete nightmare so I’m always grateful to find new ways to fight them.

  • I’ve seen these in my local TKMaxx and they sound brilliant so I will have to give them a try!

    Kayleigh Zara

  • Charlotte

    These sound great I think they are something which I will have to get for my other half he has really bad blackheads on his nose and it really annoys me. I think I will be off to TKMaxx soon . Is it just me or do you get some thrill when you get a lot of rubbish out of your pores.

    Charlotte x

  • Tasha Louise

    these would be something my boyfriend would love as he has such bad blackheads however i never tend to get them xxxx

  • These sound great but also the packaging is super cute.

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  • Ah TK Maxx, I do love that place. There’s so many gems hidden away but like you said, you can never go back to repurchase! How cute is this product, though? I’m quite interested in Korean beauty products too, and recently suffering from blackheads, especially on my nose. Great review! x