Another makeup remover review, I know! I can’t seem to stay away from them at the minute, but after seeing this SuperDrug own brand hot cloth cleanser I HAD to try it out.

I’m fairly new to hot cloth cleansers, but not new enough that I wouldn’t know if its a good one or not. I started off using the Boots Botanicals cleansing balm which was then discontinued and I’ve since then mainly stuck to using my “comfortable” products that I know work for me when removing makeup.

Whilst searching for the SuperDrug Vitamin E hydrating mist (review will be up soon on this too!) I decided to pick a few other things up from the range as they were so affordable, especially the hot cloth cleanser which only cost £4.99 which is such a bargain for how good it works.

The hot cloth cleanser comes with a large tube of product (200ml) along with a reusable muslin cloth in a cardboard box. It’s designed to remove dirt and makeup whilst providing a gentle exfoliation.

I must admit using this method to remove my makeup is one of my favourites, I love seeing all the dirt and makeup come off on the muslin cloth. It gives me such a sense of relief seeing everything come away!

I decided to stick to my usual routine when trying out a product like this and removed my eye makeup using my H&M eye makeup remover pads which I’ve been loving for quite some time now! It does sate on the packaging of the cleanser that you should avoid direct contact with eyes so I definitely didn’t want to risk having a reaction after recently getting over one whilst trying out an eye makeup remover.

After that, I took myself to the bathroom and soaked the muslin cloth in some warm water. To apply the product itself I simply massaged the cleanser into my face where all of my makeup had been applied and carried on massaging it in until I had covered every inch of my skin. I then rinsed the muslin cloth and started gently swiping it over my face, removing the product and my makeup at the same time.

My very first impression was that I didn’t think it was working. When I looked at the muslin cloth after removing my first bit of makeup I couldn’t understand how there weren’t much colour on the cloth. I carried on anyway, rinsing once or twice in between and at the end of removing all of the product off I wet my face with some water and then took myself to do the towel test. If you read my Simple Cleansing Oil blog post a few days ago, you’ll know what I mean… Again, I used a white towel to check that all of my makeup had been removed and I was SO SURPRISED that not a single bit of makeup came up on the white towel. I’m either having so much luck with the beauty gods or I’ve just had an eye for picking up some freakin’ good products recently. 

Like I had mentioned, it didn’t seem like much colour was showing off on the muslin cloth so I presumed that it wasn’t really taking it off very well but it must have been the product breaking down with the cleansing cream. This time I didn’t actually follow with a normal face wash which is what I usually do after using any makeup removing products as my skin felt so amazing afterwards. This is the cleanser you need. Especially if you can get a little lazy like me. It removes all the dirt and grime whilst leaving your face feeling clean and refreshed.

 I’m not really sure how it took me quite so long to find a product like this as it’s probably been right in front of my eyes for such a long time! Absolute god send and perfect to use after a day or night of heavy makeup. It really does make my skin feel amazing when removing my makeup and thats only after a few uses!

It’s also dermatologically approved, suitable for vegetarians/vegans and rich in natural Vitamin E. SuperDrug, you’re doing something right!

As an example, the SuperDrug hot cloth cleanser is £4.99 for 200ml worth of product and a higher end product, the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish hot cloth cleanser is £14.00 for 100ml worth of product. I know which one I’ll be using on a more every day basis! Think of the money you could save! To add, I do have the Liz Earle cleanser, and love it but I try and hold onto it and refrain from using it every single time I remove my makeup!

I’ve really enjoyed discovering some new products this last few weeks whilst trialling things out for every day blogging in May. I didn’t realise how many face wash/cleansers I’ve picked up but at least I know that not one of them has let me down! Hopefully the variation of product formulas (gel, oil and cream cleanser) will all give you an idea of what product is right for you to try out next!

You can purchase the SuperDrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser in store or HERE.

Until tomorrow, Debra-Bow xxx

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