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    Whilst searching through SuperDrug and getting my weekly fix (ha!) I remembered that there was actually something I needed (and not just wanted!) for once.

    My hair for the last few weeks has been feeling a little bit dry and looking a little bit dull. If you know me you’ll know that one of my most pointed out feature is my hair. Always the hair. I guess its nice to have something that people really like, I mean; I did spend years growing it myself and all. Ha, give up Debra you’ll never be funny. So naturally, taking care of it needs to become a priority.

    I also don’t use heat on my hair which sometimes makes my hair look a bit frizzy since I very rarely style it. So thats when I thought that a hair masque MAY save me! I headed over to the hair section in SuperDrug and started searching all of the hair masques; I’m not massively clued up when it comes to hair products so to me, the cheapest and the nicest looking one usually does good enough for me. All I knew is I wanted my damaged looking hair to look silky smooth again. I opted for two hair masques, one that I’ve not tried yet and another that is the TRESemme BREAKAGE DEFENCE restructuring treatment masque.

    Here’s where I got a little bit confused; When I’m preparing to write a blog post I tend to open up the product in a separate tab so I can get a little bit of product background information, price, etc. The first product that came up using my search was the TRESemme Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment, and further to investigation the lovely Lauren from laurenthedaydreamer.co.uk figured out that it has just had a little bit of a rebrand/makeover. Plus, the brilliant customer service over on their Twitter help account confirmed that I had simply purchased the new updated packaging and that they would update their site as soon as possible. So, were good to go!

    After picking up the masque on what I hoped to be my last sick day at home during a little bit of a down time with my health I put it to the back of my drawers and told myself I’d test it out at the weekend. Much to my disapproval, I ended up home again the following day so thought today was the day! I needed to pamper myself and I’d try out the masque at the same time.

    The masque is aimed to use on weak and prone to breakage hair, which is something I felt my mine was like right now. Perfect right?! 

    I followed the instructions as written on the tub of product which states to start with a shampoo (of course they recommend their own, which I already use anyway!) and then squeeze out any excess water. Apply evenly from the mid-lengths to the very ends of your hair and use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to brush your hair whilst the product is still in it to detangle. Leave it on for a further 3-5 minutes and then rinse off and style as normal.

    I did exactly this and then brushed my hair once more when I came out of the shower. This time I didn’t wrap my hair up in a towel and let it sit on top of my head like I usually do but I let it air dry with a towel sat on my shoulders to prevent my clothes from getting damp. Like I said above, I rarely use heat on my hair which does include a hair dryer. Most times I wash my hair I leave my hair to air dry and its left feeling (and looking) frizzy and is always tough to brush… I didn’t realise how awful that felt until using this new hair masque.

    Whilst my hair was drying I could run my fingers through my hair all the way from the scalp to the ends, something that isn’t easy to do on a normal routine. Fast forward around eight hours later, my hair is completely dry and still as smooth and soft to brush and run my fingers through as it was when I first came out of the shower. The scent has lingered on my hair (which FYI is great!) and it already looks really healthy. I genuinely feel like my normal hair has been restored, FINALLY!

    It’s now the second day and I’ve only brushed my hair once today; my hair still feels soft, looks healthier than normal and I can even run my fingers through it without getting stuck and thats a full working day that has passed since brushing my hair!

    There isn’t a recommended usage for this masque but I think I can get away with using it once a week as thats roughly how often I wash my hair (don’t judge me until you have to deal with 3ft worth of thick hair!). Hopefully I’ll be left with lovely soft hair all week long!

    As a first impressions I’m really impressed with this, especially how affordable it is. When I purchased it in SuperDrug in store it cost a mighty £2.73 on offer, reduced from £5.49 for a tub of 500ml worth of product. It’s a pretty big tub of product too considering the size of other hair masque’s! Even at full price its well worth purchasing, as if its used once a week its going to take quite some time to get through.

    If you’d like to purchase this you can do in store or click HERE.

    In around a weeks time when I wash my hair again I’ll be sure to try out the other hair masque that I picked up (I’ll save the name of it until then) and do a comparison on how it compares to a well known brand like TRESemmé.

    I hope you enjoyed a haircare post for once, it makes a change to the typical makeup posts I often share!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

     This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.