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    Shake ‘N Burger is a brand new restaurant located in the Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster. The American style diner officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday the 1st of June however the day before I was lucky enough to attend a soft opening where I had the opportunity to taste their menu.

    I was asked at what time I would like to arrive for in which I chose 6:30, so bang on time I arrived with my plus one, my best friend from school (and one of my biggest supporters) Kayley.

    Our first impressions of the restaurant whilst approaching Shake ‘N Burger was how well dressed the exterior of it looked. The main sign is made up of big lights with an inviting entrance and once “inside” we were greeted with a very friendly hello and taken over to our table.

    Once we sat down at our table, where the cutlery were in tins, salt & pepper at one end and a drinks menu slipped in between; the waiter put down a food menu down in front of us both and advised us that service was self serve by ordering food and beverages at the till. This came at a little bit as a surprise for me as I thought with how many members of staff walking around that it would be table service.

    We got our head down and scanned the short, but quite sweet menu for what we would like to eat and drink. I’ll add now that there wasn’t much of a vegetarian option other than a cheese and mushroom burger. This could be a massive disadvantage to those that don’t enjoy mushroom’s (a lot of people!) but I tried to understand that the aim of this restaurant was more (meat) burger focused.

    There wasn’t a massive great deal to choose from off the menu, but enough for someone that does enjoy burgers, chicken, meat and hot dogs. Along side those things were also 10 options of sides, 6 toppers to “shake up your burger” and 6 different extra dips you could choose from. I ended up ordering the vegetarian option, since I’m a vegetarian; obviously. Whilst Kayley chose one of the butter chicken burgers.

    Moving on from the food menu and onto the beverage menu; there were SO MUCH to choose from when it came to drinks! Milkshakes (including alcoholic ones), cocktails, mocktails, unlimited soft drinks etc. If you’re fussy with what you like to drink then you’ll have no issues with the huge variety at Shake ‘N Burger. Kayley went for the bottomless drink whilst I went for one of the mocktails.

    Whilst waiting for the food and drinks I snapped away trying to capture as much of the American diner style interior as possible as its personally one of my favourite “fast food” types of style.

    The food came over within a good time frame and placed down in front of us by the waiters (which were verrrrrry friendly throughout the whole meal!). I’ll have to point out now, I absolutely hated the trays the food came in. They were light wooden trays, which I guess is great for storage and whatnot but they had groves going through the middle making it hard for people like me that prefer using cutlery when a burger is usually too big to try and eat with my hands. My knife, fork and food kept slipping in between making it really fiddly and quite annoying to eat from. I would 100% prefer something a bit less “faffy” as most of Doncaster would probably describe it. Since I’ve studied food and all of the hygiene behind it I would also suggest that using something like this tends to harbour bacteria and can never be as clean as it looks; so after a few uses would probably be no good… this does however depend on what they’ve (if) done to prevent such a thing.

    We both thoroughly enjoyed our burger, both made with nice fresh bread and ingredients! (Still a little bit disappointed at this point that all they had to offer to a vegetarian like myself was a mushroom with some salad topped with cheese in a bun!). The chips on the other hand, were wayyyyy too over cooked – something that was clearly the kitchen teams fault that were working that day, dependant whether they’ve pre-cooked and re-heated or whether they just left it sitting too long whilst cooking. I could tell instantly when the food was put in front of us that the chips wouldn’t be my favourite, but its something I’m hoping changes when I visit next time, which I do intend to do.

    Like I’ve previously said, the service throughout the whole visit was extremely friendly and polite. Our waitress of the day checked on us and asked us how the food was more than 5 times which did stick out to me like a sore thumb after the third time. Call me picky, but we had to pause eating our food on way too many occasions to reply to our waitress which did feel quite disrupting. I did take a thought though that perhaps the waitress was new to industry and that nerves were making her check on us way too much. I’d like to think that when the restaurant is a little bit more full on a normal working day that the staff are too occupied with other tables to worry too much about one and how they are.

    The whole restaurant was clean and tidy and we both really enjoyed our experience there. Shake ‘N Burger actually replaced Ed’s Diner which was previously there for a very short amount of time; I had previously dined in there too and the service was one of the worst I had ever experienced! Luckily enough though SNB have turned the restaurant around by putting their own touch on the place (but keeping certain things too!) including blanking out the windows that look out into the shopping centre. I was never a fan of the windows all being clear before when it was Ed’s Diner as by-passer’s could look right into the restaurant and watch you eat, sometimes causing a few awkward moments when you look up with a mouth full of food and somebody is staring at you.

    We finished the evening with a warm brownie and left the restaurant with a big smile on our face!

    Our overall experience at Shake ‘N Burger was fairly positive and I’ll definitely be returning for another visit! I would brand it as a fast food restaurant, in a way that you have to get up and order your own food at the till, the menu is really broken down and small and that the food comes out quickly as though it was fast food inspired. Perfect for people spending a day shopping at the Frenchgate Shopping Centre and after a quick meal before returning to their spending.

    If you’re from Doncaster and will be visiting Shake ‘N Burger please let me know what you think in the comments below!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.