A Life Update (It’s Not That Exciting!)

I wish that I was writing this post with loads of excitement and so much to share with you but I don’t think I do. It’s not as negative as it sound’s either so stick with me!

The last few months have been a little bit of a whirlwind, you might have noticed that after blogging everyday in May my blog posts took a step back and I didn’t upload barley a week’s worth of content compared to a months worth the month before.
I’ve already wrote about my experience sky diving to raise money for Parkinson’s UK (you can read it hereso I’ll only touch on it here for those that already know all about it or aren’t interested in a huge write up. BUTTTTT, I jumped out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet and raised £725.00 for Parkinson’s UK. A charity that I feel is close to my heart after losing my Uncle who suffered from a long battle of Parkinson’s disease. It was one of the best experiences of my life and one I’ll never forget, I’m still re-watching the video almost every day to re-live it. Thank you to everyone that supported my day, sent me good luck wishes and even donated to my fundraising. Let’s get planning the next one, eh?

I took time to enjoy my twenty-first birthday, surrounded by my family and friend’s at home. I’ll admit, I had planned to share the whole day and evening on my YouTube channel and on my blog, but with guests coming from different corners of the country to stay over especially for my day – thinking about a camera wasn’t the number one priority. I’ll still try and rope together a post with the few photos of actual birthday things (such as props, food, decor etc!) but most of them were pictures with everyone that came along.

I have to mention the friend’s that travelled to spend my birthday with me. I had friend’s drive and jump on the train from Plymouth, Portsmouth and Telford. Not forgetting friend’s a little bit closer, but still a drive away from Wakefield and Scunthorpe. I would 100% make the journey for each and every individual friend with an invite to celebrate something with them but sometimes you forget that people would actually do the same for you too. Seeing all of my friend’s at our home especially for me meant more than anybody could have ever imagined it did. Most of my friend’s are all individual, and not a part of a group. There’s a story behind every friend that was with me this day, whether they travelled 3 miles or 300. So imagine walking round the corner to realise that they’re all sat together, talking, sharing stories, mingling. It made me feel so full of love and I can honestly say that it was the best birthday celebration I had ever had in the whole 21 years of birthdays. Thank you to those that will be reading this, I love you so much.

Not that its a HUGE deal (ok it kinda is), but I’ve finally had the opportunity to meet a few local bloggers and attend some fantastic events. Less than a year ago I hadn’t been to a single event, that wasn’t a surprise though as I hadn’t been blogging for very long by this point but once I started getting invitations they were all in different towns and cities where blogger communities are much bigger which was all just as exciting but going to these places usually meant that people already knew each other. I was firstly invited to an event at The Botanist, an amazing bar/restaurant in Sheffield (located in a few different places too!) to sample their new summer cocktail menu along with a master class and plenty of nibbles and then secondly, I attended the Meadowhall Ladies night as part of the blogger/press team with an amazin’ bunch of people. I met a new friend out of it, who I’ve spent a lot of time since talking to which is bloody fantastic if I do say so myself.

The last few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time at home. Whether that be with Jonny on the weekend when he’s finally home from work and we can both relax together; or finishing work and doing things around the house. We’ve been in our beautiful home now for almost a year and if you live by yourself too you’ll know that cupboards get messy, the spare bed becomes a laundry pile before it’s finally distributed into your wardrobes (or you pick something to wear) and a lot of things have needed my magic cleaning touch to it! I’d like to say we’ve got everything the way we want it in terms of room organisation, decor and whatnot but theres still a few more bit’s to do before Christmas quickly comes along again at the end of the year… saying that, why do we always want things done before Christmas? 

So, because I’ve had clothes to put away, cupboards to organise, things to throw away, admin to do – my blog had taken a little bit of a back step. After blogging everyday in May I seemed to lose my interest and excitement into writing. I ABSOLUTELY loved writing and publishing everyday for a full month, and do not regret it whatsoever because it felt like I had a purpose, something to do each day – even though I had plenty of other things to do too. It gave me more of a push, and so much more motivation… that when I stopped to relax it felt, a bit strange? That’s exactly why I’m preparing right now, a schedule and plenty of blog posts for the future. Whether that be blogging everyday in a month or just a weekly upload. Being busy is obviously no excuse, because you find the time to do things you love or enjoy. I found so much time to chill on the sofa and watch a film, to go out for a meal, to sit and talk to a friend for two hours, but I just didn’t have the excitement to sit down and write a post that I felt happy with; I always say that I’ll never write or post something I’m not content with, especially if its only half hearted. Blogging is something I do as a hobby, no matter where it takes me in life, the amazing opportunities, its still the little online place I created because I enjoy writing and seeing the words appear on the screen in front of me, talking about all of the things I have so much passion for.

A quick mention about my new blog theme! Although I’ve already had it installed for a few weeks and you might have already had a peak, I’ve finally updated my blog for the first time since I launched it in November 2015. I stuck with my trusty theme from PipDig for such a long time, and really loved it, them, and the service they provide; but I was ready for something new.
I didn’t quite want to pay the price at the time for a PipDig theme so managed to find a little Etsy store by Sheilla Hendriks named SheShoppes. They create beautiful “feminine” WordPress themes and digitals. The theme I went for was one named Bella Banana and was so easy to instal. Sheilla helped me on more than one occasion, and although I thanked her over and over every time she was more than helpful and inviting. I couldn’t have picked a better person to have purchased a theme from. Talking about the theme, it was exactly what I had visioned in my mind and it brought my blog together all over again; not forgetting that it was more than half of the price of another theme I was looking at on another site. Thank you so much Sheilla for being so brilliant!! If you would like to check out SheShoppes for a WordPress theme (and maybe favourite their shop!) you can click the link here.

I wanted to touch on this because its been such a big part of my life for the last few weeks, especially this weekend. I’m currently having a few health issues, mainly surrounding my sciatic nerve. Around a year and a half ago, I’m not sure exactly when – I started suffering from a pain in my very lower back (pretty much my bottom) that travelled towards the right of my body, downwards. At first, it was after hours of being on my feet or walking around, and wouldn’t effect me as bad. Then it became more regular and would show up almost every weekend, and then it got to the point where it was happening every time I spent more than an hour stood up.

On Christmas day, the first Christmas spent in our new home; I spent the morning cooking for our family, by the evening; after cooking for almost 10 people, cleaning all of the pots, pans, plates and wine glasses away and re-organising the dining table and the house from all of the rubbish left over from cooking and opening presents, I sat down on the sofa and cried in pain. I had never felt anything like it and knew I had to get in touch with my doctor immediately. They didn’t open for a few days since it was the Christmas period but when I finally spoke to someone I managed to get an appointment where they told me it was probably muscular and to go home and do a few exercises and I’d be right as rain again.

Around two months passed and the pain was not getting any better, I booked in with my regular doctor this time who immediately picked up on an issue and sent me for physiotherapy where it was confirmed I was suffering with a mild case of sciatica. I obviously went through the next few months attending my sessions where the physiotherapist worked on the area I had an issue with… walking away from each appointment feeling more tired, more pained and more upset that it was probably never going to get better. (It obviously will eventually but that’s how I felt!) – This last week I spent everyday in pain, finding it uncomfortable to sit down on a chair, the sofa, lay down on my bed and even stand up. I’m pretty much uncomfortable and in pain with everything I do. I’m now awaiting an MRI scan for a suspected slipped disc, and once we know for sure I can hopefully be on the real mend to recovery.

I’ve spent the weekend crying in so much pain, and my wonderful boyfriend has got me through it by helping me along the way which I’m so thankful for… not that he ever reads my blog posts. haSince being laid up most of the weekend, all I’ve done is want to get on my laptop and be in the mood to write but with my pain changing all the time I’ve found it incredibly tough to stay in one place or position with my laptop at a time. Luckily, whilst writing this I’ve somehow managed to get my pain under slight control whilst I have have my feet up finally writing to you.

Like I said, it wasn’t really exciting BUT those of you that do keep up to date with my blog will now understand what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. I have some real bloody exciting products to share in the next few weeks that I’ve been testing out recently so I’ll see you once again very soon.

I love you, and my blog so much.

Lots of Love. Deb xxx