Summer has finally come around once again, and if you didn’t already know; so has the kids school holidays. Not that it bothers me too much as we don’t have kids, but when you’re looking to book a holiday as a couple to go abroad during a strict time frame – kids holidays interfere.

As some of you will already know, my boyfriend J works away; meaning that we only get weekends together and whenever he gets Easter, Summer and Christmas leave. If it happens that is. You see, we can’t pre-book a holiday, or plan in advance, you know, just in case. So as soon as he get’s the green light that his leave will go ahead its all aboard to find a holiday. BUTTTT, that’s where the “six week holidays” for schools cross over with booking a holiday, especially in August. If you haven’t already guessed, holidays are almost a quarter more expensive during this time frame than they are a few weeks after, when children go back to school. I’ve spent hours getting stressed over destinations, prices, if its even worth it and in the end come up with a much more sensible solution. I mean, it might not be sensible IF the weather doesn’t go to plan.

We’re going on a road trip! 

It could be a good idea, or it could be an absolute disastrous idea. It all depends on whether the English weather is on our side. I decided this after seeing an amazing video of Kynance Cove in Cornwall. People were actually swimming in the sea, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? The weather was ACTUALLY warm enough for people to brave the English channel. It made me think, what if we spent our week dedicated to going on holiday, visiting locations around the UK that we both want to explore and have said repeatedly that we wanted to visit one day… The timing couldn’t be better and we would never fit these places in on a two day weekend which is J’s only time off when most of these places are towards the south of the country and we’re in the middle; so August it is. It might entail quite a lot of driving, but I LOVE driving, I love road trips, and I love my boyfriend’s company (there would be a problem if I didn’t though, right?) Plus I not long got a new car and it will be so fun to drive it around the country.

We’re not completely sure on the exact places that we want to visit yet but we know that Bath and Brighton is 100% on there… Kynance Cove is around 7 hour’s away from where we live, and from there a further six hours to Brighton. So as much as we want to visit there it might have to be one that’s crossed off the list until another week off. Durdle Door is another sight that I’d love to see but I’m sure whatever we decide and what route we plan you’ll know all about it in a future post or video.


Preparing for a road trip this big is KEY. We will be covering OVER 1,000 miles during this week, in fact; nearing 2,000. So there’s some important steps to take prior to making this long journey. Ya’ know, like an awesome playlist full of sing along songs, a bag full of snacks that definitely aren’t slimming world friendly, or any diet friendly in that matter, some comfortable clothes to drive in, and whilst on that topic; planning countless outfits to ensure we’re ready for plenty amounts of photo opportunities. Well, obviously theres some more important things than all of these too…

You wouldn’t believe it, since we live in a country that mostly brings us cold and dull weather; but when you take on such drives during the summer weather a lot of people miss important steps to ensure that they’re driving safely in the heat, yourself and your car included. SO, I thought I’d share some of the steps that I WILL be taking, and that you should take on your next road trip too.

A lot of the following are self explanatory but in case you didn’t know about some of these steps I decided to share a little bit extra along side them.

Make sure you take plenty of water on a long journey with you. It also comes in handy if you need to top up your water or windscreen wash. Trust me, I’ve been in that position where I’ve had no choice but to spend double on a big bottle of water just to sort my car out in a motorway services.
Wearing eye protection is another one that we probably do choose without thinking, and sometimes forget about too. The sun during the summer months can cause a bright glare and reduce your ability to see whilst driving. Taking such a small step could make your romantic drive into the sunset a little bit easier. I’ve got some prescription sunglasses so I don’t have to double up (shamelessly done this in the past!).
Make sure you’re having sensible breaks during your long trip, I tend to stop every 2-3 hours and stay for around 20 minutes.

It should be common sense for any car owner to know that you must regularly check your oil and water, so don’t forget to do this before a long journey. I once set off for my six hour drive to Plymouth forgetting to do this and whilst I remembered and stopped before I got on the motorway, my oil was quite low so I had to spend an extra half an hour feeling confused in the supermarket at which oil to buy.
I can’t sweat enough how important it is to keep check on your tyres. If they’re already damaged or the pressure is incorrect, the higher temperature during the summer heat can increase your chance of having a blow out. Don’t forget that in some cases your pressure may need to be increased depending on the load you’re carrying. If on the other hand you’re looking for new car tyres, point S have various options on their website where you can choose your vehicle model and enter your post code to then show you where your nearest fitting centre is for your tyres. I’ve been keeping this handy in my phone notes in case I need tyre assistance in another town where I’m not familiar with local garages.

These are just some of the steps I find myself doing prior to long journeys, I drive to Plymouth quite regularly to visit family so I’ve gotten myself in a routine of ensuring everything is in top shape beforehand. Obviously, its not exactly the most exciting part of your road trip, but neither would be standing on the side of the motorway because you had failed to spot a sign before. I’m already excited to just get these steps out of the way because it will mean its close to road trip time!

I’m obviously more excited though to get things planned, like the route that we will be taking, outfits for the week away and obviously some new sunglasses. Linked below are a few items on my wish list for the trip!

Are you going on holiday or taking a road trip this year? What’s the most important part of your trip? I’d love to know!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx
P.s – If you made it this far, I’m proud of you and quite grateful that you managed to read all of this. I’ve realised whilst writing this post that I definitely ramble on a little bit but that’s just me! I’m so excited to share more of my summer journey and build up the lifestyle category of my blog this year x

*This blog post is sponsored by Point S, however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.