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    I’M SHOOK | Manny MUA x Jeffree Star

    I’ll admit, it has taken me a very long time to purchase something from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, yep, cosmetics. I’m not going to talk about buying something directly from Jeffree, the creator behind the brand; because I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m a fan of him – when I’m not.

    I’ve tried to enjoy the content he creates on YouTube, but I just don’t. That’s totally ok though, just like you, and me; we all like and dislike certain people or things, it’s personal preference. It’s not that I dislike a particular person, more that I’ve not been interested in trying to. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve probably watched videos and enjoyed them, but I’ve also watched some and not enjoyed them too. I didn’t want to write something like this in the beginning of a post, but since there is big like, and dislike within certain topics I didn’t want anybody reading this to think that I support something, or don’t support something if I completely ignored it.So here is MY review of the I’m Shook Velour Liquid Lipstick from a non-J* fan.

    After spending a lot of my free time scrolling up and down Facebook, searching for something interesting to fill my evenings up with; I found a makeup group, although I’ve been on it for quite some time now its taken me just this long to finally get a product from one of the most talked about brands on there. Like I’ve already said above, I’m not a fan of Jeffree* – but I do enjoy Manny MUA’s content; that being said, when they decided to bring some bits out together I knew I would end up caving. Especially when I saw the shade I’m Shook.

    As well as the I’m Shook Velour Liquid Lipstick, they brought out Daddy: a cool tone medium brown and a skin frost highlighter. As much as I do like a nude (ha), I knew this shade wouldn’t work for me because of my skin tone, so I made the right decision and went for the burnt red toned coral shade, I’m shook. Did I already tell you which shade I got? (inserts laughing face emoji)

    I’m not sure what really came over me, as one minute I was scrolling through Facebook with a cup of tea in hand, and the next I had just become the owner of my first official Jeffree Star product (I do own a pre-loved Skin Frost that I got off a friend but it’s slightly too light for me) but the excitement was real. I managed to hold off for quite some time before ordering this after it had been released, and in a way I’m glad that I waited and didn’t splurge on the whole collection, as I don’t think it would have been a great decision. Think of texting your ex on a drunk night out type regret. Nothing against the products, but the shades just wouldn’t have sat well on me.
    I chose to order from BeautyBay as I had caught a lucky hour where the lipsticks had come back into stock and the next day the latest addition to my makeup collection arrived on my doorstep. Kudos to BeautyBay as they get a lot of sh*t – I’ve never ever had an issue with them. The lipstick comes in at £16.00; which if you know your makeup stuff, is a good price to pay; a little bit on the higher end scale of things, but still ok for a lipstick. My most expensive lipstick actually comes in from BeautyBakerie at £18.00 a pop (more to come!).

    I think the price is something I’ve always been a little bit wary about, what if I get hooked on these lipsticks and have to buy the entire collection at sixteen quid a time?! I do like to think I’ve got a bit of a filter on my makeup habits though. I mean, so many people were raving about the velour liquid lipsticks so I had to be missing out on something, right?


    I did wait a few days to try this out until I had the perfect makeup look to pair it with, and I’m glad I waited because this lipstick honestly took me by complete surprise. Firstly, the packaging is so cute. I much prefer this size bottle than the thin long ones (i.e. colourpop). Secondly, I was a little bit concerned about the applicator shape to begin with but I worked with it really well and THIRDLY: the consistency of the product was nothing like I expected.

    I don’t know what gave me the impression, but from the look of the products in the lipstick tubes I thought that the product would be really heavy and thick; but once I tried it on my lips I couldn’t believe how lightweight this felt on my lips. It honestly felt so comfortable and easy to wear. I knew straight away that the product would be highly pigmented, but I thought it would be to the extremity that it wouldn’t look natural on your lips – but this product was pigmented whilst looking natural all the same.This obviously doesn’t speak for all of the other lipsticks, as sometimes consistency and ingredients change to be able to create the desired colour shade BUT, I’m Shook ticks all the boxes for me. Well, maybe not all – if you want me to be extremely picky, I could tell you that without a lip liner this colour will start to bleed, but thats only natural with a shade like this. I have found two lip liners I love pairing this lipstick with, one from Primark and one from New Look which stop the lipstick from causing too much damage early on. 100% kissable like it says in the description and extremely long wearing. I wore this lipstick out for a meal with plenty of food and drink and I still went home looking like I was selfie ready.

    I’m not quite ready to say I’m fully converted, but I do love this lipstick and I’ll probably miss it if I run out – but we will see.

    I would love to know what you think about Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.