I haven’t done a monthly favourites post for such a long time now, I find that I much prefer watching monthly favourite videos to blog posts but this month I’m feelin’ it. That’s why I’ve decided to share a mid August favourites post with you. I’m obsessed with a huge mixture of things so look forward to a range of makeup, skincare and a bunch of miscellaneous objects and maybe people… to finish it off. So, I’m not going to ramble on in the beginning of the post and get right into it because you know me, this is going to be long. Enjoy!

Charlie Body Spray | SuperDrug £1.69 (currently on offer for 89p)
I don’t know about you, but some days I just don’t want to pick up a bottle of perfume and spray it when I’m only heading to work, or just nipping out to the supermarket; but I also don’t want to not spray something. For the last few months I’ve re-discovered what feels like my childhood favourite, Charlie Body Sprays! I remember being at school, surrounded by girls in the toilet’s; passing round their body spray and it always smelt amazing… I must have felt like I grew out of it but I’m so happy to have rediscovered it again! The scents are all amazing and they linger on your clothes long enough to keep you smelling nice throughout the day. My particular favourites are the Peach Passion, Red and the Black body spray. SuperDrug always have offers on as well meaning they are always SOOO affordable, currently only 89p! You can shop them here.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Overnight Purifying Gel | £14.95
This mask is AMAZING, I’m currently obsessed with using this 1-2 times a week and waking up to see how different my skin looks the next day. I’ve previously expressed my love for other Nip+Fab products (extreme night pads & contour palette) – and I love this just as much as those. This overnight “mask” literally transforms my skin; I apply it a few times a week before bed and wake up with my skin looking bright, smooth and most importantly any problematic areas I had the night before: VANISHED. This stuff works wonders for my skin and has been a firm favourite for quite some time now! I’m planning a full review so we can talk a little bit more in-depth about this. SuperDrug always have offers on Nip+Fab too where its currently half priced. You can shop it here.

Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner | £6.00
A hair favourite, woohoo! I’ve already written a full review on this shampoo and conditioner duo – due to be published soon, but I just couldn’t miss it out from this favourites post. It’s actually brought my hair back to life and its made me fall back in love with my hair, and hair care again! I don’t want to spoil the review, so keep an eye out for that and until then, trust my opinion: its amazing. You can find it in most local supermarkets, superdrug, boots and wilkos’ etc.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation | £5.70
I don’t need to repeat everything I’ve already said in my previous blog post about this incredible and extremely affordable foundation by The Ordinary (you can read it HERE!!). I’m still using and really enjoying this foundation though so once again, I couldn’t miss it out. All the details on how you can purchase it and my full thoughts can be viewed by clicking here.

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookies Pouch | £1.65
I did say that I have a bunch of very random miscellaneous things to share with you, and this is one of them! Who doesn’t love warm chocolate chip cookies… especially when you barely have to use any effort to make them. This chocolate chip cookies pouch has been a family favourite for years, and for the first time since moving out of my parents I decided to pick this up and it reminded me why I loved it so much before. Paired with some standard vanilla ice cream and my nights sorted. LOVE LOVE LOVE this, a favourite, always. 

My CAR | priceless to me
Ok, so definitely a random one… but its been around six months since I got my new car and I’ve recently fell in love with it all over again. I don’t speak about my love for cars much on my blog but I’ve grown up in a family surrounded by motorsports and fun fact: I’ve been able to drive since I was around 12 because of my love and passion for stock car racing. I’ll go into a more in-depth post about that and my experience another time, but because of this it means that my road car is super important to me. After a long drive to London to spend the weekend at SITC last weekend I had a slight mishap when I got a flat tyre on the motorway. If you’ve been following my Instagram story you’ll know all about it however it all ran smoothly and we had it changed and back on the road within twenty minutes.

I think because of this it just made me realise how much I love my car… especially after returning home and getting the completely torn apart tyre replaced (which BTW, was because a piece of metal flew up and slashed it – absolutely unpreventable!). I’ve since come home and treat it like an absolute baby with a full tank of fuel, a trip to the hand car wash and a compulsory new air freshener. Next on the list to be ticked off within the next few months is getting it serviced. As a general “rule of thumb” you should get your car serviced every 12,000 miles or 12 months – which ever comes first. For me, and all of my road/business trips and travelling around, 12,000 miles will soon approach me before owning my new car for twelve months. Crazy right, I bet you didn’t think I did that much on the road! If you’re in or around the same part of the country as I am you can get car servicing in Wakefield from Ossett Tyre House. They offer a range of services including tyres, MOT testing, servicing, bodywork and security. Everything you could need all in one place!

Lucy Freeman from LucyLovesBeautyxo | PRICLESS!
Can you tell that we have a slight occurring theme of priceless things, and people? I know that this absolute wonderful human will read this post and will be reading every word of this right now without telling her “I mentioned you in my blog post!” because she is one of the most supportive people that I have ever been blessed with in my whole entire life. Lucy is something special and I’m holding her very close. I don’t need to sit here and write about all of the special pointers because anybody that knows her or has the privilege to speak to her, and better yet; get to know her like I have will know why I’m talking about her. Not only is she a beautiful genuine, supportive person, she runs a fantastic little blog too… Lucy deserves a lot more recognition and I think you should be the one that gives her that! You can read her blog HERE and say hello to her on Twitter HERE. I love ya’ Lucy, you’ve listened to my endless rants and open about 100 messages from me a day telling you all about the random things that have just happened. I’m so thankful to have become friends with you!

Thats right about everything for this months favourites, I have so much more I can talk about but apparently my blog posts like to turn into full assignments more than a quick read… so if you made it this far, WELL DONE! If you haven’t, well ya’ missed out didn’t you?

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

*This blog post is sponsored by Ossett Tyre House, however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.