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    If you’re anything like me, or any of the other beauty obsessed people out there in the world, you’ll already know that The Ordinary came  out with their own foundation not too long ago. The beauty world went crazy (naturally) and I’ve been trying to get my hands on the right shade ever since. Last week I finally managed to get myself one out of two of the foundations in the correct shade after turning on email updates for quite some time… I got the exciting email one afternoon to notify me that my shade had come back in stock and RAN TO THEIR ONLINE STORE. Well I didn’t run, obviously, but I stopped what I was doing and went over to Deciem to order my shade before it disappeared again. In the middle of all the excitement, I forgot that there was infant two different types of foundations and only ordered one, the Serum Foundation. So, that being said; keep your eyes peeled for another review in the near future featuring the Coverage Foundation.

    I won’t go too much into too much detail about the serum foundation since there is SOOOOO MUCH information about it on the site, so if you’d like to find out more you can click, here.

    Deciem is like the mother of all things skincare, they own and operate over 10 brands – the Ordinary being one. Once the email came through to notify me that my shade had come back into stock (yaaay!) I went straight onto the site to get ordering. After placing my order and sticking with standard delivery (£4.99) on a Tuesday afternoon, my order arrived on Thursday morning,

    I absolutely cannot fault the delivery and ordering service from Deciem, although the shipping feels a little bit pricey, I thought that including that with the price of the foundation itself still made it pretty cheap and affordable. Also, please be aware that Deciem are receiving a lot of orders so once you place your order there may be a slight delay; luckily enough for me there wasn’t.THE PRODUCT ITSELF – THE SERUM FOUNDATION
    My first impressions were slightly mixed, I was confused initially the bottle felt so small but after mentioning it to Izzy she told me that 30ml is the standard size of a foundation bottle; since different brands use different packaging its always hard to tell that every bottle of foundation actually holds (likely) the same amount of product. Some use more packaging, some don’t. This explains feeling confused at such a small bottle when it arrived but now I’ve got used to picking it up and using it, its not bothered me since.

    I had already done my makeup when it arrived on my doorstep so had to wait a few days to play with it, but once I did… I knew it was worth the wait, the hype, everything. BTW, before we carry on – this foundation is: Alcohol, oil, nut, gluten, soy AND cruelty FREE. Not to mention it’s also vegan. Well done Deciem.

    After applying two pumps of the product to the back of my hand I found that it was quite runny, so decided to use my Morphe M439 brush to apply it; I thought that a damp sponge would be a little bit too wet, which it was. I’ve used this multiple times now since it arrived and I’ve found that applying it with any type of foundation brush, mainly a buffer/kabuki style, works so much better as a sponge seemed to move it around more than anything.

    I applied it to my face by dotting it with my fingers evenly over my cheeks, forehead, chin and anywhere else I had free and then proceeded to buff it in. I was instantly surprised at how gently and smoothly this blended out. For one, the shade I purchased (2.0) was a  PERFECT match – and it literally left my skin feeling, and looking flawless. Since this isn’t the coverage foundation, but in fact the serum (if you’ve been taking any notice whatsoever, ha!) it doesn’t have a “full coverage” finish, but more of a sheer one. This is enough to cover my un-even, rosy red cheeks, whilst covering my acne scars and making me feel confident enough to go out with just this on. Proving that the pigment, like they promise – is top notch!

    To truly put it to the test I decided to only set it by using a light powder instead of baking my skin with a thicker loose powder and I did not use a setting spray. THE RESULTS?
    I’ll firstly mention, that I was asked by somebody, “if I was even wearing foundation today” (Nice compliment!). Not to mention, telling me that my makeup looked really nice. The foundation looked and felt like silk on my skin and did not cling onto any unwanted areas whatsoever.

    Throughout the day I never caught on much that I was even wearing a lot of makeup, since everything I had on felt so light and comfortable. I usually get to a stage in my day/evening of wearing makeup where I’m just ready for it to come off so I can scrape my hair back and be snug. With this foundation, that feeling didn’t happen once.

    When it came to removing my makeup, I found that my nose area had worn away quite a lot – which is understandable, since this is my most problemetic oily area and I hadn’t baked as I usually do with my RCMA powder, so it didn’t stay put. Everywhere else however, perfect. I paired this foundation with the Ordinary’s silicone primer (also coming to a blog near you soon, oi oiiii) and together it kept my skin looking pretty fabulous all day long. I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than it being so hyped up by the beauty world – I didn’t want to have high or low expectations…. but, *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* I’d like to confidently tell you now, to have high expectations for this; I absolutely love this foundation, it sat on my skin well, it hasn’t broken me out after using it every time I’ve done my makeup since receiving it, and it’s SO AFFORDABLE.

    This foundation is probably better than most on the high streets, and even as far as better than all of the *non full coverage* / medium-light coverage foundations I’ve ever used.

    The grand reveal? It’s £5.70. RUN, GET IT NOW.

    I’m already planning on picking up the coverage foundation, whilst stocking up on this serum one too. It’s the PERFECT every day foundation to wear, and everybody needs it in their life. Absolutely anybody could use this, new or experienced in makeup, you’ve got to try this out.You can purchase this foundation by visiting the Deciem site, HERE.

    If you’ve already tried this foundation, I’d love to know if you like it too! If not, let me know whether you’ll be picking one up in the comments below.

    See ya’ soon, Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.