If you already follow me on Instagram, Twitter… and maybe Facebook; you’ll already know that I’ve shared some exciting news with you all. Friction Free Shaving have made me a B R A N D  A M B A S S A D O R ! Whaaaaat. Shut the front door. I know. This is an incredibly exciting chapter in my little blogging world for me and as you all know I’ve been a long-term big fan of FFS.

When I work with brands, mostly on PR/gifting work with intent of reviews – I always state that if theres a chance that I dislike the product then I won’t feature it as I honestly don’t find it fair posting a COMPLETE negative blog post, that can sometimes take me hours, in fact days to create. Especially when the content, photography, editing, planning and whatnot all comes into it too. That’s why I wouldn’t waste my efforts talking about something I don’t like, sent to me by a brand. Most products, tools and experiences do come with pros and cons which I always try and be fair about, but I love sharing products I’ve genuinely grown a liking to. A lot of the things I’m now using in my every day makeup and skincare routine are because of brands giving me the opportunity to review them.

That’s exactly how I stumbled across Friction Free Shaving. Whilst writing my first blog post reviewing FFS’s Samantha razor which is now no longer available… I subscribed to my own subscription and never looked back. It’s been around 14 months since I discovered them, which also means, its been 14 whole months that I’ve been using their razors. I won’t bang on, because its all featured in previous posts, my latest of which you can read HERE and I definitely suggest that you do read them, because the brand and everything they do are incredible (and the razor subscription is pretty life changing if I do say so myself).

Amber & Meli, two members of the Friction Free Shaving team made the hour-and-a-half journey to visit me at my home and very kindly treated me to lunch which was so so lovely! When I tell you this brand is incredible, you’ve got to believe me how genuine the team behind the name are too. The meeting was definitely something we all looked forward to, and wished we had done sooner… but promoting and talking about a brand I in fact love, and use every single day means so much more now I’ve had the pleasure to get to know the people behind Friction Free Shaving too.

As a brand ambassador I’ll be sharing lots of exciting content in blog posts, social media posts and even more of my face on your YouTube screens. I’ll hopefully be able to keep you all up to date with exciting future plans and basically, keep reminding you how fabulous Friction Free Shaving is.

Of course, I couldn’t announce it everywhere but not my blog, the most important outlet. So here we go… and heres to the future!

Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

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