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    Friction Free Shaving: ROSE – The Razor Subscription YOU NEED!*

    It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan and probably Friction Free Shaving’s number one supporter (at least I keep telling myself that)… So when I first found out that they were soon to be launching a new razor, I HIT THE ROOF. Well, I didn’t really else I probably wouldn’t be writing this; but I was VERY EXCITED.

    I’ve previously wrote about FFS on my blog, sharing all about their subscription service, my full thoughts and review of the shaver itself and even updated you a whole year on whether I was still using it... Which I was. I can hand on heart say that out of all of the lotions, potions and tools I already own; my Friction Free Shaving razor is one thing that I could never live without. Without a doubt I was excited for the new launch but when you love something already so much you get a little bit worried that nothing else will top it, but sure FFS know how to hit the nail on the head; because THEY DID TOP IT!

    If you’re new here and you’re like WTF? then I can assure you, you won’t be saying FFS (ha, ha, ha!) in a few more minutes. Stick with me. If you’re already sold and can’t wait any longer, you can sign up with 25% off your first order by clicking HERE or entering the DISCOUNT CODE: CJ7UED at checkout.

    R A Z O R ‘ S  S E N T  T O  Y O U R  D O O R
    Yep! That’s right. You can subscribe to FFS and receive razors through your letter box every month, or every other month if you’d prefer that. Friction Free Shaving have designed an easy, hassle free service delivering you a razor handle along with 4 brand new blades with your first box, and from then on you’ll receive replacement places every month, or every other month. At the minute theres two different razors you can choose from, the Frankie (3 head) blade at £5.00 per month, or the Rose (6 head) blade at £9.00 per month, not so bad when you get so many replacement blades and you don’t even have to leave your house; so if you’re anything like me and like to run home after work and spend no times outdoors during this time of year then it will fit your lifestyle choices perfectly, but hey – no judging here. Worried you can’t keep up, don’t use your razor enough? You’re going on holiday? Or you know you won’t be shaving because you need that extra winter leg hair, then you can switch to bi-monthly and switch back again in a few months time – whatever works for you!

    Not only does it save you from scratching your head in front of all of the disposable razors in the supermarket, wondering why they’re so expensive and if you reckon you could go home and make your old one last another week BUT doing that could cause more harm than you think…

    W H Y ?
    Okay, so you’re probably thinking, WHY MORE HARM THAN I THINK? because, holding onto that old supermarket razor for another week is not a good move. Even if you decide not to go ahead with the FFShaving subscription (also not a good move) – then still take my advice. The longer you use your old razor, the more likely you’re prone to irritation and rashes. A big NO NO! You don’t want to put your own body at risk of bacteria harbouring in your blades and openly allowing yourself to use something thats bad for your skin. This is exactly why you receive 4 new blades every month, as FFS love to encourage you (and they even send out weekly reminders) to change your blade to prevent any nasty rashes and irritations. So whether you’re using FFS or high street razors, make sure you make the right move and change your blades often. From personal experience and being lazy in the supermarket, this is how handy Friction Free Shaving has become for me in my life. I’m now in a regular routine of changing my blades every Sunday from my fresh clean blades being delivered through my letterbox and I’m not spending nearly half as much as I would be doing with high street razors.

    O N T O  T H E  R A Z O R
    Now we’ve got the important stuff out of the way, lets get onto the more fun stuff! Meet Rose. Friction Free Shaving’s newest addition to the family.

    Rose is “the worlds first metal razor” designed especially for women, like you and I. She has a lubricating Vitamin E strip and SIX!!!! stainless steel blades (which FYI are diamond coated to assist it in gliding across your skin effortlessly). Not only is it light to work with yet still holds a weighted handle for full control, but its ROSE GOLD, feels and looks so luxurious and has a bikini blade built into the back of the cartridge. It moves with full 90-degree pilot head making it so much easier to get around those awkward bits when shaving (especially ya’ bikini line, girls: you know exactly what I’m talking about). Basically, this razor is the mother of A L L razors.

    So I never thought I’d be telling you that another razor has replaced my Samantha, that’s due to be discontinued to those still using it and is no longer available to new subscribers – but this Rose razor blew it off the shelf immediately. I really didn’t want to admit it, because Samantha is… or should I say: was my ride or die when it comes to shaving but the beautiful Rose has shown me exactly why it deserves 1st place.

    When I first started blogging, I genuinely never thought that I’d be talking so passionately about a razor – but you know when you love and support something so much, whether it be a TV show, a book, a makeup product, a tool… you will ALWAYS plug it and talk about it. I’ve previously been told that when speaking about something I admire how my eyes light up; and thats exactly how I feel writing about this brand all over again. Are we getting a little bit emotional? I repeat, I will never ever tell you to buy a product that I genuinely don’t love… so put your trust in me when I say YOU NEED THIS RAZOR, THIS SUBSCRIPTION, THIS BRAND, in your life.

    Also, did you notice the smooth engraving on my handle? Nice touch right. That could be yours too!

    M Y  H O N E S T  T H O U G H T S 
    Like I’ve already said, I really love my Samantha razor so originally found it hard to believe anything else could knock it off from its first place position but Rose has. This razor is everything I could ever need in a razor. The appearance, the way you handle it, the way it works and the finish it gives you. I kid you not, my skin has never felt so smooth and soft. It did with the Samantha razor too, but with this new razor its like, another level soft. I’ve shaved every part of my body that I remove my hair: under arms, bikini line and legs with this razor and it works just as good with every part of my body regardless how much hair, what angles and how delicate the skin is. Sometimes you find something works for one area and not the other but the way I switched from my under arms, to my bikini line where theres a lot more movements and awkward turns needed – the razor handled it all by adjusting perfectly with its 90-degree pilot head. To then do my legs and gracefully glide the razor from the bottom, over my knees to my upper thighs and run my hand across it to feel it completely hair free and ever so silky smooth is just amazing.

    As a woman, I feel like we have so many different things to ‘upkeep‘. I mean, so do men too – but using this razor has helped me with my shaving routine by leaving me feeling smooth and ready for every week ahead of me. Having a tool that takes away the initial daunting thoughts of the hard work and how tiring shaving your whole body can be makes my whole life feel that little bit easier. I never dread “shave day” because I genuinely get so excited to be able to brush my smooth legs against each other and feel how luxurious they’ve been left from using the razor and shaving cream together. My legs & skin look so healthy and shiny right now and without the FFS razor and shaving cream duo I would not be this happy with my routine and believe me when I say, I’ve not switched back to using a high street razor since using this for the first time back in July 2016. My legs feel hydrated and never ever feel dry like they used to with my old battered razors!

    T I M E  T O  S U B S C R I B E ?
    If you think that Friction Free Shaving in your life is something that you like the idea of, you can subscribe, cancel and amend your subscription at any time of the year and you can do that by clicking my referral link for 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER, here or you can click here and enter the code CJ7UED at checkout. HAPPY SUBSCRIPTION! If you’re still on the fence and would like to read a little bit more into it you can visit the links below:

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    Don’t forget to let me know if you subscribe to this amazing subscription service. I do a little dance every time the post man brings mine round… Don’t tell anyone I told you that. If you’re wondering whether you should opt for the shaving cream too: you should. I have a full individual review ready for you to read in the next few days!

    Thank you so much for sticking with me on this long post, if you got to the end then HURRRRAY! If you didn’t, too bad.

    Catch ya’ soon.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples & I receive a small amount of money from each discount code used, however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.