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    You’re probably thinking, “fake tan Deb? but why?” and I often think that myself; every time I pick up a new bottle of fake tan or it comes up in conversation. Being half Thai has given me many little advantages, one being that I’m naturally really well tanned. Truth is though, sometimes I need a little bit more… Especially since the colour of my skin seems to naturally fluctuate so much. Some days I look super tanned and other days I don’t; but I’m not too bothered, I usually get on with it but every so often (and I mean that!) I do like to pamper myself with a bit of tan… definitely not very regularly though, since I’m quite lazy.

    Since I don’t take fake tanning too seriously I usually go for cheap high street alternatives, that usually does do the job but since Loving Tan very kindly sent me over a gift box full of their products I thought it was about time to treat myself with a more luxury tan. At least I would know the difference (if there are any) in quality, compared to the cheaper versions. I was literally SO excited when I opened the pink package from Loving Tan to reveal all of the goodies, they included a number of products and tools from their brand along with some tim tams, an Australian chocolate biscuit. Think, Penguin.

    LO V I N G  T A N
    Loving Tan is an Australian based brand who ‘take tanning pretty seriously‘. They set out on a mission to create a brown tan that only required one layer suitable for home use, that was easy to apply and was also a natural olive brown tone; meaning no orange disasters! The ingredients of the tan are high quality and all of their products are naturally derived and hydrating on the skin (which supposedly makes the tan last longer).

    I was really surprised to see the amount Loving Tan had generously sent me to review, it included the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Ultra dark, Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream in Ultra Dark, the Deluxe Applicator Mitt, an Easy to Reach Back Applicator and a Tan removing & Skin polishing glove. I did choose to go for the ultra dark shade since I was unsure whether the dark would be a similar tone to my natural skin tone, Ultra Dark was perfect though!

    P R E P  &  A P P L I C A T I O N
    Before getting into the application, you HAVE to prep your skin to ensure the tan applies correctly to your skin else it won’t sit nicely. I mean, you don’t have to; you can miss this if you want – but don’t cry at me when you realise it’s not settled on your skin properly. Eeeeeek. I started off in the shower, by shaving my whole body with my favourite Friction Free Shaving razor and exfoliated with a new exfoliator I’m currently trialling out before reviewing. I then waited until the following day to actually tan so that the product didn’t settle in my “open pores” from the after affect of shaving. Is this a myth? It could be, but I’ve found that waiting until the following day works the best, else you end up with all those little dots… you know them don’t you? It’s happened to us all at some point.

    Before applying the tan I moisturised with a thick body butter on the more “tough” parts of my body such as my knees and elbows – just to prep the skin and then I’m all ready! I like to firstly lay a dark towel down to protect my carpet and I sit down on the floor with my legs out in front of me to do my legs, I find it so much easier to do it this way rather than standing up with my leg leant against a chair falling about everywhere and struggling to reach certain areas.

    I used the deluxe applicator mitt to apply the mousse to my legs and afterwards my arms shoulders and *part* of my back… I won’t tell if you don’t. After all, it’s still cold so I haven’t got my full body on show! I also attempted to use the easy to reach back applicator, which did not go down too well – but we will get onto that in the next part of the post.

    After covering myself in tan, I jumped into a onesie and went to bed; luckily it wasn’t a warm night so I didn’t sweat the tan off over night but wearing a onesie meant the tan wasn’t at risk of staining the white bed sheets. By the following morning, the tan had plenty of time to develop so I took a shower and revealed the tan it had left behind.

    F U L L  T H O U G H T S  &  R E V I E W 
    Ok, first off; THE DELUXE APPLICATOR MITT IS ANOTHER LEVEL. Ahhhhhh. This stuff needs to win awards. The material of this mitt is not like the usual “cheap” mitts you pick up from the high street. It has a ‘unique velour surface‘ which honestly makes all the difference. The application of the fake tan using this mitt was incredibly. I think if I used a regular mitt to apply the mousse it wouldn’t have given the tan the true finish and review it deserves. The mitt is also lined with a plastic-like material, which meant I didn’t have to wear a plastic glove inside of the mitt and I had absolutely no transfer through it either. I can’t praise this mitt enough, even if you decide not to buy the mousse itself – you should still pick up this mitt. It also dried super quickly after I left it hanging over the edge of the bath and has around a six month life before you should replace it.

    The mousse itself is also incredible, it applied like a dream and it was definitely love at first pump (hahahahaha). The initial scent is super nice and does not smell like the typical fake tan smell whatsoever, BUT; after a few hours there was some kind of lingering scent but nothing too bad or noticeable. The tan applied really well and did not streak or go patchy across my whole body. Using the mitt made the application so much easier as it was so effortless to rub into my skin.

    When it came to my arms, chest and shoulders, once again the mitt applied the mousse really well and it looked so natural throughout the whole application – however, when I moved onto my back I thought I would whip out the back applicator that they had also kindly included. Fail.  Unfortunately I did not get on with this very well and found it way too hard to use, I think it would have been much easier to ask somebody to help me apply the tan in the areas where I couldn’t reach but I only wanted to tan enough that my skin would all be tanned when wearing a sleeveless t-shirt. I’m not going on holiday or planning on wearing anything backless or strappy any time soon so it worked out better to just leave the rest. The back applicator moved the tan around my skin more than buffing and working it nicely in. It left a lot of streaks and was not working for me! After doing a few crazy poses I somehow managed to blend it all in to make it look like I had a natural faded tan (is that even a thing?) and I left it like that.

    The tan dried on my skin within minutes, I’m not sure exactly how many minutes but it was QUICK. I had to get up a few times to grab things I needed like my phone charger and to reach my laptop to change the YouTube video I was watching whilst tanning and my skin did not feel sticky or transfer onto anything whilst brushing past furniture and holding a WHITE (so daring) towel round me so nobody would catch a glimpse crossing the landing.

    I went to bed without feeling sticky and by the next morning my tan was ready to be washed off. Once I let the tan run off my skin until the water was clear I gently washed my body with some soap-free body wash with my hands and let myself air dry instead of using a towel (just in case anything did transfer) – which it didn’t, as I did give it a little patch test.

    U N – E D I T E D  B E F O R E  &  A F T E R 

    I’m now on day 4 of wearing this tan whilst writing the initial review up to here and its lasting INCREDIBLY well. It still looks natural and even my Dad told me I looked “brown” today. When I responded with, “It’s just some fake tan” he was super surprised and thought I was having one of those days where my skin looked darker. I swear its the weather, whether the sun is shining or not my skin tone always looks different!

    I’ve had zero transfer on my clothes, towel and bed sheets and the tan is still looking beautiful… since I did opt for the ultra dark it does make me look like I’ve got that perfect holiday tan whilst looking natural still too. Personally for me, this tan isn’t “ultra dark” enough because of my natural skin tone, but it is definitely an ultra dark shade; just not for me. Does this make sense or am I talking gibberish again?

    After after few more weeks of wearing the loving tan false tan, it was time to try out the tan removing and skin polishing glove… which is AMAZING! I used the rough side of the tan removing glove to exfoliate the tan off my arms, chest and neck where it had got the patchiest over time and left my legs to slowly wear off. It removed my tan without barely any effort and like I said with the actual applicator mitt, its worth the buy alone if you fake tan but aren’t interested in this particular one

    Overall, I could definitely tell the difference between cheap alternatives and this high end fake tan. Loving Tan gave off a much more luxurious finish and wore extremely well, alongside the tools I used by them too – this is probably one of the best tans I’ve ever used!

    You can visit LovingTan directly to purchase too by clicking HERE.

    I’d love to know if you’ve used any of the items mentioned in this post, if not – tell me what your favourite tan is in the comments below!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.