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    You heard it, super-fat, super-long and sex-proof. Can Urban Decay possibly throw in anything else in to sell this mascara to you? You had me at sex proof.

    This brand new mascara, out on the 28th of September from Urban Decay is “so good it should be illegal“. It’s advertised as a mascara that delivers empowerment in a tube with 13.7 x the lash volume with a sexy, fluttery, intensely black fringe. They’ve even gone as far as describing it as a “fail safe” formula that promises to give you perfect lashes every time whilst it volumes, lengthens whilst separating and curling the lashes… yep, all at the same time. The BOLDEST statement of all, it’s sex proof… “trust us on this one“.







    A mascara promising so much in one go is such a game-changer, if it works that is. I’ve previously touched on my struggle with my own eyelashes coming in so straight. If they had a natural curl to them they’d maybe look slightly longer, but unfortunately I’ve had to deal with one of the downsides of inheriting my mums genes and struggling with small eyes and straight, uncooperative eyelashes. I tend to play it safe and go for false eyelashes most days that I wear makeup, as after wearing any mascara for a few hours they eventually droop and never last as long as they do on other people… I try not to blame the mascara too much, because some products don’t work for certain people – mascara being one for me. So to have been given the opportunity to receive, test and let you know what I think to this mascara before it even launches is:

    1) Very exciting and 2) another bold move made by UD, since I can brutally tell you whether it delivers exactly what it promises to do on the dullest of lashes that I own, because unlike a lot of other people out there trialling this too, I don’t have natural voluptuous eyelashes which in theory usually makes any mascara look good when its promoted to do all these things; yet are applied to eyelashes that ALREADY have the length, the curl, ya’ know? Any mascara promising so much, applied to already naturally fantastic lashes are obviously going to *wow* you and make you think its amazing, but hopefully trialling the mascara on someone like me will r e a l l y put it to the test. Fat, long, sex proof lashes. Yes. Please. 

    Obviously, those with naturally amazing lashes are bloody lucky too and I am so jealous of you butttttt, do you know what I mean? No matter who you are, and what you have; you’re still beautiful, but for me finding a mascara that will genuinely do everything it does for others has proven very difficult so far. I’m pretty convinced its a quest I’ll always be on.

    Urban Decay have shared that they’ve tested this mascara themselves, putting it through hot saunas, snowboarding and yes, what you’re all thinking… sex. It claims to hold up in hot and heavy situations and still look good the following morning, if you ask me… who isn’t taking their makeup off at night? Jokes aside, I’m not able to practice this mascara the same way Urban Decay tell us they have, because I don’t kiss and tell, so a day at work featuring meetings, a food date with a friend and visiting a new store in a local shopping centre is as good as its gonna’ get.

    The mascara contains two different types of black pigment to give the best intensity that it can offer, infused with a combination of hollow silca and ultralight fibres to volumize without weighing down the lashes. The vitamin E and pantheonol nourish and condition whilst the polymers help the mascara adhere to your lashes for long-lasting wear. No flaking, smearing or smudging.

    Before we get into the actual review, the mascara is high-end so comes with a slightly more “expensive” price tag at £19.50 and is available to purchase online, direct from urban decay here.

    Ok, so I previously saw the press release for this on social media and had no idea I’d be coming home to it on my door step but when I opened the parcel to discover this beautiful prismatic box I was immediately in love. The packaging for this has won me over. I’m usually a very minimalistic packaging kinda’ girl, but the double walled tube and colour finish is so beautiful. The brush is not what I expected at all but Urban Decay themselves have said that they’ve designed it to be able to comb through lashes whilst distributing the product through for an instant “lash-multiplying effect”. It fans out the lashes whilst separating and curling each lash without it giving you the clumped finished look. The press release has made me want to LOVE this mascara, it’s literally perfect on paper… so lets see if my initial first impressions on the product, its aims, promises and packaging are still the same after my first time applying it.

    If you watch the YouTube video I filmed testing out the mascara already, you’ll see that I firstly curled my eyelashes and went straight in with the mascara. The first coat didn’t really make much difference to my natural eyelashes, but after 3/4 coats it had definitely built up to become the mascara it had been described and advertised so much as. Unfortunately during the application I did find that the mascara didn’t curl my natural eyelashes which is really disappointing but I had to keep an open mind since the mascara really doesn’t have a good base of lashes to begin with. I immediately had so much more length and volume to my lashes. Curl asides, the mascara coated all of my lashes really well. The brush enabled me to reach into my inner and outer corners of my eyes comfortably and my eyelashes looked pretty full by the time I had finished applying them and once I moved onto a thin coat on my bottom lashes it was true to see how much length this mascara truly gave. Without having much natural curl to my own lashes it was hard to show the camera just how long it had made my upper, but the lower ones were much more visible.

    Just after midday I checked in to see how my eyelashes were looking to be surprised with a slightly red and irritated eye. Straight away I figured it was down to a fibre from the mascara falling into my eye since I had applied so much product. Luckily it didn’t leave any lasting irritation or pain and I soon moved on from it. I did have a lot of under eye smudging though which I was desperately hoping I wouldn’t have an issue with. My eyes being small could be a factor to this but since the mascara massively promises to be “smudge proof” you tend to expect it.

    I did a quick check in after work, before I headed off to an event in Meadowhall to explain that I had touched up my makeup (but not my eyelashes – which I forgot to mention!) and cleaned up the smudged under eye. I proceeded to wear it for the rest of the evening and once I returned home did a final check in.

    In all, I had the mascara on for twelve hours. It didn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable to wear (other than the slight eye irritation earlier on in the day). I didn’t feel any need to remove it or flake it off like I usually do when I go without false eyelashes and to round it up, I really enjoyed wearing this mascara. It’s definitely not perfect, but each and every product works differently on every single person – I can see that it has a lot of potential despite the few hick-ups I struggled with and I’m looking forward to using it for the next few months and gaining more of a final opinion on it where I’ll do another update, either at the bottom of this post or in a new one.

    I would like to say that I’d definitely recommend this mascara to anybody reading this, it does promise a lot and whilst it still does deliver most of the things it is advertised as it still has a few little cons. Like most products, certain methods may not work for you just like the statement of curling the lashes didn’t for me but it’s not distracted me from seeing the worth of everything else this mascara is.

    I documented the day including a short introduction about the mascara which you’ve mostly read here already; application and the odd check in. I’d love it if you subscribed and supported my little channel that I’m trying to put more effort into too.

    I’d love to know if you’ve already got your hands on this mascara or if you’re planning to, and if you’ve got lovely curly lashes Id love to see a photo of how the mascara works on you.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.