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    September: WHAT’S NEXT?

    Oh September, how have you come around so fast? Autumn is about to start, or has it already? I mean, if we go against the “meteorological calendar” which is the seasons divided up over three calendar months (meaning that Autumn starts on September 1st every year and ends on November the 30th) which would also mean that today is technically the first day of Autumn… OR if you’re trying to hold onto that last bit of summer, then the “astronomical calendar” says that Autumn begins on Friday September 22nd and ends on Thursday, December 21st. Either way, Autumn is here this month and I’m VERY excited.

    Obviously, to most of us Autumn is noticing that the days are feeling shorter when the duration of daylight slowly transitions from those late summer nights to earlier dark evenings. Taking a walk and kicking around leaves that have completely covered the ground… to then arrive home and light a comforting candle and cosy up in your PJ’s. It is to me anyway. To myself, and others it means spending a lot more time in doors and thats why I thought it would be the P E R F E C T time to start publishing more regularly again like I did in Everyday May. My daily blog posts became increasingly popular and my stats were higher than ever that month; and although my plans aren’t to blog every single day in September, I’m still gonna’ be here – every other day. I mean, thats if you want me; but I guess you kinda’ don’t get a choice because I’ve already worked hard on preparing everything.

    Since May passed I noticed the lack of inspiration and motivation to write and dedicate time to my blog. It happens, without a doubt. Ask any blogger, they’ll tell you they’ve suffered from writers block too but right now, I’m so inspired and excited for everything thats around the corner. I know some people may ask “Why do you dedicate so much time to your blog?”, It’s because I love this, I love what I do and I love writing. If nobody reads this today then that’s ok, but I’m lucky enough that people do! I get to share my life, my reviews and allow other people to trust my thoughts on products enough to go out and buy them themselves. The future of my blog depends on what I’m loving right now. It will always be makeup, skincare, anything beauty related…but if today I’m feelin’ a chatty post then I’ll do just that. I’ve noticed a lot of fellow bloggers apologising for not posting, or sticking to schedule, for getting angry when they can’t commit to posting because they’ve got other life things going on, or because they’ve taken interest in something new and different to what their blog ‘clichè’ already is. That’s fine, we all started in the same position, we wanted to write a blog because we enjoy it and that’s what I always try and remind myself. I’m lucky that my hobby has become a much more serious part of my life but whether it’s my full time work or not, it will STILL be that hobby that I started.

    So, that being said. You can expect everything from my usual beauty posts, lifestyle, in depth reviews about places I’ve visited, things I’ve done… and it may, or may not transition into October where the full of extent of Autumn will kick in too (think Halloween…). Ahhh, I’m more excited writing this now.

    Like I do with most of my “blogging months” I like to kick it off with an update of whats going on, so now you’ve been filled in… you can make sure that you have a cuppa’ ready every other day to catch up on my posts. The next one will be up on Sunday… so, until then, have a great weekend and we will catch up on then.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.