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    Zoella Winter Wonderland 2017

    For some reason, everybody seems to have gotten far too excited for Christmas really early in the year this year. Usually everybody gets into Christmas mode once Halloween has passed; Bonfire night is just the icing on the cake, wrapped up on those cold nights watching the fireworks light up the sky make me feel SO festive. So, naturally it was a little bit surprising to see everything come in mid-September this year. Not gonna’ lie, I totally support everybody being excited for Christmas – any time of the year. I love Christmas, its one of my favourite times of the year so whenever the topic comes up I get super excited and into it and thats partly why visiting the Zoella Winter Wonderland was such an amazing experience.

    I’m surprised I’ve restrained myself for so long from writing this post because its SUCH an exciting one. A few weeks ago, Alicia and I were extremely lucky to have been given the chance to visit the Zoella Christmas Winter Wonderland in London. If you know anything about Zoella, which; lets be real, you probably do. You will have already seen everything about this crazy “apartment” full of exciting festive products and activities from her latest lifestyle and beauty Christmas launch. Unfortunately after our fantastic day, I lost all of my photos taken on my memory card, after trying to recover them it was proven that I wouldn’t be able to get them back for the post; so excuse the lack of images, these are the only ones I had quickly transferred during the day of the event to use on social media and that’s why theres no additional product photos.

    When we arrived at the apartment for our afternoon hour slot, we walked up the stairs to smoke blowing and fake snow on the floor; Christmas music filled the room and the instant warm, cosy surrounding sent me into full blown Christmas MODE. We were then kindly greeted by the team behind the brand, who were all so friendly and polite to everybody They explained the afternoon to us and then we popped our bags under the sofa and got our cameras out ready to snap and enjoy every little moment of our timeslot, where we were free to roam for an hour around the room at our own pace, take all the photographs, experience and play with all the new products, sip warm cups of hot chocolate and just have lots of fun.

    I even had a hand massage using the new hand cream in the beauty range, which left them smelling absolutely incredible and soooo yummy. We sat in the amazing bath full of fake snow and posed for photos and boomerangs, smelt the amazing scented candles (which the cookie candle is genuinely unreal, I could not believe how amazing it is. It filled the whole room up with its delicious scent and I actually previously thought the smell was coming from the hot chocolate bar until I came face to face with the lit candle. It’s something I’m 100% going to pick up myself), we also took a look at the gigantic “advent calendar” which had all of the new products behind and had a hot chocolate where we could pick and choose our toppings, and boy I went in on those.

    We had such an amazing experience at Zoella’s Winter Wonderland and I would absolutely love to return to any events she holds for her brand in the future, heres to keeping our fingers crossed. We were even treated to an amazing canvas goodie bag, signed by Zoe filled with four products from the range which I’m so excited to use. Thank you so much to the team behind the brand for being friendly and extremely welcoming and making our experience one to remember.

    The Lifestyle collection is available in Boots and the Beauty collection is available from SuperDrug. Products ranged from mugs, stationary, hand cream, bath products, fluffy hats, socks and more! I’m not going to list them all here because if I did, you definitely wouldn’t get to the end of the post so instead, you can click the link at the end of the post to view everything.

    You can purchase Zoella’s range by clicking the following links:

    Are you eyeing anything up from Zoe’s Christmas range?

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.