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    Pixi Beauty is a brand I’ve ALWAYS lusted over but never got my hands on to try out; until, I came home to a surprise package left at my neighbours for me… no idea what to expect and wracking my brains trying to remember if I had ordered something, I knocked on the door to be handed over a pretty green box with Pixi Beauty stamped on the side and I most definitely fan girled big time.

    I sometimes get myself in unnecessary situations where I want everything, but I only want to try out one or two things at a time… then it comes to deciding WHICH one or two things you choose and it gets wayyyyy too overwhelming so you give up all together. So you can imagine the excitement when I opened the box expecting ya’ know, maybe one item but in reality to have been gifted with FIVE items! Thank you so much to team Pixi for being so incredibly generous, I’m so happy to have finally tried out a bunch of products and more so, to share them here too.

    I do want to go into an individual in-depth review with every product I’ve been sent and have tried out but for now I’ll give you a quick round up and be back again soon.

    #PixiPretties Favourites
    As a brand, Pixi have launched a new and exciting collaboration with four leading beauty and lifestyle ‘gurus‘ featuring Aspyn Ovard, Caroline Hirons, It’s Judy Time & Maryam Maquillage. They’ve each created their own dream beauty products with Petra’s guidance (brand founder) that “not only represent their individual points of view but parallels pixies philosophy of fuss-free in a few minutes“. If you only know Pixi as a brand by reading the above then I’m sure you’re pretty impressed too, right? Supporting four YouTuber’s and making their dreams come true with their own collaborations is just incredible and I already love the brand and everything they do because of this. The #PixiePretties FAVOURITES edit contains the must-have products to complete you pixi perfect look from the Pixies Pretties collection.

    A S P Y N  O V A R D
    Aspyn is a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle Blogger & YouTuber who has been creating content for a number of years now with over 3 million subscribers on her main Youtube channel. She created a small collection with Pixi featuring an eye accent kit and 3 glow-y powders (blush-type highlighters). The product featured in the #PixiPretties Favourites is the:
    GLOW-Y POWDER in Rome Rose | £14.00
    “A silky soft blush created by Pixi + Aspyn adds a hint of glow and sheer colour for perfectly rosy cheeks on all skin tones” – as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a big fan of wearing blush and don’t tend to reach for it. However, when this blush landed on my doorstep I KNEW I had to give it a chance before I put it to the side. I’ve worn this a handful amount of times now and its given me a small amount of colour to my cheeks without it being too over the top. The fact this is advertised as a sheer colour is a perfect example as it definitely lives up to that. It’s in a huge pan and I know will be with me for quite a long time. It can be purchased by clicking here.

    C A R O L I N E  H I R O N S
    Boy am I excited for this collaboration! I’ve wanted to write about the product Caroline Hirons has created with Pixi since the first time I ever tried it. Caroline is a skin expert from the UK sharing her knowledge on her YouTube channel and blog. She has won the hearts of thousands of people by allowing them to trust her expert opinion on hundreds of products through her reviews and experiences with brands. I for one would hold up my hands and purchase anything created with her behind it since I already know that I trust everything she has to say and do. That’s why when she created a double cleanser with Pixi a lot of people went pretty nuts. Caroline only has one item in her collection with Pixi, but who needs anything more when she’s probably created a cleanser that THOUSANDS of people will reach for, for the next foreseeable future. I promise that I’m already planning my full review on this because what I have to say will simply not fit in this post… BUT to get back on track, the product featured in the #PixiPretties Favourites is the:
    DOUBLE CLEANSE | £24.00
    Caroline and Pixi beauty have created a “unique 2-in-1 cleanser which contains both a solid cleansing oil and a luxe cleansing cream” allowing you to do a double cleanse without having to fumble about through your skincare drawers finding all of the individual products you may need. I’m not going to say anything else because I think its clear to see that I’m already pretty in love with this product, so keep your eyes peeled for my full review coming soon. In the mean time, you can purchase double cleanse here.

    I T S  J U D Y  T I M E
    When I first read into Pixi doing collaborations with a small handful of beauty gurus, I was so incredibly happy and proud to see that It’sJudyTime was a part of it. I believe that she deserves this more than any of the big collaborations I’ve ever seen; I’ve been a big fan and long term viewer of Judy and her family. She was amongst the other few people that I watched when I first found YT and to have been invested in somebody’s life for THAT long it felt like such a personal thing being able to hold one of her products in my hands. Judy is both a beauty and a family vlogger that has been a part of this game for a LONG time now and to stand by and watch people like this create their dream products makes the collection feel a lot more special. Judy created two items with Pixi, a eyeshadow and a lip palette and the product featured in the #PixiPretties Favourites is the:
    GET THE LOOK It’sEyeTime | £28.00
    This eyeshadow palette contains “12 super silky, highly blend-able eyeshadows that seamlessly transition from day to night.” When I first picked up this eyeshadow palette to use on myself, I didn’t really know where to start in what look to do. It’s such a versatile palette and definitely gives you that option of creating both a day time and a night time look. It contains some beautiful shimmer shades alongside the perfectly made matte ones. Every time I’ve used this eyeshadow palette I’ve gone for a warm crease with a gold shimmer on the lid and even gone as far as darkening up the outer corners to truly create that “night time” look. The shadows are easy to use, aren’t patchy whatsoever and are all made with high quality ingredients. You can purchase this palette here.

    M A R Y A M  M A Q U I L L A G E 
    I must admit, I’ve never heard of or stumbled upon Maryam on the internet. Since discovering her through the Pixi Pretties collection I’ve watched a few of her YT videos and REALLY enjoyed them. She created three items with Pixi on her collaboration featuring a Strobe & Bronze palette, Strobe & Sculpt Palette and a Strobe & Sculpt Brush. The product featured in the #PixiPretties Favourites is the:
    This palette by Pixi & Maryam helps add subtle dimension to your features by giving your skin a natural glow and sheer sun kissed warmth.” – I’ve really enjoyed using this palette, although its not my go-to palette it is perfect for bronzing up the face. I’ve actually used this to more or less contour with, using the matte shades and bronzed up the rest of my face using the shimmer ones. The palette contains 3 bronze shades and 3 highlighter shades which aren’t the most pigmented I’ve ever used but are buildable and definitely DO THE JOB. I’ve highlighted using one of the golder shades in this palette which gave me the most subtle highlight on my cheek bones, brow bone and tip of the nose. I don’t think its a palette I would re-purchase but for the time being I will make as much use out of it as possible. Maryam’s palette can be purchased here.

    P I X I  G L O W  T O N I C
    Lastly, Pixi threw in their best selling skincare product: GLOW TONIC. If you’ve not heard of this toner then heres your chance to find out more. It’s a exfoliating toner which contains Glycolic Acid which brightens, revitalises and reveals more radiant skin after using it. Whilst doing all of this it removes dead skin cells and helps tone, firm and tighten the skin. It was added to the #PixiPretties favourites edit to work along side the double cleanse and all of the makeup items in the collection. Giving you the perfect base to work with.
    Again, this is a product that I desperately want to do a full review on because it has CHANGED MY LIFE. I’ve used all sorts of different toners in the past but I’ve never seen visible effects of them working as well as I have done with this Pixi Glow Tonic. My skin has become brighter, healthier and much more radiant (everything they promise it does) since using this toner. I’ve already raved about it to all of my friends and I’m hoping to convince them to get on the hype too. It comes in 15ml, 100ml or 250ml allowing you to try it out before committing to a full sized bottle. It can be purchased HERE.

    It’s been a long one, but if you made it to the end of the post then you deserve a huge round of applause. Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading all about #PixiPretties Favourites. I love everything that I’ve been gifted to try and I’m so happy to finally be on the hype of this fantastic brand. Do let me know if you’ve tried anything before or are planning to purchase yourself.

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.