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    Ahh, The Body Shop, good old body shop. I’m a big fan of all things TBS and recently I’ve dived even deeper into exploring all of their products (hint hint, makeup posts coming soon) so when I found out about their special edition Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter I literally screamed with excitement. Sorry Mum.

    Whilst picking up a few bits from their makeup section in a local store I decided to go back before it closed to smell the new limited edition scent everybody was raving about all over social media. It definitely lived up to expectations but I held off taking it home with me because of the ever-so-growing skincare collection I already own… thats until I came home to a special little gift from TBS themselves featuring this exact body butter.I don’t know about you, but I don’t think pumpkin is a scent I’ve ever been interested in. The last few years all kinds of different brands have been bringing out pumpkin scented products and flavoured food & drink. I never felt drawn to it until I got my hands on this body butter and fell in love. The Pumpkin Vanilla body butter is full of autumnal scents that claim to absorb into your skin easily providing you with 24 hours of moisture. The vanilla extract in this is sourced from Madagascar and includes hints of tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup… Sounds tasty too, right? It reminds me of every festive event all wrapped up in one.

    I’ve been using this body butter all over my body, focusing on my knees and elbows for the last few weeks now and my skin has been left feeling extremely hydrated and soft. One thing I don’t stick to (and is pretty bad to say I’m a “beauty blogger”) is moisturising my body after taking a shower but the scent and luxurious feeling of using this body butter has made me look forward to doing, whats usually feels like a task that can be left for another day, who can relate?

    If you’ve ever used these body butters you probably already know that they come in a huge 200ml tub which takes you a VERY long time to get through, in fact I don’t know if I’ve ever fully finished one of these; making the price tag worth it if you plan on using it every day like I’ve been.

    The vanilla pumpkin scent is definitely a love or hate, so I would highly suggest you smell this in store before you rush to buy it online. Don’t just smell it from the tub, I recommend trying a small amount on the back of your hand since more of the other ingredient scents come through to me once its been applied on the skin. It definitely transforms from being in the tub to sitting on your skin and hopefully you will enjoy the scent just as much as I do.
    The Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter costs £15.00 for a 200ml tub (totally worth it, because it lasts so long) and can be bought online HERE or in store.

    So if you’re planning on hanging out with me any time soon be prepared to be engulfed in this stunning vanilla pumpkin scent because I’m smothered in it and lovin’ life.

    Whats your favourite body butter scent?

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.