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    Face Mask: CHARCOAL PEEL OFF | 7th Heaven

    7th Heaven is a brand that I’ve been using for years, it was always my go-to face mask brand as a younger child growing up into my teens when “pamper nights” and doing face masks with friends was a popular thing to do… yet I somehow never noticed the actual brand name and only recognised it by packaging. That’s why, when I received a lovely email asking to if I’d like to try out their latest launch, I had to ask a friend if they’d ever heard of the brand too. It wasn’t until I opened up some images and had to scream “OH OF COURSE!!! I KNOW THEM!” that I actually realised that I’ve been using this brand for SO long.

    After that little story time, it was clear to see that I did get a little bit excited to try 7th Heavens newest charcoal peel off face mask – writing a blog is something that can bring surprises to me each and every day and to think about being sent some of a brands latest products when I used to pick them up even as a young teenager gives me all kinds of butterflies. Anywaaaaaay, we should probably get into the review.

    T H E  M A S K
    7th Heaven’s newest peel off mask contains cleansing activated charcoal to draw out impurities and their special combination of witch hazel and birch leaf helps calms & smoothes. It promises to make your skin feel squeaky clean after use based on a weekly use.

    The benefits of a peel off mask based on their site is that its slightly more gentle than using a scrub whilst leaving your skin incredibly purified and smooth by pulling away dead skin cells after peeling off the mask. There’s so many more benefits of using a peel off mask but these are the select few that they, as a brand have listed.

    A P P L I C A T I O N
    – Firstly ensure that you’ve cleansed your skin. Use warm water to open your pores and gently pat to dry.
    – Apply the mask evenly to your face, its similar to a gel consistency at first but make sure you avoid your hair, including the hair line and eyebrow area, and self explanatory: do not apply it to your delicate eye area.
    – Leave it to dry for around 20-25 minutes, it may take slightly longer but you’ll know when its ready to come off.
    – Gently start peeling the mask from your jawline, upwards. Don’t rush with this, you don’t want to tug on your skin too much.
    – Finish off by rising your skin and patting it dry with a towel.

    R E V I E W  &  T H O U G H T S 
    I applied this mask just as it says above and left it for around 35 minutes to ‘completely dry‘, although there was a patch on my right cheek that didn’t fully dry, it wasn’t too much of an issue as I figured I had just put too much product there. In the packet there is more than enough product to cover your face and neck, and thinking about it now I wish I did apply more of it to my neck. There is definitely a very generous amount of product in each pouch so theres no need to worry about running out.

    Now, I have previously tried a number of peel off masks that aim to do the same thing using very similar ingredients (mostly the charcoal). Non of them have ever been as gentle as this one is on my skin which I found extremely pleasant, however the old masks I’ve tried mostly focus on pulling out all the dirt & grime in your pores whereas I’ve found this mask definitely focuses on exfoliating the skin using the peeling method by removing dead skin cells.

    The mask doesn’t have any nasty smells and is really easy to apply. Once it sat on my skin for a little over half an hour I did get a few itchy areas around my nose which is expected when using a mask that is drying ready to be peeled off. After around 20 minutes a lot of my chin and nose area had fully dried leaving just my cheeks and forehead area to catch up, it also meant that when talking it loosened up the peel off mask around my chin and mouth which made it so much easier to peel off when I decided I was ready to go.

    It didn’t irritate my skin or feel uncomfortable whatsoever whilst peeling it away from my skin but did break away where part of my cheek was still wet as mentioned above which I had expected since it was still wet, overall it did come off easily and mess free though.

    My skin felt instantly smooth, shine free and squeaky clean exactly like it had initially promised to do. I’m already on the hunt to buy more to ensure I have back ups to use them every week. It gently exfoliated my skin which is a skincare step that I often forget when it comes to my face, so adding this to my weekly routine will step up my game completely. I was ever so surprised at how much I loved the results of this mask and for anybody looking for something similar its worth a pick up especially for one-whole-pound. I’ve already thrown out my other masks that are far too rough on the skin and swapped them for the 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel Off Mask.

    Whats your favourite peel off mask? I’d love to know!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post contains PR samples however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.