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    Friction Free Shaving: SHAVE CREAM (about, review & discount code)*

    I know, I know… I love Friction Free Shaving. You know that, I know that and so does the world… BUT, have we ever sat down and talked about their OG FFS Shave Cream? I don’t think so. So hopefully you’ve come here from reading all about the subscription service they offer, if not… you can click HERE to find out all about Friction Free Shaving and what they have to offer as a razor monthly subscription service. Along side their amazing razors, they also offer a shaving cream. You may have seen it if you’ve already looked into subscribing or if you’re already subscribed and decided against the added cream, but hopefully after this little chat you’ll be able to make a decision on whether you click “add to your subscription” or not.

    S H A V E  C R E A M
    “Designed specifically for women and packed with moisturising Manuka honey, Shea butter and coconut oil, our shave cream gives your skin the treatment it deserves. Its unique ‘cationic’ formula reduces friction so you get a closer shave and smoother skin. The transparent application provides maximum visibility and offers a new sense of control and closeness.”

    The shave cream is not like the usual shaving “foams” you’re probably thinking of when we talk about using a shaving cream. It literally comes as a transparent cream which is so much more beneficial than you could ever think. I remember before I started using FFS razors, I used to use a cheap shaving foam from the supermarket that would clog up my razor blades and I wouldn’t be able to tell properly whether I had shaved the whole area or not. It looks like its creating a path to show you where you’ve already shade but it actually doesn’t work as simply as that, because if your razor is getting clogged up with cheap shaving foam then its not removing all of the hairs on your legs as it should be. Along side it being a transparent cream, the ingredients of this shaving cream are incredible! Stay with me.

    Manuka honey comes with all kinds of health benefits that you wouldn’t believe.. so firstly, lets talk about one of Friction Free Shaving Shave Creams main ingredients and all of the amazing things it can do for you.

    Due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties, Manuka honey can heal acne and acne prone skin. It reduces redness and heals congested and inflamed skin, even eczema too! In a shave cream its a fantastic additive as a lot of people can suffer from redness and inflamed skin all over their body no matter what tools they’re using; so using a product like this can aid the skin in repairing itself which brings us onto the next benefit. Repairing the skin. Manuka promotes skin regeneration (helping you repair damage and lessen scarring)… once again, easily assisting you through the process of shaving your body. Along side doing all this and onto yet another benefit: it hydrates the skin by holding in moisture when its applied to your body leaving it dewy, glowing and looking healthy. Finally, because of its moisturising properties: Manuka honey retains moisture without making the skin feel oily – “the first step in wrinkle-free skin“. Manuka is an all round amazing ingredient and assists in your shaving regime by keeping your legs feeling gorgeous, smooth and healthy.

    Not only is Manuka an amazing ingredient, so is Shea butter. It contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A and E, as well as essential fatty acids with a very distinct scent. It’s been used for centuries for its moisturising, anti-inflammatory and anti aging properties. Again, most of the benefits are very similar to the Manuka honey which together work so well.

    Lastly, Coconut Oil. You’ve probably got a tub somewhere in your home. If you’ve ever asked anybody for advice on a product to help whiten teeth, help repair your hair, moisturise your skin, cook with… well, you’ve probably been told to JUST USE COCONUT OIL. There’s a big reason for this, because Coconut Oil is AMAZING for your skin and body. It’s everywhere right now and everybody loves it which comes at no surprise because it’s amazing for moisturising your skin because of the fats in it. It keeps your skin feeling and looking smooth to the touch whilst also acting like a disinfectant due to the three-fatty acids within it that soak into the skin and stop infections inside your pores and open wounds, which can happen if you’ve ever cut yourself whilst shaving (lets face it, we’ve all been there). Lastly, Vitamin E… it’s well known for being incredible for your skin, I use it within different products on an every day basis, in moisturisers and even in a hydrating mist form. It’s an all round amazing ingredient as it aids healthy skin growth and repair. It also keeps your skin well moisturised and protects it against cracking, something non of us girls want.

    If you’ve got this far already, then I’m pretty impressed and you sure are interested in finding out about this shave cream aren’t you? Good!

    M Y  T H O U G H T S 
    I think that when you’re getting a product packed with so much goodness delivered to your door with your monthly razor blades then you’d be daft not to take it up. For the sake of £6.00, which is quite affordable when such a small amount of product goes such a long way, making it last forever– you should make the better decisions for your skin and shaving without anything but water and try this out. I can 100% tell the difference when I decide not to use this shaving cream, usually when I go away and haven’t got a lot of space to pack a tonne of stuff. The cream helps my razor glide across my skin and leaves my legs, under arms and bikini line feeling extremely soft and hydrated. The feeling of brushing your legs against each other has never been better when you use this shaving cream. Like I said above, a little bit of this stuff goes a LONG WAY, I’m tellin’ ya. It genuinely lasts me soooo long – its amazing! If you just want to give it a one off try you can add it to your subscription this month and amend it once again to remove it next month and decide that way which one you’d like to do.

    “Our shave cream has been awarded the Leaping Bunny stamp by Cruelty Free International, certifying our product to be free from animal testing under the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS). The Leaping Bunny logo shows that Friction Free Shaving’s products comply with the high standard of Leaping Bunny certification. You can view our certificate here.

    You can purchase the Shave Cream for an extra £6.00 by adding it to your subscription with FFS. If you’d like to subscribe to Friction Free Shaving but you want to learn more you can read my previous blog post here: Friction Free Shaving: ROSE – the razor subscription box YOU NEED!*.You can also get 25% discount off your first order by visiting FFS site here and entering CODE: CJ7UED OR visit my refferal link by clicking here.

    If you’re already subscribed but would like to try this shaving cream, you can log into your account and amend your subscription by adding the cream in there.

    I’d love to know if you’ve tried out this cream with your razor subscription in the comments below!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *Please note, for a full list of ingredients check out Friction Free Shaving’s website and contact them if you have any questions. This blog post contains PR samples & I receive a small amount of money every time you use my discount code, however all thoughts and opinion are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.