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    This summer, L’Oreal brought out their very own brow pomade to create, define and fill in your brows for the most “perfect” finish. Amongst the sleek packaging, the handy little brush built into the pot and the popularity amongst other bloggers, I decided to pick it up and see if it came close to the love of my life, Anastasia Beverly Hills.

    If you know me, you already know… brows are my thing. They might be yours too, but for me, its definitely something I take a bit of pride in. I probably spend the longest amount of time on my brows whilst doing my makeup and I’ve pretty much perfected my routine with my trusty dip brow pomade by ABH. I’m a little bit reluctant to giving any other brow pomade a chance, but L’Oreal holds a very small special space in my heart; and with it being a “drugstore” product, falling in love with something much easier to pop to the shops and pick up would be pretty perfect.

    T H E  P R O D U C T
    The Paradise Brow Pomade comes in gorgeous rose gold packaging with a brush fixed into it that slots perfectly in the top doubling up as a “handle“. The brush pops out easily enough without faffing about screwing and unscrewing and is a small slanted angled brush. For me, this brush won’t be used again. I’ve tried and tried to make it work, but its just not – It’s too small to work with and doesn’t seem to distribute the product the way other brushes do. That’s fine if it works for you though.

    The pomade itself; I picked up the dark brown as thats the shade I wear in the dip brow pomade and usually matches up well enough to my skin/hair tone. There’s 3g of product, only 1g less than the pomade that comes in at 4g. It seems like its easy enough to switch from the L’Oreal Paradise Pomade to the Dip Brow pomade just so other people reading this that have already tried ABH can compare and decide whether they pick up L’Oreals version.

    P U T T I N G  I T  T O  T H E  T E S T 
    The product is the perfect shade of ‘dark brown‘ and is also super pigmented. The only thing that lets this pomade down for me is that it’s quite dry, which makes it incredibly hard to work with and ‘build up‘ for that ‘bolder look‘. Don’t get me wrong, I like this and it would probably be just as good as dip brow if it was creamier. Perhaps L’Oreal will tweak the ingredients in the future to ensure its not too drying but right now that’s the only thing letting it down.

    I’ve used this pomade roughly five times now and now that I’ve spent a bit of time playing with the product and switching up brushes to ensure I’m happy with the finished brow, it DOES look fantastic – but if you want your brows to be completely hassle free like I do, then this may not be for you. Although I am thinking of adding some kind of liquid to this gel to try and improve it for my own use.

    The wear of this is absolutely amazing, it lasted all day long and I came home from a 11 hour day of business meetings out on the road to look in the mirror and see that my brows looked perfectly fine; that was without setting it with a brow gel too. Brownie points to you L’Oreal for creating a product that definitely lasts without smudging and makes me happy – BUT please, make the consistency a little less dry.

    You can see for yourself the results of my eyebrows from using this! I won’t be reaching for it as much as I do my Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dip Brow Pomade but I WILL be using it on days where I don’t want to use as much high end product, say – because I’m just heading to a shop or two, kinda thing.

    The L’Oreal Paradise Brow Pomade is available in SuperDrug & BOOTS for £9.99.

    I’d love to know what you think of this pomade if you’ve already tried it! Would you like me to do a battle of the ‘brow pomades’ blog post in the future?

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.