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    The Ordinary: High-Adherence Silicone Primer

    Ahhhh, The Ordinary… I truly love this brand. Not just because everybody is hyping over it right now, but because their products are all genuinely fantastic. Whether it be skincare or makeup – I’m ranking them up there with one of my top five brands.

    I recently wrote about the Ordinary’s serum foundation which you can read here, and expressed how much I really loved it – since then, a few of my friend’s have purchased it and said the exact same; to see people enjoying products I’ve written positive reviews about make me feel so happy! Something a little different this time though comes in the form of a primer. Using a good primer really does make all the difference to your makeup and how well it lasts throughout the day. Some people think it’s just a little bit of a myth and they can get away without it (which they might be able to!) but until you’ve tried out a primer that works well with YOUR skin and the chosen foundation, it will change the way you see it. That’s EXACTLY why when I found out that The Ordinary sold primers I rushed to ASOS and used my friend’s premier account to order them next day (thank you thank you thank you – you know who you are). I ordered both the silicone and the high spreadability fluid primer, two amazing products but today’s post is solely on the High-Adherence Silicone one.

    Four quid! Can you believe it? This brand is not only AMAZING, its SO affordable for everybody. This primer aims to be hydrating and blurring with a matte finish for makeup to last longer whilst looking like its in HD. You can also use it as a “non-greasy” hydrator whilst it also reduces the looks of pores and imperfections.

    It is also alcohol free, oil free, nut free, vegan and cruelty free.

    Basically, everything I look for in a primer. One that allows my skin to look extra smooth and matte whilst keeping it hydrated too. Pretty self explanatory when I say I N E E D a primer that makes my skin appear matte since I have such an oily t-zone. It comes in a squeeze 30ml tube, technically a fairly big amount since the likes of Benefit Porefessional and one of my other favourite primers by Collection are a lot less than this whilst the whole time, remaining so cheap!

    I apply this primer to clean skin after doing my morning skin care routine but before I apply makeup. A small pea amount on the back of my hand is enough to dot around my face and rub in. Any more than this and you end up with too much, try a little bit first and build it up if you feel like you need more. Since the name Sillicone is in it, I had originally expected it to have a very thick texture such as the porefessional but it doesn’t.

    Since I discovered and have been using this primer I’ve dramatically noticed how well my makeup has sat on my skin, even after hours of wearing it. A few days ago for example, I had two business meetings nearly an hour and a half away, where I spent a lot of time stuck in the car – in traffic, in meetings (feeling a little anxious too which always makes me burn up), walking around shops and eating food afterwards before heading home where I still didn’t remove my makeup immediately. When it came to taking off my makeup it still looked as though I had not long applied it, of course it will look like it’s been there for a bit – because your face would literally not stay the same from the minute you apply it… but using this primer keeps it close to that. My foundation was still happily sat on my skin and I didn’t have patches where it had faded either. I literally can’t believe this primer, it’s like MAGIC

    This is going to change my makeup game, I know it. It’s only been around 5 weeks since I’ve owned this but I know it’s one I’ll forever be repurchasing for my makeup collection; I’m already hooked and I’m proudly going to tell you that this pushes all of my ‘favourites‘ off the top shelf in terms of prepping my skin before foundation. I love this primer so much. Thank THE LORD for The Ordinary: I love you.

    If you would like to try out this truly affordable and amazing primer you can purchase it from ASOS or Deceim directly.

    What are your favourite products from Deceim/The Ordinary right now? I would LOVE to know!

    Lots of Love, Debra-Bow xxx

    *This blog post does not contain any PR or sponsored content. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and in no way influenced by anybody else other than myself.